Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Makeup Brushes by Bella & Bear - The Kitten Kit Review

Hello beauty babes, today's review is on the Bella & Bear Kitten Kit Makeup Brushes! I was sent these for free to to review, however, all thoughts and opinions (as always) are my own, honest & true. ♥ This Kitten Kit retails for $120 but is available for only $75. Since the kit includes 15 brushes, that is an amazing deal at only $5 a brush! If you want to save even more money you can sign up for Bella & Bear's Band Of Beauties VIP Club and save an additional 25%. ♥

Bella & Bear Makeup Brushes (The Kitten Kit) Description:
  • PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP BRUSHES AT A GREAT PRICE-Our Makeup Brushes are made from the highest quality combination of Goat, Synthetic and Horse Hair
  • FULL COLOUR GUIDE FOR BRUSH USE AND CARE- Mailed Separately. We want you to know the ideal use for each brush and we also want you to be able to care for your Makeup Brushes Set as best as possible
  • ELEGANT HARD CASE EMBOSSED WITH OUR LOGO- Make sure your makeup brush set stays protected and well cared for with our hard makeup brush case. Perfect for travelling and storage.
  • A MAKEUP BRUSH KIT PERFECT FOR- powders and liquids and suitable for all areas of your face. Everything you need to apply makeup professionally including a quality kabuki brush
  • LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD'S ENDANGERED BIG CATS- We donate a percentage of our earnings to the protection of the big cats around the world and love sharing our passion for this with others

The Brush kit comes packaged in an adorable floral box that is just so pretty! Who doesn't love pretty packaging!? I know I am a sucker for great packaging! The kit includes a very nice case to hold all the brushes, and keep them organized! As well you get a brush guide to let you know what brush does what, how to take care of your brushes and more!
Even though I am very familiar with these brushes and what they do, I know not everyone is! And most likely if you are buying this kit (or wanting to buy this kit) you may be new to makeup brushes, or just starting out! So I just find this brush guide super helpful and an all around great idea!
This kit is absolutely perfect for someone new to makeup brushes and looking to build their collection. It has just about every brush you may need for face, lips and eyes! And again, the case makes it so easy for traveling and keeping your brushes organized. Some of the brushes I like more than others - but we all have different preferences - over all the quality is great across the board. ♥ 

I have had these brushes for a little more than a month. I have used them on a daily basis and washed them and all that. They do their job wonderfully, washed well, and haven't shed! You can actually see them in action in a couple of my videos! I use the eye brushes here, and the flat top kabuki here.
This brush below is one of my favorites! I love a good lip brush! This one is wider than most lip brushes, which makes applying lipstick a lot quicker and more precise for me! Also I love the fact that it sort of "transforms" with the lid.
If you would like to see video of each of these brushes up close - I encourage you to watch my video review below! And if you want to learn more about each of these brushes, check out the Bella & Bear blog.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Great kit, covers all needs. I'm especially loving the tapered face brushes and tapered blending brush. Thanks for the heads up on the 25% off code also :)

  2. Wonderful and informative review of the Bella & Bear Brush Set. I love a good quality brush set, they make applying make-up so easy and smooth. Thank you for not only the review but the video as well!

  3. I see a lot of high-end makeup brush dupes here and I also these are made with very High quality!

  4. These brushes sound so nice. I love that in the little over a month that you have had them they haven't shed or anything. I probably wouldn't use the case, but it's still handy they come in one like they did!

  5. These brushes seem very well made from what I see, my favorites based on the blog post is the Sand Cat, The Lynx, The Fishing Cat and The Jungle Cat. I also love that this set features different types of blending brushes.

  6. it is so nice of you to be doing this give away. normally i could never afford such beautiful brushes

  7. love the flat kabuki; they are all really nice, though :)

  8. They are look nice! I would love to make them as my wish list

  9. Even if I didn't need brushes, I would seriously consider getting this just for the case. I love how it's almost like a binder.


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