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TrueScience Skin Care Regimen Review + Demo!

Hello beauty babes and welcome back! Today I have a video review as well as demonstration of a very interesting skincare line called TrueScience by Life Vantage. If you are not able to watch the video now, don't worry, below you will find some key points that I mention in the video, as well as prices and helpful links. In addition, below the embedded video I have included even more information for you! These products sound absolutely wonderful and there is a lot to know about them. I got the chance to review them for a short time, there was only so much I could tell you from my experience. So I encourage you to read on to learn more. And definitely watch the video if (and when) you have the chance to see what they look like and how they are used. ♥

Key Points:
-All products are sulfate, paraban, formaldehyde, gluten and GMO free - no artificial coloring.
-Most skin problems are caused by inflammation - acne, rosacea, eczema and sun damage. This skincare system is the most powerful anti-inflammatory product on the market today.
-Mitigates visible effects of skin damage caused by oxidative stress.
-Steps up skins protective barriers.
-Provides protection against environmental assaults on the skin.
-Counter-balances the visible negative effects of sun related damage.

A lot of info on what True Science does and why it's better than anything else can be heard in this interview by an esthetician!

Price Break Down:
Complete system is $211 or $160 for a PC (Preferred Customer)
Cleanser: $30 or $25 for a PC
Eye Corrector: $48 or $40 for a PC
Lotion: $48 or $40 for a PC
Anti-Aging Cream: $85 or $70 for a PC

I mention a few things in the video about these products that you may be asking yourself "What is that!?" So in case you were curious, here are the answers. If you have any other questions, please dont hesitate to ask!

What is Nrf2? Nrf2 is a powerful protein that is latent within each cell in the body, unable to move or operate until it is released by an Nrf2 activator. Once released it migrates into the cell nucleus and bonds to the DNA at the location of the Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) or also called hARE (Human Antioxidant Response Element) which is the master regulator of the total antioxidant system that is available in ALL human cells. High levels of free radicals turn on a specific protein in the cell’s nucleus called Nrf2. Activation of Nrf2 essentially opens the door for the production a vast array our body’s most important antioxidants. {via}

What is Oxidative Stress? Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants.

Please note:
I received these products for a brief period of time, about 10 days, to review and share my thoughts with you. A gal whom I personally know, Nicole, sells this skincare line as well as an amazing product called Protandim. (click that link to watch an eye opening video about Protandim.) 

She would like you to know there is an amazing business opportunity attached to these products, so if you are interested in this please go to her website, click on 'join lifevantage' and click 'new distributor'. You can watch a business video first at, for more details.

Additional Product Info & Clinical Study Test Results:
The TrueScience brand is an expanded skincare line with the most advanced Nrf2 and skincare technologies available. When it was introduced, TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream represented skincare with Nrf2 technology with respect to moisturizing, smoothing and softening fine lines and wrinkles, and protecting skin from free-radical damage. Our new, expanded TrueScience line represents an exciting leap forward to the next generation of skincare – proven in a clinical study to address the visible signs of aging all over your face. This new expanded line of skin care products was created to work in tandem, to give you more visible results than ever before – younger-looking skin that is smoother, firmer, more luminous, more deeply hydrated, and has a more even skin tone.

What is the TrueScience regimen? 
The bottles are transparent so you can see how much product remains. The expanded LifeVantage TrueScience regimen with enhanced Nrf2 technologies includes: Ultra Gentle Cleanser for clean skin without drying, Perfecting Lotion for brighter looking skin and a more even skin tone, Eye Corrector Serum proven to visibly tighten upper eyelids while softening crow's feet and puffy dark circles, Anti-Aging Cream for visibly smoother, firmer, more deeply hydrated skin with softer fine lines and wrinkles that seem to disappear.  The TrueScience regimen offers a difference you can truly see and feel.  Each product adds to the entire system, targeting a different trouble spot.

How was the TrueScience line tested?
Not only has the regimen been rigorously tested by a third party clinical research center involving a sample population of Caucasians, Asians and Hispanics, but all the active ingredients have also been independently tested and shown to be efficacious for reducing the signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, lightening of age spots, elasticity, resistance to stress, etc.) when used twice a day for at least 28 days. While many competitors only use study results of the constituent ingredients, LifeVantage commissioned a two-month, independent, third party clinical study on the finished TrueScience regimen with a population of 87 participants of various ethnic groups and skin types.

