Saturday, August 16, 2014

Floral Mani | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish Review

Hello beauty babes! Thanks for stopping by! Today I am sharing a simple floral mani I created recently using these awesome water transfer nail decals. AND I also have a little review as well. Have you heard about the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish!?
A couple weeks ago I walked into CVS and saw this display of new Sally Hansen Polishes. Now normally (at least lately) I have not been so into new nail polishes. If you watch my Youtube Channel or follow me on Instagram, you know that I had practically given up on nail polish once I discovered the ImPress Nails. Why? Well because I am a busy mom of 3... It seems I can never put on nail polish, without it denting, or messing up before it dries! And to top it off... It usually chips within 2-3 days! The ImPress press on nails look amazing and last a week...

However, I was actually very intrigued by this new Polish because it said "Miracle Gel" - No Lights needed! I had always wanted to try a gel polish for the fact that it lasts longer. However, I really did not want to pay all the money to invest in the expensive polish and even more expensive lamp that is required of a gel mani. Now these polishes are still on the pricey side, however I was curious if they would really do what they claimed: To Last UP TO 14 days. I thought, if thats the case these could be worth the price...
Luckily they came in singles for just under $10, and then you could get a package deal 2 for only $16. So I got the package deal to try. I posted my results (a photo every other day) on instagram. If you are curious to see the original results, you can find the photo of my nails on day 1 here, and day 10 here. I'll tell you right now, I was VERY impressed with the results. Now I only went 10 days, because even though the nail polish still looked decent, I was just ready for a change!
Overall, I was extremely impressed by this polish! The fact that it lasts so long without chipping, seriously is miraculous! Another thing I loved was that these polishes go on pretty opaque - the directions say to apply two coats of color then the clear miracle gel top coat over it. Which I did, and it makes for a beautiful, fully opaque and shiny look! And lastly I was also very impressed with how quickly these polishes dry. Its not like insanely quick, but for as thick and opaque as these polishes are, I was surprised it didnt take forever to dry. Which as a busy mom, I really appreciate! I just dont have the time to sit and not touch anything waiting for polish to dry! So yeah... I highly recommend. In fact, i loved the polish so much, I went back and bought two more colors... I would have bought more, but by the time I went back - the entire display was practically sold out! So looks like Im not the only one who loved these polishes. ♥ So if you're local Walmart or CVS isnt sold out and you have been wanting to try these polishes, I definitely recommend you do!

Floral Water Transfer Decals c/o Born Pretty

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Sure do wish I had seen this before I went to CVS yesterday! I saw the display too (although it was nearly empty) and didn't get it. Darn! Next time for sure!

  2. I was curious about this line of polishes so I will have to give them a shot for sure!! Love the little decals on your nails!

  3. I have this gel on my list to try... right now I am loving the Revlon Gel Envy. Sally Hansen Gel is next!

    1. I havent tried the one from Revlon! But yeah I am absolutely LOVING this one! Highly recommend!


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