Friday, October 23, 2015

Luminess Air AirSupremacy Mist Airbrush Foundation ♥ Review and Demo

*Some items provided for consideration {Thank you Luminess Air} however, all thoughts, tips & opinions are my own.
Hello Beauty Babes, I am SO glad you are here! I am WAY excited to tell you about something NEW that has not even launched yet! I have got to say to receive something before it has launched, so I can review it and tell you about it is such an honor and just so cool! So, again, I am very excited because this kit is AMAZING! I've even got a video demo to share with you... But, let me back up a little bit, my excitement has gotten me slightly ahead of myself. ;)

Many of you may know that I recently did a review of the Luminess Air Legend Air Brush System, which I love, but recently I was contacted about trying out Luminess Air's newest innovation. Their AirSupremacy - which is a full line of spray-on makeup, which brings you the effect and finish of airbrush, without the need for a compressor or stylus! The line includes Foundations, Blushes, Body Shimmers, and Tattoo & Blemish Cover-Up products. This stuff is magical, I am already SO in love with this makeup. ♥ Ok, so I am raving about this already, but before I give you all the details of my full review  - I better give you the details about the launch! Because you definitely don't want to miss out on this special price!

AirSupremacy will exclusively launch on QVC on Tuesday October 27th, starting at 10pm EST, during a segment called "The Find" with hist Shawn Killinger. The exclusive starter kit will only premiere once for a price of $49 (retail value of $175)!! Mark your calendars or set a reminder in your phone, because you wont want to miss this amazing deal!
Before I tell you about this starter kit, I want to encourage you to also watch my video demo at the end of this post, as I will go over everything in the kit as well, and show you how quick and easy it is to use! ♥

I got the Medium Starter Kit, bit there are 4 shades available - Fair, Medium, Warm & Deep.

Each kit will include:
- 2 AirSupremacy Foundation Shades. Mine has Shade 3 "Golden Beige" and Shade 4 "Sun Kissed".
-AirSupremacy Primer
-AirSupremacy Blush (Soft Rose was the shade in mine)
-AirSupremacy Makeup Sealant
-Pro Air Blender
-Blending Brush (it doesnt actually have this listed on the kit - but mine came with one!)
Here are some neat facts for those with either sensitive skin or have any kind of skin concerns:
AirSupremacy products are water based, hypoallergenic, alcohol free, fragrance free, paraben free, oil free, non-comedeogenic as well as dermatologist tested and recommended! Whew - thats a mouth full! Their products are also cruelty free and feature "the most innovative, non-flammable and ultra low pressure aerosol technology."

So what can you expect with Luminess Air AirSupremacy?  According to their claims you get buildable, blendable and breathable coverage that's lasts 10+ hours! Is it true? Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES! The products are definitely buildable and very blendable. I had to do some building to conceal my dark circles and some problem spots, but it all blended perfectly. Nothing looked blotchy or caked up, which I LOVE. But my favorite part is that this foundation for sure feels so breathable. I mean if I didn't know better, I never would know I put foundation on. I couldn't FEEL it on me - its so light weight! And even though I could see that my skin and complexion looked so even and beautiful, I couldn't see the makeup. Does that make sense?

See for me, I always prefer light weight makeup over full coverage because I cant stand the look and feel of cake face! I understand that for some its a must... But I just cant deal with it. It bothers me when I can SEE and feel my foundation on my face. Id rather deal with some blemishes showing through that deal with full coverage heavy foundation. So with this you can have the best of both worlds! You can wear as much or as little as you need - build it up for full coverage, yet it still feels super light weight and your skin looks natural and amazing! (Below is a screen shot from my video demo - showing my before & after)
This makeup also lasts SO long - definitely much longer than any other foundations I have ever used! The info says this lasts 10+ (up to 18 hours). Now I never apply my makeup early enough to wear it for 18 hours.. However I can say that for me it looked almost just as good when I went to take it off, as it did 11 hours early when I first applied it. I say "almost" because I did have some slight shine in my t-zone, where I tend to get oily. That being said though, the shine was very minimal - especially in comparison to other foundations I use. I mean, the longevity of this makeup is remarkable! I almost don't want to remove my makeup at night because it still looks so good! haha

The Makeup Sealant (pictured below) is also amazing! I had tried their similar product "Final Seal" which I had bought the to go along with my Luminess Air Legend airbrush system - and it had become my favorite and go to makeup setting spray! Its specially formulated to keep makeup put for up to 18 hours, waterproof, sweat proof and tear proof with no fading or transferring. Its magical! ♥
Over all I cant say enough good things about this kit and these products! I love everything about it and one thing I forgot to mention is how much I really appreciate that the kit includes TWO foundation shades. This is so convenient for being able to mix and color match as well as seasonal skin tone changes! Its just a very well thought out kit, that I highly recommend! If you are interested at all, I recommend you tune into "The Find" at 10pm ESt on QVC on Tuesday October 27th, to grab this kit at the exclusive price of just $49!!

I also encourage you to watch my video demo below to see these products in action for yourself!! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Your skin looks incredible! Not sure that I would like to use the airbrush spray on myself but I think it looks wonderful xxx

  2. This looks great on you!! I tried their airbrush system a few months ago, and LOVED the coverage, but I really like the sound of this compressor free formula!

    1. thank you! The compression free system is great - super quick and easy! love that!

  3. OOh now that shade of purple on your lips looks amazing x

    1. aw thanks so much! Its a bit out of my comfort zone, but I had been trying to be more bold!

  4. Very interesting launches :D

  5. I've been hearing great things about these sprays. The finish is lovely!

  6. Wow, your skin looks gorgeous! I am so curious about these spray cans! I thought the system with the compressor was daunting so I passed on it, but these intrigue me!

    1. Oh this one is definitely a lot quicker and easier without having the compressor to set up. Though I still love using the compressor too - still find that very quick and easy as well - this is just even quicker/easier! lol

  7. I loooooved this!! I wore it for my sisters wedding this weekend and it stayed all night. It's soooo easy to use, too

  8. Sounds fab and your skin looks just gorgeous :)

    Pink Frenzy

  9. Love your Air Makeup look and I will check out your video too!


  10. This is so obviously a poorly disguised paid advertisement! So poorly disguised that Its OBVIOUS! (Oh! Wait! Did I say that already? Silly me!) Well at least I can take solice in the fact I'm not stupid enough to believe this tripe!

    1. haha ok "truth-teller"... Believe or dont believe what you want. This was actually NOT a paid advertisement, otherwise it would state at the top that this was SPONSORED by Luminess Air. Its something that HAS to be noted when something is sponsored or paid for, because then technically it is an AD of sorts. Its pretty much an FTC rule. I did, however, receive the products for free from Luminess Air - that's obviously I got them early. Which I clearly state in my video and in this blog post. But since you are so quick to judge you probably didn't take the time to actually read this review or watch the video to find out that I did in fact state that I got them from Luminess for review purposes. Just because I liked the product doesnt mean its a paid advertisement.

  11. Of course my comment won't make it to post because is a bogus paid for review

    1. Your comment didn't make it to the post right away, because I don't check my blog every minute, and I was actually away camping with my family for a few days. I have nothing to hide, I am honest in my reviews and posts.


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