Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gift Ideas for The Women In Your Life!

Hello there friends, thanks for stopping by today! With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together some fabulous gift ideas for the women in your life. While I know its mostly women who read my blog (who probably dont need the help), I know there are also a few men who do visit from time to time that will really appreciate this! ;) What may appeal to the women are some of the discount codes I do have to share with you - so you can either spoil yourself (or mom, sister, bestie) on a budget. OR if happen to have a completely clueless guy in your life and you like this list, why not just send him a link to my blog post. ;)

Now, before I get into this list I'd like to note that I decided not to make this a "Christmas" gift guide. I originally thought I would, but then I realized these are items that would be great for ANY gift giving occasion! Christmas of course (since its coming up), but Mother's day, Birthdays, Bridal Showers and the like. Some of these ideas are on my own personal wish list and some are items I already own and love. So I know others will love them too! These are also gifts that I think would be great for variety of ages as well. So I hope you enjoy these ideas and feel inspired!

First up is something that is on my own Christmas "wish-list". This is something that would be perfect for the makeup lover in your life!!  
The Dollup Beauty Makeup Clutch - $52
This is clearly more than just any old makeup clutch! Its an amazing makeup organizer that includes holders for brushes and lipsticks, its got a fold down mirror, and a magnetic palette to store your pressed shadows and other makeup pans... All in a convenient and classy hard case clutch thats perfect for on-the-go and traveling! Check out the quick video below to get a better idea of what it looks like. ♥ Ahh its just perfect!! ♥

Continuing on with the Makeup & Beauty Theme, my next idea would be Beauty Tools! Ask any makeup lover out there and I think she will agree with me, that you can never have too many makeup brushes! I'd definitely recommend shopping Bella & Bear Beauty Tools (they also have a UK store here)! This is an amazon shop, for those who love to shop amazing or have amazon Prime. 

I have several Bella & Bear beauty tools - they have makeup brushes, hair brushes, hair removal tools as well and makeup/brush cases, that are packaged SO beautifully! Seriously their Tiffany blue and pink floral packaged gets me all heart eyed every time! Not only are their products beautiful and of great quality but their prices are very affordable! PLUS Ive also got a discount code for you - AGAPE106 - will get you 20% off your order. Valid until Dec. 31st 2015! Read my reviews of the Bella & Bear Beauty Tools Here & Here.

To go along with those makeup brushes, here is another idea from my own wish-list!  These adorable creations are actually Makeup Brush Cleansers by Swirl and Sparkle (Price range is $3.99 - $49.99)! And they are just too adorable for words! Cleaning makeup brushes is such a chore that pretty much every beauty babes loves to avoid.... Why do you think we can never have too many brushes!? I'd rather use a new brush than wash one. ;) haha But I honestly think these little cuties might just make that chore a little more enjoyable. Plus the scents sound heavenly. ♥

Next up I of course had to mention my FAVORITE Indie Makeup Company - MBA Cosmetics. You can find just about anything you could need or want in makeup from MBA Cosmetics. The prices are very affordable and I do have an affiliate code - AGAPELOVE15 - which saves you 15%, plus you can even use it during sales for an even great discount! Some of my personal favorites products are their Blushing Bouquets, their Pressed Matte & Pressed Silk FX Shadows, Their Exclipse Highlighter Collection, Twinkle Dust Collection and Molten Metals Collection (found here), literally every one of their vast selection of lip products are amazing. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased or received from this company! I know it can be over whelming, so if you'd rather not decide for yourself you can purchase a Gift Certificate or sign up for their Beauty Bag Subscription! The subscription ranges from $18 - $23 a month (3-6 month options) and will include 4-6 full size products with a value of $25-$30. My affiliate code is not valid on the gift certificate or subscription bags.

Lets move on to Jewelry. Jewelry is always a nice gift idea!! Especially when it comes to custom or personalized jewelry like these from I received c/o Onecklace. ♥
Custom jewelry is one of those gifts that is perfect for any woman in your life, any occasion as well as a wide variety of ages -Your mom, wife, sister, daughter, best friend... Everyone loves something personalized just to and for them! Jewelry items like these are timeless and really say come across as well thought out and special. I absolutely adore my custom necklaces. Whats great, though, is that Onecklace also has rings, earrings and bracelets too! They have a wide variety of styles as well materials/metals, and the prices are one of the best I have seen for this type of jewelry. ♥

Now if you want to try something a little unique and fancy, you might try a gorgeous a gorgeous wood watch, like the ones from Jord Wood Watches! They are a bit pricey, but really make a statement! They have several beautiful styles for women (and men too). I absolutely LOVE mine and get so many compliments every time I wear it!

