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All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free Luxury Weight Loss & Beauty Supplement | BikiniBod

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♥Update at the end of this post!♥
Hello beauties and thank you for stopping by today. As you can see I want to tell you about a weight loss and beauty supplement that I recently started taking called BikiniBOD. BikiniBOD is an All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free luxury weight loss supplement specifically designed by Women for Women! {Though - men can take it too, as it contains no hormones.} The beauty of BikiniBOD is that it also contains Super Fruit extract to keep your skin glowing, along with Biotin to help with hair and nail growth. It's the new fusion of helping women get skinny while maintaining their pretty! I dont know about you, but to me this sounds like a brilliant beauty product, that I am pretty excited about!

I believe I have said this before, but I will say it again - I don't normally like the idea of taking weight-loss "pills". I feel like you never know if they are truly safe, and I would hate to recommend a product that wasn't safe or could be harmful to someone's health! I also believe - weight loss is should be about health, not just trying to look good. It still requires a eating healthy, being active and a lot of hard work!

With that being said though, I was happily intrigued by the fact that this supplement is all natural! In the FAQ page on the BikiniBOD website it says the product is safe and even Doctor Approved. Still, I'd like to make a disclaimer, that regardless of my thoughts and opinions on a product - you should always do what is best for YOU, your health and your body. Speak with a doctor or professional before starting a supplement or weight loss program. I've done that before with another weight loss product I reviewed in the past just to be sure! And was thrilled when my doctor agreed the product was safe and natural!
With all that in mind, here is more info on BikiniBod and why I was actually very excited to try and review this weight loss supplement... BikiniBOD's all natural active ingredients work in unison to help you battle bulge in 4 key pathways: hunger hormone suppression for a lighter appetite, blocking carb-to-fat conversion, stopping fat before the point of absorption, and boosting metabolism for a higher calorie burn even when you're resting. As an added bonus: caffeine puts pep in your step, biotin fortifies hair, skin and nails, and our berry blend injects some antioxidant power for maximum health, even at the cellular level.
It truly sounds great and very promising. So here is where I am at right now - I started taking BikiniBOD on October 1st! I took this photo of my weight (157.8 lbs) on September 30th (date shown on my phone). I know for some of you it may not seem like I "need" to lose more weight at 157 lbs! Having come so far from my starting weight of 240 lbs, I am definitely happy with my progress. However I am still working kicking some bulgy areas as well as trying to tone my body and build a little muscle as well. I'm still quite the work in progress, and now that I am finally past my plateau I am excited to use BikiniBOD for an extra boost of help to keep the ball rolling!

For anyone curious... I did take "before photos" of my body... But I will only be sharing those IF I truly see a noticeable difference. Showing off my body is still something I am very insecure about. I may have lost quite a bit of weight over the past few years, but my body is far from perfect - and it will take quite a bit of courage to share it! ;)
Anyways... Right now as I am writing this post I have not lost any weight. I am just one week into taking the supplements (This post will be posted dated, as you may notice its not the first week of October *wink*). However it is THAT time of the month and I think that may be hindering any weight loss.

But I am hopeful, especially after seeing the info (below) from the BikiniBOD website! As I said already, I am working to hopefully slim down some of my still bulgy areas. I can use all the help I can get in my trouble areas - triceps especially! So stay tuned, because I will be updating you in another post once I complete these supplements. I really just wanted to get this post up to let you know I started and keep you in the loop of my weight loss and fitness journey. I am beyond excited to see the end result! Hopefully I will have a great results post to share with you in a few weeks...
Here are a few extra things to note....
My adorable package included a BikiniBOD lip balm and its Vanilla scented and so amazing. Im of course obsessed with it. They didnt know it, but I love anything Vanilla and I am kind of a lip balm addict. ♥ And lastly - this bottle of supplements contains 60 capsules. You can take 1 a day or 2-3 a day but no more than 3 a day! Its recommended that those who dont usually drink coffee only take 1 and regular coffee drinkers *hand in the air* can take more. 

BikiniBOD starts at just $49.99 and includes a 30-day money back guarantee! If you want to learn more or purchase you can get it here:

***UPDATED Dec. 28th | Results***

Hey friends, so I just wanted to pop on and give an update since finishing the BikiniBod supplements. Technically I finished them towards the end of the November - but life has been hectic and the update kept getting pushed to the back-burner. In addition to that I felt somewhat like a failure, because this isn't quite the update I had hoped I'd be able to share with dramatically amazing results. I mean - ok lets get real, I didn't expect "dramatically amazing" results - but I had hoped to have more positive results to share... So with that "foreshadowing" lets just get into it shall we?

The positive: 
Because these are an all around supplement for both BEAUTY and weight loss - I can say they did work well on the "beauty" side. The biotin in it definitely helped my hair and nail growth (as you can see in the photo below). Compare it to my photo above also holding the bottle by my face. Biotin is a really great vitamin for hair and nails, without the vitamin - my nails usually chip and break before they get too long. So I usually have them short! But they stayed long and strong while taking this supplement. ♥
Continuing on with the positive.... I did actually loose a few pounds initially. By the beginning of the 3rd week of taking this I got down to 153 pounds! I was super excited about that and imagined the end result would be even better...

The Negative:
In the end I didn't end losing more weight or even keeping off the weight I lost. By the time I had completely finished the bottle of BikiniBod - I was back to 157 pounds... Which truly bummed me out. And while this part is not related to taking this supplement - I may as well share the full update on my "weight loss" (or gain in this instance) that since finishing bikinibod I have gained more weight. :( I am currently at 163 pounds. *shaking my head* Again - I don't blame the weight gain on the supplements - just wanted to post the update! The weight gain is completely my own fault, with allowing myself to over-indulge over the Holidays both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Which brings me back to the reminder that there really isn't any magical "get thin quick" pill. The best way to loose weight, get fit and healthy is the good old fashioned way! Through eating right and exercising! Obviously I know this, as that is the ONLY way I lost the majority of my weight on this journey of mine. Since then, though, its just been such a struggle to continue to loose weight and keep it off. I feel like I keep hitting stumbling block after stumbling block... After working so hard, I will admit that I completely WISH there were an easy way out. haha Especially as life gets more hectic...  So, while I realize what the best way to stay healthy and fit is, and believe me - I will keep doing my best! I have to admit I am still open to the idea of weight loss supplements (So long as they are natural and don't contain anything harmful.). Especially those with an appetite suppressant - because my battle is more with food than exercise. I love to exercise, but you cant always exercise off a bad eating habits.  

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Not for me and I am not too sure the name is all that helpful x

  2. Amazing first post about these, I'm looking forward to seeing the results xxxx

  3. This sounds awesome, I am looking forward to seeing the results. Cant wait until the next post! xoxo

  4. I'm so uncomfortable about this type of product, working with young people with eating disorders just makes me see the huge potential for abuse that they have and I don't think they help encourage healthy eating & lifestyle habits :/
    I hope you find them helpful, though!

    Jess xo

  5. It sounds like a metabolism boosting product, with caffeine and green tea extract. I have tried some of these fat burners in the past in combination with a diet and lots of weight lifting and did loose a lot of weight but i am pretty sure it was thanks to the nutrition. This might give you a little boost, but it will never do it by itself. Unfortunately :p

  6. You're looking fabulous! I've seen this around on Instagram everywhere and I'm really intrigued. Can't wait to see your progress x

  7. I somehow never warm up to the idea of having these supplements. :( All the best to you though.

  8. I hope these work, can't wait to see the end result :) Good luck x

    Pink Frenzy

  9. ooo i can't wait to hear your thoughts on this! I'm been a weight loss freak these days


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