Results were excellent. Subjects assessed the use of the TrueScience regimen with high marks. After only 28 days, 92% stated they would recommend the TrueScience skincare regimen to a friend. After 56 days, 99% of them would recommend the regimen to a friend.
Our skincare line contains exclusive formula ingredients available only to LifeVantage. Our skincare line is the only line of products in the Direct Selling industry using the nrf2 technology.  Also, many competitors’ clinical studies are conducted on individual ingredient within their product. LifeVantage's clinical study was conducted on the finished product.

TrueScience Ultra-Gentle Cleanser features a patented oligosaccharide, which protects and supports the bioflora naturally present in the skin, so that everything stays in balance, leaving skin clean, soft and not dried out. It also features LifeVantage's proprietary enhanced Nrf2 technologies to help your skin protect itself from free radical damage.

TrueScience Perfecting Lotion is a new category all its own. It is not a toner. It is not a serum. It is hybrid lotion that is light to apply, gives a gentle tightening effect, while leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It also features LifeVantage's proprietary enhanced Nrf2 technologies to help your skin protect itself from free radical damage. Used every day, Perfecting Lotion works to improve skin clarity and even tone.

TrueScience Eye Corrector Serum is specifically formulated to effectively strengthen and support the thin, fragile skin around the eyes. As it visibly firms upper eyelids, it helps minimize the appearance of dark circles and diminish bags under eyes. It also features LifeVantage's proprietary Nrf2 technology to help your skin protect itself from free radical damage.

TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream with enhanced NRF2 Technologies was created to give you more visible results than ever before, younger-looking skin that is smoother, firmer, more luminous, more deeply hydrated, and more even skin tone.
Fragrance has been included in the Ultra Gentle Cleanser, Perfecting Lotion, and Anti- Aging Cream. The Eye Serum is unscented for use around the gentle eye area.  Yuzu, a citrus fruit resembling a small grapefruit and originating in East Asia, is the TrueScience fragrance your customers know and love.

How do I know that the regimen is safe?  LifeVantage complies with all relevant regulations governing the cosmetics industry and has performed extensive safety testing typical for skincare products.  In the Human Repeated Injury Patch Testing HRIPT), no irritation was found. In the Het-Cam test, which is a test for ocular irritation, no irritation was noted; however, no animals were harmed in the testing of TrueScience products.

How soon can I expect to see results? What is the timeframe to see visible results?  Individual results will vary. The regimen has been independently tested and shown to be efficacious for reducing the signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, lightening of age spots, elasticity, resistance to stress, etc.) when used twice a day for at least 28 days.

Can I use this regimen if I have acne or sensitive skin?  TrueScience employs noncomedogenic formulas; however, if you have additional concerns, please consult with your dermatologist or healthcare provider. For those with sensitive skin, test the product(s) on your forearm before using on your face. Apply a small amount to your inner forearm. If no irritation occurs after a few minutes, apply to face as directed.

The eye serum is intended only for the face. The Cleanser, Perfecting Lotion and the Anti-Aging Cream may be used on the face, neck and chest areas. Furthermore, the Perfecting Lotion can be used on areas such as top of hands and forearms and legs.  The correct order of use: Cleanser, Perfecting Lotion, Eye Corrector Serum and Anti-Aging cream.

Are the TrueScience products FDA approved?  FDA does not approve cosmetics before they go on the market, although they do approve color additives used in them. Since all TrueScience products are free from color additives, none of the ingredients require an FDA pre-market approval.

The NRF2 technologies are a complex of natural plant extracts. In addition to the global Protandim blend that LifeVantage customers are used to (the combination of milk thistle, Bacopa, turmeric, green tea and Ashwaganda), additional Nrf-2 ingredients have been added to enhance the protection against environmental aggressors (i.e. sun rays, external pollution and second hand smoke). They are all plant extracts.

How long will each product last?  Each TrueScience product is designed to be used twice a day and last 30 days. 

50 ml (1.7 oz) for Ultra Gentle Cleanser, 120 ml (4.05 oz) for Perfecting Lotion, 10 ml (0.34 oz) for Eye Corrector Serum and 50 ml (1.7 oz) for the New Anti-Aging Facial Cream. 
We recommend two pumps of Cleanser per application, one pump of the Eye Corrector Serum, two pumps of the Anti-Aging Cream. The Perfecting lotion has a larger volume so 1/2 a teaspoon is recommended to cover face, neck, top of the hands and forearms.

Distributor/Preferred Customer Wholesale Auto Ship price -- $160 USD
Distributor/ $211 USD Retail. 

Much Love & Hugs,
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