Friday, June 5, 2015

2nd Love Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches (10 Shades)

Hello beauties! Thanks for joining me today, I am back with some more Lip Swatches!! *A warning* This post is very photo heavy as I do have 10 lippies to swatch, plus I included a couple product shots, so you can see the adorable packaging. ♥ In addition to these photos, there is also a video so you can see how these look on me up close and full face. And for those who this matters to, I used studio lighting for the video and photos.

Half of these lippies had been sent to me courtesy of 2nd Love Cosmetics for review purposes, the rest I purchased on my own.  First off that should tell you something right there: I liked them enough to buy more on my own! Secondly 2nd Love Cosmetics has some of the CUTEST packaging I have ever seen for lipsticks... And that played a decent part in my purchase as well. What can I say? I am a sucker for packaging - anybody else? Third - these lippies are very affordable! I'm talking $5-$6 lipsticks. So Hooray for affordable beauty products. ♥ And lastly, 2nd Love Cosmetics offers a variety of types of lipsticks. I will be featuring their Love Spell Lipsticks, their Signature Lipsticks, their Luxe Lace Lipsticks ad well as their Pout Plumping Lip Glosses! I will include the info about each lipstick type, along with my thoughts of them here with the photos, but can also watch the video where I mention the same stuff - if you dont feel like reading. *wink* ;)
First up are the Love Spell Lipsticks, I have two. These cost $5.99, shades 1-6 can be found here & 7-12 here on the website. 

Product Description: " Love Spell Lipstick is a 2-in-1 heart shaped lipstick and glittery lip balm. Lip Balm – Outer core of lip balm moisturizes and adds shine to your pout. Lipstick – Inner core contains highly pigmented lip color to enhance your lips. Available in 12 amazing colors that you will fall in love with all of them!"

My Thoughts: I purchased these two on my own for the sole purpose of their adorable packaging! The tube is covered in hearts, and the lipstick itself is in a heart shape! LOVE. You can see photos of these at the end of this post. Now packaging aside though, I was not so much loving these ON my lips. The first shade you see here 'Affection' is not too bad, but the lighter one 'Cupid' really accentuated my dry lips. :( I had even exfoliated my lips previous to doing the swatches. But they were still a little dry and chapped, which was made super obvious with the 'Cupid' lippie. So I was not a huge fan of that one. Another thing to note is that these lipsticks had no scent at all.

Next up is the 2nd Love Signature Lipsticks. These cost just $5.49. Shades 1-6 can be found here & 7- 12 here on the website. I have two of these and both were sent to me c/o 2nd Love Cosmetics.

Product Description: "Dreams do come true. Introducing 2nd Love's Signature Lipstick that features a rich moisturized enriched formula infused with Vitamin E and Jojoba oils! These lipsticks provide a creamy, long lasting, velvety smooth finish in all shades for a different look, on a different day. Product Features: Creamy lipstick with long lasting color and shine. Moisture rich formula enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil hydrates and conditions lip"

My Thoughts: Ok, I am in LOVVVEEE! First let me just say, these lipsticks are packages a lot more simple in comparison to the other lipsticks 2nd Love offers. The are just a sleek black square tube, with a clear bottom that shows the shade color, which is nice. However as they say "you cant judge a book by its cover" cause these lippies are seriously AMAZING. When they say its a moisture rich formula - they aren't kidding! The apply like butter, girls, and make you lips feel oh so good! As I mentioned already, on this day my lips were pretty dry and somewhat chapped - but you'd never guess that with these lipsticks on! And just look at that pigmentation! Seriously, I am blown away by the amazing-ness of these lipsticks! Another plus, is that they have a sweet kind of fruity scent that actually reminds me of astro-pop Popsicles! 

Now we have the Luxe Lace Lipsticks. These cost $5.59 and can be found here on the website. I have four, one was sent to me c/o 2nd Love and the other 3 I purchased myself. 

Product Description: "Luxurious high impact lipstick with gorgeous rich color for voluptuous and smooth lips Formulated with vitamin E and jojoba to hydrate lips"

My Thoughts: These lippies are gorgeous! Again, this is another lipstick that's packaging grabbed my attention first! You can see the full lipstick in the first photo in this post as well as in the video. Its got such a unique and beautiful package that makes me swoon. But what's great is the lipstick itself is also gorgeous! These are each very creamy and moisturizing. I wouldn't say they were as buttery smooth and moisturizing as the Signature Lipsticks (above) but they are close! The pigmentation is beautiful and these have a very pleasant vanilla scent to them - which I of course LOVE. ♥

Lastly I have two Pout Plumping Lip Glosses, both of which were sent to me c/o 2nd Love. These cost just $4.99 and can be found here on the website.

Product Description: "2nd Love Pout Plumping Lip Gloss - For Full & Luscious Lips"

My Thoughts: I can not honestly tell you if these work for plumping my lips of not. It was hard to tell, and I have not worn them long enough to really get a good "tell" on them. However, I am a sucker for lip plumping glosses. I love them all - some work better than others - but I don't mind that really. I just personally love the tingling feeling of lip plumping glosses. I know not everyone does though, so for those of you who don't like that tingling or burning sensation, then these may be for you. They do have a very slight yet very short tingling sensation to them. I barely noticed it. They provide a sheer wash of pretty color and these have a pleasant peppermint scent to them.

See the lippies in action! Watch the video to hear my review,
and see what they look like on my up close as well as full face. ♥

And just for fun - here are a few product photos I took of a few of the lippies.

I hope you enjoyed these swatches! Which is your favorite shade?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I never heard about this brand. I love the Dusty Rose one!

  2. Loving the pinks Hun great pictures

  3. they're soo such pretty shades!

    from helen at

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  4. Love that Dusty Rose shade!! These swatches are amazing :)

    Jules ||

  5. These look so pretty! Love all the colors <3 bit of lip product addict :D

    Pink Frenzy

  6. Great swatches. I love the Lavish shade!

  7. I have fallen in love with the Dusty Rose shade, it's gorgeous!

    Frankie | Crazyblondegal

    1. me too! That one along with Sassy and Lavish are my top faves!

  8. The Dusty Rose shade is my favourite :) Gorgeous!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  9. Thank you, Maria for such a detailed description of each formula and all of the swatches of course! I've never heard of 2nd Love Cosmetics and always love being introduced to new brands. :-) xo

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. oh youre so welcome! ♥ Its a wonderful and affordable brand!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous! Love your lip swatches! x


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