Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Mommy App | Review & Demo

Hello friends, thanks so much for stopping by. Today I am sharing something a little bit different than what I normally share. However I do hope you will enjoy! Its a review of a really cute app for Moms. Appropriately called "A Mommy App".  A Mommy App was created by a husband and wife team Jon and Tiffany, they are both Registered Nurses and parents of 2 kids and counting! 

This app only cost $0.99, and is available for both iPhone & Android users. Its a fun and cute way to keep track of your kids' appointments, events, milestones and more! And for those of you who are pregnant, you can keep track of your appointments, baby names you like, cravings and much more. There are also some games and a few other great features, every mom is sure to love! Download here.

Below I've listed the app's features, but please be sure to watch the video for the full review and demo of the app where I'll show you each of the app's features, as well as go over how to create and customize your kids avatar!

– My Kids: Individualize each of your kids very own page. Keep track of important milestones, appointments and other things that make them who they are. Choose from fun characters and objects, set the weather and mix it up often. Have Fun! Stay tuned for fun contests involving the cutest arrangement and style.
– Mommy Quiz: Put your Mommy knowledge to the test with this fun quiz.
– My Pregnancy: Keep track of details during your pregnancy and choose a fabulous baby bump to represent you! Take our silly old wives tales quiz to “predict” if you are having a boy or girl and much more.
-Stress Relief: Choose your escape and let the stress melt away. What sound soothes you? Flames, Waves, Forrest, Storm or Rain? Try them all.
– 5 minutes for Mommy: For those times when you need a few minutes of quiet.
– Special featured Blog, Shops and Instagrams: Take a few minutes to do what Moms love to do. Read inspiring blogs, browse some amazing shops and find new Instagram mommy friends.

See the app in action - watch the full review & demo:

Much Love & Hugs,
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