Thursday, May 14, 2015

$5 Jewelry (Paparazzi) Haul

Hello loves, today I am excited to share some fabulous and super affordable jewelry and accessories with you! I am talking about Paparazzi Accessories where everything is just $5!! YES you read that right. ♥ Beautiful, fun, trendy jewelry and hair accessories for just $5.  Some of you may be wondering at just $5 -How is the quality!? Obviously at $5 you may be weary and saying "you get what you pay for". I can understand that, but at the same time I think inexpensive jewelry is GREAT! I mean I will buy $2-$5 necklaces off of ebay - the same ones that sell in a boutique for $30-$50!! Because how often do we really wear those expensive statement necklace or earrings? You know, Id rather save some money, still look good and not feel guilty that I spent so much money on an item I'll only wear a handful of times. Of course there is a place for really nice expensive jewelry that is to be treasured... I will always love my "precious" jewelry and always ALWAYS support handmade jewelry/businesses....  However, having a wide selection of jewelry to wear, at an affordable price - that's nice too!

Why am I so excited and suddenly so passionate to tell you about all this? Well, because I recently became a consultant for Paparazzi and am thrilled about this new business venture. I truly hope to make this successful so that I can help provide for my family. So I really appreciate your time here today and your support too... Whether you decide to make a purchase, simply share/pin this post or just tell others about my shop - I will appreciate it all! Now with all that being said... Lets get into looking at some pretty accessories, shall we!?

When I became a consultant, I purchased a starter kit which came with a variety of Jewelry! I created a video showing off all those items. So you can really see for yourself some of the items and get an idea of quality - that sometimes cant be seen in a photo. You can find that video at the end of this post. I also show you how to easily fix any jewelry that may break.

Before we get to the video, I made a collage here to show off some the cute items currently available in the shop that I didn't have on hand to show you on the video. ♥ What's neat is that several of the necklaces come with matching earrings too, as you can see in the collage I made below. And yes its still just $5 for the set! If you like anything in this collage here is a list of each item (you can easily search for it on my site):

Fishing for Compliments Necklace (set), Join Forces Necklace (set), Hypnotized (search for the necklace - these are the matching earrings that come with it), Ahead of the Curve Ring, I Do Bracelet, Left an Impression Earrings, Put it on the Line Headband, Gold Rush Necklace (set).
If you are curious to see some of the jewelry "live" on video, I encourage you to watch my haul video below! I will show you several Paparazzi pieces, and even show you how you can easily fix any "broken" pieces as well. ♥ This video is quite long, so grab a snack and drink then sit back and enjoy! Everything I showed in the video I mention by name and I do have it all listed out below as well if you are interested in purchasing it. That way you can easily search my site for it! ♥ The site is very easy to naviagte, and you can search by name, color, and jewelry item!

**Indicates currently sold out on the site (interested in the one I have? Just ask!)
♥indicates other colors available

Oh So Charming Bracelet**
Coast is Clear Earrings♥
Raising the Stakes Earrings
All The Trimmings♥
Fall In Line Necklace**
Fearless Fascination Necklace
Bad Romance Bracelet** (Similar is Seed of Sparkle Bracelet)
Life in the Glitz Lane Ring**
Haute & Heated Ring**
Instant Brush Bracelet
Lonely No More Necklace
In Good Glazes Necklace
The Sands of Time Necklace♥
Two If By Sea Bracelet
Keep It Under Wraps earrings**
Keeps getting Better Ring**
Make It Work Lanyard
Miss Daisy Earrings♥
Divinely Deco Bracelet
We Are the Champions Earrings
Finish What You Started Necklace**
We Belong Together Bracelet**
Piece It All Together Ring
Pitch Perfect Ring**
Metallic Mayhem Necklace
Lighthearted and Lively Necklace
Embers of Elegance Necklace
SCARFed for Attention♥
On The Quad Necklace
Enmeshed In Elegance Necklace♥
One Step at a Time Necklace
Fiercely Fifth Avenue Collection
-On Haloed Ground Ring**
-Looking the Part Necklace**
-First Impressions Earrings**
-The Other Way Around Bracelet**

Much Love & Hugs,
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