Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LuxePineapple Lip Gloss Review & Swatches | Video

Hello beauty babes, thanks for visiting me. ♥ Today I am back with more lip swatches - photos and a video! These lip swatches are LONG over-due! I actually had received these glosses (c/o LuxePineapple) early and am just FINALLY getting to posting them for you all. #FailureFace I do want to apologize for that, because unfortunately that does mean that one of these glosses is already sold out. :( On the plus side; there are still 4 shades available and I do know that there will most likely be more shades available in the future. SO keep your eyes out!

If you do not own any LuxePineapple lip glosses - girl you are missing out! These are hands down THEE BEST GLOSSES EVER! I'm not even kidding. I talk a lot about the glosses in my video - so I'll just give you the quick run down on the pro's and the ONE con (which I forgot the mention in the video).
-Long Lasting
-Light Weight
-Not Sticky
-Slight Feathering
I've got to touch on the 'con' here real quick just because I didn't mention it in my video.  I only noticed this ONCE when wearing the red gloss. I had worn it several times before and didn't have any feathering ever. Then on a certain day after a few hours of wear I noticed feathering. Not sure if it was just because it was a hot day and it was a day I did a lot of talking, but I looked in the mirror and noticed feathering. Like I said, it was the first time this had happened with this gloss, but I figured it was worth mentioning. Its a simple fix though, I'd suggest with the opaque shades - Fearless and Divalicious - to just wear a clear lip liner just in case to prevent any feathering that may occur.
Alright.. On with the swatches. Please do be sure to watch the video at the end of this post as well so that you can see how these look on me 'live' as well as full faced! 

First up is the Shade 'Confident'. 
This shade has become my 'go-to' every day gloss! It lives in my purse now and is just the absolutely perfect nude gloss that offers a touch of color and sparkle! ♥ 

Pineapple Lovely
Pineapple Lovely is very similar to Confident. Except that this one is slightly more opaque than Confident. As well it's more of a shimmery (maybe metallic) looking gloss, and Confident is more of a Sparkly gloss. This one is also a great 'every day' shade! 

 Vivacious is a gorgeous, very sheer sparkly pink! I LOVE how girly it is and all the sparkle in it. Something to note is that even though this is sparkly, its not glittery. Meaning you wont feel chunky glitter in this. ♥

Next up is Divalicious
Divalicious is the ultimate girly - dare I say "Barbie" pink! I truly love this shade and think its surprisingly flattering!! This gloss is one of the more opaque shades. It also has a subtle metallic finish to it. 

Lastly we have Fearless
I am in LOVE with this gorgeous red shade. Out of all the LP Glosses, Fearless is my favorite!! I mean, you cant go wrong with a classic red lippie. And this gloss is absolute perfection! ♥ 

For a more in depth review on these glosses as well as close up and full face swatches
please watch the video below:

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. All of the swatches are beautiful, I love you review on these <3


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