Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Easily Edit Images, Create Collages & More

Hello friends thanks for stopping by today! I am often asked how I edit and/or collage my photos. So today I thought I would share quickly a few of the programs and websites I like to use. If you are here, maybe its because you too have been curious about what I use - or maybe you just did a google search for editing sites and found me. Either way - I am glad you are here, and hope you find this post helpful!

For the longest time when it came to making collages and doing quick and easy edits, I used an online site that I am sure many bloggers have heard of. But more and more I started having issues with it working for me. It wouldn't upload my photos or would limit me to only 1 or 2 photos to upload... Which was a major bummer because if I am creating a collage I want several photos to upload! So I was thrilled when I recently discovered another online photo editor: Fotor.com! Its super simple to use and has just as many if not more features as the online editor I was using previously.

What I love especially is that when I wanted to do a  picture collage, I can upload as many photos as Id like without having any issues or restrictions. They also offer a variety of collage styles - from square collages to funky patterns and styles. (pictured above) You pick the collage style and then edit and adjust the photos just how you want. ♥ 

Fotor offers a few different sections on their website - so you can EDIT, COLLAGE or DESIGN. In the design option you can create things like a facebook cover photo, youtube cover, cards and more! They have the templates ready for you, and all you have to do is customize them to your liking.

Another neat feature fotor offers is fun "beauty enhancements" in their Edit section. So whether you are looking to touch up your photos or just change up your look for fun, you can easily to that.  I really like the eye color change option, below you can see I changed my eye color to blue and another one I made them look more green. ♥

Fotor is free to use, with all kinds of amazing features. However if you want more exclusive features, effects, textures, stickers, collage options, fonts, templates and patterns as well as save options without their watermark - they offer a premium membership.  As a premium Fotor member, you can log in with your personal settings and access your favorite Effects, Stickers, Fonts, and Text. You can save your favorite Effects, Stickers, Frames and Fonts so you don’t have to find them over and over again. I am not sure of the cost, because I have not seen it listed anywhere, and I'm not a premium member myself - because I am satisfied with the free features for now. 

Lastly I wanted to mention that fotor also offers a free desktop editor you can download as well as mobile apps for both Android and Iphone users! So if you prefer to work offline or on the go you can do that! Now for me personally, when it comes to editing photos on my desktop I mostly use another free program called Paint.Net. (this is not a website - it's just the name of the program)  You can google it and download it for free as well. Its basically an enhanced version of Microsoft Paint. But it works sort of like Paint Shop Pro or other more expensive programs. I have mentioned my desktop editor before in past posts as well as in my FAQ page. And if I weren't already so attached to and familiar with that program, I would most likely download the Fotor desktop Editor... Especially considering you can sync your fotor account to do the same work online, on your desktop or on your mobile devices as well. Which sounds super convenient!

If you need help or tutorials you can check out the Fotor Youtube Channel or connect with Fotor via Facebook or Twitter.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Thank you, Maria. I will check into both of them. I'm looking for a photo editing program that easily allows me to make text boxes and I can't figure out how to do that with Canva and Picmonkey so hopefully these will be easier to figure out. I love the pic in pic that you created to highlight your EOTD

    1. Oh I am so glad you found this helpful! With so many editing sites out there, I though it would be nice to share what I use! I like simple, easy and effective - and these programs are just that!

  2. Thanks for sharing Maria. I usually use picasa, I haven't heard of these before. Fyi the link is getpaint.net. Paint.net goes to a painters site. Lol. :)

    1. Glad to help! And yes the program is just called paint.net. Its not a actual website. I know it's confusing. But if you Google paint.Net it will come up for download. :) I'll have to make an edit on that so no one else gets confused! ♡

  3. This looks so easy to use! I currently use an older version of Photoshop and it works really well but this looks like it would take a lot less time to edit pics.

    Molly and Stacie

  4. I've never heard of this site before. I currently use Pic Monkey but will definitely check this out as it looks really great and easy to use xxxx


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