Saturday, April 18, 2015

Missamé 10 pcs Synthetic Makeup Brushes Review

Hello Beauties! Thanks so much for stopping by, today I have a review on an affordable makeup Brush set I received c/o Missamé! This 10 piece bamboo handle brush set is absolutely fabulous. The brushes are super soft and feel luxurious, they each have nice sturdy handles and come in a lovely little case as well as an informative brush guide. Something I am sure many of you will appreciate is that these brushes are cruelty free! And the price point is another thing that satisfies... At just $40 for this set, that makes each brush just $4! An amazing deal considering the quality of these brushes.

Though these brushes are great for all kinds of makeup, I have been loving them especially for cream and liquid products. The great thing about synthetic brushes versus animal hair is that they don't "steal" or absorb any of your [cream or liquid] product! They work fabulously with my ColourPop Super Shock shadows! You can see them in action in this makeup tutorial I recently posted (here). 

The brush hairs are packed well, they are soft and dense but not too dense. So they blend makeup very nicely without leaving steaks. I have other brushes that are too dense, and I feel like they just push product around rather than blending it in, these brushes don't do that, which I love! And, so far I have not noticed any shedding with these brushes which is nice!
This deluxe makeup brush set features:
- Plush synthetic fiber effectively distributes powder for an airbrushed finish
- Solid bamboo handles designed for ultimate control
- Dense bristles will not splay or feel rough to the skin with repeat washing
- Comes with lightweight fabric pouch for travel

10 pcs brush set includes:

- Flat top brush
- Kabuki brush
- Contouring brush
- Foundation brush
- Oval blush brush
- Dome blending brush
- Angled eye brush
- Concealer brush
- Tapered smudge brush
- Angled liner brush
- A brush guide explaining function of each brush   
I really enjoy and appreciate the variety of brushes in this set. Its not as extensive as other brushes I have reviewed, however its a great selection that covers the basics for both eyes and face. I hope you enjoyed this review, if I left anything out or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! If you are interested, you can purchase these (here).

Much Love & Hugs,
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