Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All About Highlight & Contouring | What, Why, Products, Tools & Demo!

Hello my loves! Today I bring to you a MUCH requested video of the very popular topic of Highlight and Contouring. I dont want to write out too much here, because I explain so much in this video, and there is a long enough intro there... Because I want to be the MOST helpful - this video is SUPER long. Think of it as a Highlight & Contouring "class" teaching you some basics to help you get started. In this video I talk about the following topics (times listed, so you can skip forward if you need to):
-What is Highlight & Contouring? And Why to do it? (4:09)
-Whats the Difference between Contour Products & Bronzer Products? (8:00)
-Highlight & Contour Products - drug store & high end (10:00)
-Tools/Brushes to use (19:00)
-Skin-tones (26:10)
-Demonstration (27:45)
-Before & After Comparison (43:14)

I hope you enjoy this video as well as find it helpful and informative! Please remember that what works for me will not work for EVERYONE. What I am hoping is that you take the info and tips I share here and conform them to work for you, your face shape, skin-tone and routine!! If there was anything I left out, or any questions you might have - please do not hesitate to ask in a comment below! I would love to answer them! Or if you have anything else to add, any tips I missed... Lets hear them! ♥
The Sephora High Light & Contour Series I mention in the video can be found (here).

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