Friday, December 19, 2014

Classic Black Smokey Eye {Tips & Tutorial}

"How do you blend black eye shadow in the crease without making the whole lid darker?" This is a common question many people ask concerning the classic black smokey eye! I know working with black eye shadows can be scary and definitely tricky! So today I am answering that question for you, sharing a few tips when working with black eye shadows. As well you can watch the video tutorial below to see for yourself how to create the classic black smokey eye without looking like a racoon! For this look and tutorial I am using the Naked Basics Palette.

Quick tips:
-Do your eye makeup before applying foundation. This way if there is any fall out, you can easily clean it up before you put on the rest of your makeup!
-Start out with a cream or flesh colored shadow. Apply from crease to brow bone. When you apply a lighter color first on the area of your eyelid that you DONT want the black to be. This will help keep the dark shadow from taking over the entire lid and it helps with blending.
-Use a transition color! I like to use a matte brown shadow, and blend this into the crease before applying the black shadow. Applying a transition color that is a touch lighter than black will really help when blending, and keep the black eye shadow from spreading farther up your lid!
-Once you get to the black eye shadow, start with MINIMAL product! You can always build up the color - but its harder to take away. Apply in a gentle patting motion going from your crease and patting DOWN towards your lash line. This way you are not sweeping upwards and flicking black shadow higher on your eyelid.
-Lastly, use a white or flesh toned eye liner to your water line! When wearing black all around the eyes, it can make your eyes "shrink". Adding a touch of white eye liner will help your eyes look brighter, wider and more awake, so they dont get lost in the dark shadows!

Watch the video below for a full tutorial along with helpful tips on creating the classic black smokey eye.

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