Friday, August 14, 2015

Makeup Storage & Organizers!

Hey beauty babes and welcome! If you are one of my subscribers on Youtube or follow me on snapchat you might already know this, but for those who don't know... A few months back my husband transformed one of the rooms in our home into an office/makeup room for me work and film in. While he did an amazing job getting this office ready for me - I on the other hand have been slacking on fully getting it decorated and organized! To be fair, I have been swamped with a lot of work so fixing up my office has been something I do a little at a time when I can. One day (hopefully soon) it will be complete and I will do a nice reveal and room tour! But until then, here is a small peek at one little section of the room that I have gotten a little organized....
I know two little shelves isnt much, but I am pretty proud of the small progress and just love how pretty and organized everything looks (at least in this spot). ;) Aside from being busy, another factor that has somewhat slowed my office organization progress down is finding affordable items and ways to store, display and organize my makeup collection! Acrylic Organizers aren't cheap! But if you shop around, you can find some good deals. Here is a little break down of the storage/organizers, Price and where to buy!

-Mercury Glass Votives (Better Home & Gardens Brand): $1 each found at Dollar Tree 
-Acrylic Makeup/Jewelry Organizer w/drawers: $19.99 c/o Ohuhu on Amazon
-Metal Letter Holder (used for my palettes): $10 found at Ross
-Tiered Plastic Lipstick Holder: $3.69 each on Amazon
-Lip Print Cups: $1 Each found at Dollar Tree (These were clear glass cups, which I added glitter to! See the "how-to" here)
-Long Acrylic Lipstick/Makeup holder: $10 found at Ross
-Heart Shaped Ring Dishes: $32 for the set via Promise Pottery (these were actually purchased a few years ago, but I still love them!)
-Clear Glass (candle) Holders: $1 each found at Dollar Tree

As you can see I found a lot of great items that I re-purposed from the Dollar Tree, love that store! And then Ross is another great store for affordable finds, I was very glad to see they now have some acrylic organizers. Then of course Amazon has been a great place to find some affordable storage/organizers too. I am so thankful for this decent sized organizer I received c/o Ohuhu! Its very sturdy and is a good price. 
 I love that it includes various sized slots you can store lipsticks, palettes, compacts, liners and more.
I still have quite a bit more organizing and decorating to do, and I cant wait until I can show you all more! But for now this is just a little peek into my office and makeup collection. I am still going to need to purchase a few more storage/organizer items, or get more crafty and creative to make some. I'd love some inspiration, so if you have any tips, suggestions or pinterest pins of ideas or affordable items - please let me know! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I recently splurged on a Posh Organizer (acrylic organizer) during their 4th of July 20% off sale and it was less than $100. I absolutely love it! Having clear drawers is seriously game changing!

    1. There is an awesome spinning lipstick tower that I want but I cant get past the $100 price tag! Even on sale its like $80... Sigh. At least I do have these nice affordable finds!

  2. It all looks great girl! And I especially love the lipstick kiss (dollar store glasses) that you glittered! What a great idea! I saw those glasses and thought they were cute but had no idea what I could use them for!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I saw those and knew I HAD to have them. lol I am a sucker for anything with lip prints on them! ;)

  3. Yayy.. I was amazed how organized you are when it comes to your makeup buddies, hun!
    Wish I could do the same so it could be easier for me when looking for a specific product that I want to use.
    HAve a lovely day!

    Jhem |

    1. haha It took me some time to get this far in my organization! lol But youre right its definitely so much easier to find things and also just looks prettier! :)

  4. This is so pretty and organised! I'm looking forward to seeing the whole room :)
    I think I need a bit of an overhaul of my makeup storage, I had it sussed but my collection seems to have grown (again...) and now everything is a bit haphazard once more...

    Jess xo

    1. funny how that seems to happen huh? I can relate - seems my collection grows every few months! ;) Thankfully I got a little more work done on my room over the weekend, now I just need to add some decor to my walls! Little by little Im getting there. :)

  5. I really need to get some of these organizers in my life, but some of them are really pricey :(

    Pink Frenzy

    1. They really can be! Thankfully there are some great finds on amazing and Ross!


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