Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Makeup Eraser Video Review & Demo!

Hello beauty babes, thanks for stopping by today. I have a review to share with you, that I believe is a MUST have for any makeup wearer!! The Makeup Eraser!! If you are like me, you have heard of the Makeup Eraser, but are unsure of what exactly it is....

The Makeup Eraser is an all natural method of your removing makeup. No harsh chemicals needed, just wet the cloth with water and all your makeup is removed. Including waterproof eyeliner & mascara, HD makeup and much more. The best part of the Makeup Eraser is it is reusable, throw it in the wash and no stains remain. The Makeup Eraser will last 1000 washes and eliminate your need to buy product to remove your makeup.  The Makeup Eraser is pink with a sateen edge plush  and soft to the touch. Treat yourself to a spa at home everyday, while saving money! 

The Makeup Eraser is $20, and well worth the price! You can purchase one here.

I was very curious about this special wash cloth - could it really remove all my makeup without any face wash or soap? How easy would it be? You may have those same questions! Well, let me tell you - YES it really does work! Its like magic, and I absolutely LOVE this product. It truly makes removing makeup quick and easy. In my video demo below I will show you just how amazing it is and how quickly and easily it works. I actually include TWO demos. One showing how it works versus a regular wash cloth. And one versus how I USED to take off my makeup. Not only is it way less harsh than using a regular wash cloth, but its also quicker and easier than using makeup remover! Watch the demo to see for yourself!!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Wow, that's like some kind of makeup magic! I hate having to rub my face raw when I'm taking off my makeup, especially my eyeshadow. I might actually check this out, thanks for the review :)

    -Elizadeath Taylor| Beauty Blog


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