Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick 5 Pack Review & Swatches!

Hello beauty babes - Thanks for visiting with me today! I am excited to share with you some lippie swatches as well as video review for (what seems to be) the beauty communities most buzzed about Lipsticks! If you watch any Youtube Beauty channel I am sure you have heard about Gerard Cosmetics or Whitening Lightening. It seems just about every big beauty guru out there is raving about these products. I was very curious to see what all the buzz was about - but at $20 a lipstick - I wasn't rushing to purchase...

However, all through the month of October GC was running a special $50 discount for their Lipstick 5 Pack. Normally this pack is $95!! Through October, though, you could get the set for only $45... Much more affordable. Did any of you get in on this deal? 

Below I have swatches of each of the lipsticks: 1995, All Dolled Up, Fire Engine, Nude & Tequila Sunrise! And at the end of this post I encourage you to watch my video review, with live swatches. So you can see how these lipsticks look on me in video too. ♥

Which Lipstick shade do you like best!? Do you own any GC Lipsticks?
If so - are there any shade you recommend are MUST HAVES?? Let me know!!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Lovely colours ♥
    The "Tequila Sunrise" is really gorgeous on you ! I love coral lipsticks :-)

    1. Thank you so much!! That one is my fav, i love coral lipsticks too!

  2. i love these lipsticks!! they look great on you :D


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