Saturday, October 11, 2014

4 Must Have Beauty Tools

Hello beauty babes, I am so glad you are here! Today I am going to tell you about 4 of my favorite beauty tools that I consider MUST haves!!

1. Extraction Tool. I have mentioned using this tool in the past, but I definitely think its worth mentioning again! We all know its best to leave acne (white heads/black heads) alone. We are always told not to pick at them, and if need be go to see a dermatologist or esthetician about acne. However, if you are like ME and cannot help but pick anyways - this tool is sort of a life saver! Not only is it more sanitary that using your fingers/nails - but its more effective as well. You can easily use gentle pressure to extract a white or black head, rather than "squeezing", "popping" or "picking" at them - which can spread bacteria or cause scarring. Its best to use after a steamy shower or to use a warm wash cloth first on the area to open up your pores. The price of this tool varies depending on brand. But you can purchase online or even in most local drug stores for around $6-$12.

2. Makeup Miser Spatula. You can purchase the Makeup Miser set for $15-$20. The set contains three uniquely shaped, soft flexible makeup spatulas that easily slide into every kind of cosmetic container to grab just the right amount of product you need. They also make for an easy and no-waste method to transfer cosmetics to travel size containers. Keeps long nails OUT of messy creams and your products sanitary by not using your fingers. The set is washable and reusable, making it environmentally-friendly. I personally cant stand using my fingers to get into lip balms or creams and having to worry about product getting under my nails. So I use these spatulas on the daily. And they truly help you get every last bit of product out of any container (hello money saver!). For example, I got a sample of the MD Solar Sciences Mineral Tinted Cream and I fell in LOVE with it! Well of course there came a point where I could no longer squeeze any product out. Typically I would call it empty and throw it away. However, I decided to cut the top open and see if there was any more product left to use - and to my surprise there was quite a bit left! And rather than making a mess using my fingers in this small tube, I used my MakeupMiser to get the product out! And extended this tube for another 5 uses!!

3. Tweezers!! Now this one is probably totally obvious! But I couldn't NOT include it here. Plus I had to show off these cute PINK ones I recently received - only $7.99. It can be frustrating when purchasing tweezers (especially online) because you cant tell if they are going to be good quality or not. Unless you want to spend $20+ on high end tweezers. Now for me, tweezers are a must, BUT I have never spent that kind of money on them! Unfortunately though, sometimes I end up being disappointed with the quality. These ones from Majestic Bombay, though, are actually a really great quality. I love that they have a sharp precision tip, to grab hair short or long. They are stainless-steel, they even have a life-time sharpening guarantee and they are pink. All that for a super affordable price. Yes - Please!

4.  Exfolimate. Now the Exfolimate is something I only recently started using and I will have a full review on this unique tool on the blog soon. BUT I am loving it enough to consider it a MUST have and wanted to include it! This tool is made to gently exfoliate the face and body in a way that scrubs and loofahs cannot. The Exfolimate gently lift and remove lingering skin cells and debris ridding you of dull flaky skin! So far I have just used this on my legs to exfoliate before shaving, because I tend to have a few spots where I always get ingrown hairs. As much as I love body scrubs, they dont exfoliate enough to help me remove those ingrowns. :( But so far the Exfolimate has made the amount of ingrown hairs I get decrease dramatically - because it helps me get a much smoother and closer shave! I was in awe - and I am excited to keep using it and see what other results I can get from it. So if you are interested, definitely stay tuned for the full review in the future.

And that's it - my 4 MUST HAVE Beauty Tools! What are you favorite or must have beauty tools? I'd love to know what tools I should check out to make my beauty routine a little easier. So please share your favorites below!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Much Love & Hugs,
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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