Saturday, November 22, 2014

Makeup for the Minimalist!

Hello beauty babes! Today I am sharing a video that I have posted on the LuxePineapple Youtube channel! If you are not subscribed to that channel, I definitely encourage you to do so! Today's tutorial was requested by one of my lovely viewers, and I was THRILLED to get the opportunity to make this video. As most of you know I share quite a bit of looks that are a lot more "daring" than most people would wear, so this was fun for me to do a tutorial sharing a Minimalist Makeup look!

Whether you are a beginner in makeup or just prefer a more natural look, this tutorial with tips and the bare minimum products to use - will help teach you how to look a little more "put together", fresh, youthful, and well rested! You dont need a lot of makeup to look beautiful! Just a touch of these minimum products will serve to enhance your already naturally beautiful self! ♥ 
If you like high end products at a discounted price - be sure to check out LuxePineapple
You'll always find a sweet deal there!! 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, it was very helpful! I am a natural kind of girl.


  2. Although I wouldn't describe myself as a minimalist - the look you created is lovely and definitely every appropriate. :-)

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  3. Loved this video well done hunny :) your beautiful before and after xxxx


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