Wednesday, June 18, 2014

La Fresh Eco-Beauty Line Review & Demos!

Hello my lovelies! Today I have a video review to share with you of the La Fresh Eco-Beauty Line! La Fresh has a WIDE variety of beauty wipes... Basically every wipe to suit your every need! Everything from makeup-remover, to antiperspirant, to bug repellant, to sun screen and so much more! I kid you not, La Fresh has it ALL! 

I am a big fan of La Fresh, so when I was asked to review their Eco-Beauty line of wipes, I excitedly said YES! Now their Eco-Beauty line includes the 5 following wipes:
-Oil-Free Facial Cleanser Wipes
-Oil-Free Facial Cleanser Wipes (Fragrance Free)
-Instant Body Soother Wipes
-Nail Polish Remover Acetone free Pads
-WaterProof Makeup Remover Wipes

Now I have already previously done a review & demo of the Oil-Free Facial Cleanser wipes, so if you are interested in seeing that, you can check it out by clicking {here}. For a full review AND demo's of the other wipes in this line, watch the video below!

AND just a side note - the demo's shown were first impressions.. And after watching them back I had to laugh at myself! I admit I DO sound sort of cheesy, but these were raw and real first impression demo's! I couldnt help but be impressed. ;) Anyways, hope you enjoy as well as find this video review with demo's helpful!

Much Love & Hugs,
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