Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dripping in Gold | Lip Art

Hello Beauty Babes! Thanks for stopping by, today I have something somewhat different to share with you! I have really been more and more into lip art over the past several month. There is just something so fun and beautiful about creating something fun and different on the lips that is so eye catching!! And for those of you wondering - no this is not a "wearable" every day lip look - it's art!!  Its created for fun, art and beauty.

Recently I stumbled upon an AMAZING instagram account: . Vlada Haggerty shares Lip art, makeup & hair on her page. I have mostly been in awe of her gorgeous lip drip art. YES - DRIP art. She creates the most stunning lip art where a lot of them include dripping lips. And some of them have been these really neat metallic lip drip art. ♥ Its seriously so gorgeous, I encourage you to check out and follow her page.

I mention her VladaMUA because, as you might have noticed from the description of her page, I was completely inspired by her to re-create a similar lip look that she created (here) and (here). I of course need to work on the "drip" part - but had a lot of fun with this lip art. I decided to add a "prop" with the giant diamond ring for a really RICH effect. And love how these photos turned out. ♥
Products Used:
-MBA Cosmetics Molten Metals Mineral Pigment in 'Gold Olive'
(use code AGAPELOVE15 to save $$ on your MBA Cosmetics Order)
-Wet n' Wild Clear Lip Gloss
-Ring: Premier Designs

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Oh yes, this lip art is so eye catching! It looks like you paint your lips with nail polish.


    1. haha yes it does look kind of like that! Or melted metal! So fun! ♥

  2. So beautiful! Think I'll try this!

    1. Oh yes! If you do, please do share the results with me! I would LOVE to see! ♥

  3. Wow, this looks stunning! Metallic gold always catches my eye, love the drip effect too :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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