Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Current Foundation Routine *Video*

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Hello beauty babes, thanks so much for stopping by! Today I bring to you my current foundation routine, watch the video at the end of this post to see it in action. I have never really shared my foundation routine with you before, because I am always switching up what I do and use. Recently though I have discovered a few new products and even rediscovered some products in my current makeup collection that I have really been loving to use in combination with each other! I have found that this foundation routine gives me a gorgeous "your skin but better" look. My face doesn't look perfectly flawless, but I feel it looks close enough to "flawless" while still looking very natural. 

Not only does my skin look great and healthy, but it also FEELS soft and smooth. I have found that because of that, the rest of my makeup applies much easier too. And I've noticed my makeup looks fresher for a lot longer too. ♥ I have not quite singled out a certain product to attribute all this "greatness" to, or if its just the combination of them all. But what I do know is that I have been LOVING this routine, and all of these products together lately. All the products used in the video are listed below (some of them are not pictured).
Now before we get into my foundation routine video - I wanted to talk about that makeup sponge you see. I was very intrigued as well as skeptical about this sponge. So I was very excited to receive it {at a discount} to review.  Most of you probably already know, that I absolutely LOVE my real techniques makeup sponge! I never thought I would love anything more than that... Until I tried THIS sponge. Its truly heavenly. I love how soft it is - makes me feel like I am applying my makeup with clouds. ♥ Not only that, but it provides flawless application of my foundation, concealer and even powder. Where as using a makeup brush, or your fingers even can sometimes leave slight lines/streaks... This sponge does not! It really helps you get very nice even coverage. I thoroughly enjoy and now prefer to use this sponge and definitely recommend it!

What's awesome is that I believe this could be a dupe for the more expensive, highly popular Beauty Blender that every beauty guru raves about. I don't personally own one, but from what I have seen, read and heard about the BB - this sponge seems right on par with it, but for less money - which is always nice! You know me, I'm all about getting a good deal! 
Another thing I really appreciate about this sponge is that it does come in little travel case to protect it on the go. This way it doesn't get ruined by anything else. And the lid of the case even has small vent holes in it so you can put your sponge in it right away to dry and not worry about it getting mold/mildew as things that stay wet can without fresh air. 
Products used (*not pictured, but used in the video):
JGOB Black Charcoal Applicator Makeup Blender Sponge
Smashbox Primer Water
*Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation
*Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray
Have I piqued your interested in this sponge? Be sure to watch my video to really see it in action! And if you think you might like to try it, you're in luck! Because I just so happen to have a giveaway for this sponge too. Be sure to enter for your chance to win it.
 Giveaway is only open to residents of the US. 
See how I get my current "Your Skin but Better" Foundation Routine:

Shop some of the products used in this look
Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I want to try this sponge, I have the Fit Me Matte Poreless foundation and I mix it with the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation.

  2. So far I've been using root pretty foundation. Have you used any root pretty before? I would love the soap because I've only been applying the foundation with a kabuki brush. Never used the sponge before

  3. Thinking about purchasing this sponge since you mentioned that you prefer it better than the real techniques.

    1. I never thought I'd like something better than the real techniques sponge or think it was worth spending more money... but seriously yes this sponge is that amazing! I definitely recommed. Did you enter the giveaway for a chance to win?

  4. Love all the products that you are using. I have been eyeballing the fit me foundation.

  5. Love my UD concealer it's amazing. Xx

  6. Wow ~ after watching the video I really want this sponge! Have always just used my fingers. *gasp*

  7. You did an excellent job on explaining this KJOB sponge and your current foundation routine. You have given me several tips to try so hopefully I can get to a routine that I really like soon.

  8. Love this! It is a good size and price!

  9. woah .. its a good product for size and price

  10. Some of the products I have never heard of and I am still not sold on the beauty blender, I am definitely a brush girl x

  11. Your skin looks so flawless! The makeup sponge sounds great! I would love to try it and compare it with my beauty blender.

    Pink Frenzy

  12. I'm not a fan of sponge applicators because I'm lazy i guess :p but I cantwait for the Fit Me matte foundation to release in the netherlands as well to try it!!

  13. My teenage daughter loves the Fit me foundation line. I haven't tried it out yet though, I don't know why! I have heard great things about it! Well now I have 2 things on my to try list, asap! I would love to try out this beauty blender too :) fingers crossed!

  14. I just stopped by to watch how you apply your foundation and, wow, I have a chance to win this awesome sponge! Thank-you for the chance. :)


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