Now if you are looking for something a bit more affordable, I'd like to encourage you to check out my own little shop Agape Love Boutique! There I sell Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories, and everything is JUST $5! There is a large variety of styles for all ages, ranging from trendy to classic styles. You can find rings, necklaces, earrings bracelets as well as hair accessories. You can easily stock up on some really cute gifts and stocking stuffers for your teen or tween daughter, or they make affordable "secret Santa" gifts at work or school. And while the price is super low, the quality is actually great!

Now here is something you might not have thought of, but its something I've got on my own wish-list - and that is Workout Clothing!! As someone who has been on a weight-loss journey, and loves to workout, I cant get enough of workout clothing! Constantly Varied Workout Gear  is a site that really caught my eye recently.
Their shirts are hilarious and witty - I need THIS one like asap! And their leggings are fun, unique and seriously SO comfortable! I've got their Motivated leggings on in the photos below, but I definitely have these Kiss Print leggings on my wishlist NEED NOW list! And while the leggings range from $30-$60 they recently came out with a really neat Monthly Leggings Subscription service which starts at just $26.99! You can pay monthly or if you are gifting the subscription they have the option of doing a one time payment for a specific amount of time, which is such a convenient idea! ♥
Alright, how about we move on to Skin Care. I wanted to mention the Be Natural Organics Halo Spa Cleansing Brush kit because its something I personally own and love and plan to gift one to my tween daughter to help her get into the habit of taking better care of her skin. This kit is yet another great gift idea for those young and old! Cleansing brushes are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They help make the chore of your skin care routine a bit more fun and a lot more effective! This particular set is very affordable at just $38 and I love the different attachment options it comes with! If you are curious to learn more Ive got a review & demo on this product here.

Next up is I'd like to make a mention of Skin Authority. I recently reviewed their Go! Gorgeous kit (read that here) and am a fan! Skin Authority is a clean beauty line - no parabens, fragrances, dyes or animal testing. I know good skin care systems are NOT cheap. They are definitely an investment. So when I found out that Skin Authority was going to be having a Black Friday Sale, I knew I had to include it in this post.  Click that link for more info - you could get anywhere from 30% to 50% off during this sale. So now is the time to take advantage! ♥

The next thing on my list may have some of you thinking "NO WAY" - this is a thoughtless idea or you may consider it "the easy way out". I'm talking about Gift Cards! But before you gasp in shock at the idea of actually including gift cards in this list - because "anyone could have thought of that one" just hear me out. I am a woman who LOVES to shop. However I am also a mom and wife and "fun" shopping just for me, myself and I is a luxury I dont often get. Its hard not to feel completely selfish buying things for myself that I dont truly need, when there are much more important things that my family could use the money on. So I am always very grateful and excited when I receive a gift card. It gives me the guilt free pleasure of buying my "wants"! Now I would recommend though that along with the gift card you include a thoughtful card or note. This is what makes it more personal. ♥

This list could probably go on forever. So I am going to end it with a few shops/indie business that I love and recommend you support! ♥
D's Virtuous Apparel (Christian T-Shirts), Hello Awesome Shop (Inspirational Mugs, Shirts & Art Prints) Bitter Lace Beauty (Custom Magetic Makeup Palettes and Highlighters), The Hart Collections (affordable, unique and trendy fashions)..
 Litva's Jewelry (beaded and hand stamped jewelry)
Book Of Shadows (Affordable Magnetic Makeup Palettes/Z-Palette Dupes)
 *pink brushes are from MBA Cosmetics

Alright ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! Be sure to pin it for future gift help and inspiration throughout the year! And pass it along to anyone who may need a few good ideas. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. definitely a lot of good ideas here!! I could live off makeup and workout clothes!!! I just don't know how to tell my relatives that they should stop getting me pink pigiamas..

  2. Loved this post - great suggestions. I always go for jewellery or makeup :)
    The clutch/palette is AMAZING.

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  3. Great picks! How cute are those Bella and Bear beauty tools, I want them ALL! lol

  4. I love the dolled up beauty clutch! So gorgeous! And the Jord watch is a great colour. I have the light wood coloured one!

  5. Wow, the DollUp makeup clutch is SO cool! I also love the Litva Jewelry -- so unique, simple, and pretty!

  6. Some really lovely picks and I do love custom made jewellery, I think it is so nice and personal x

  7. I LOVE the stacked heart necklace. Definitely going to be doing that for my mom this year! :)

  8. Wow! So many great ideas! Shoutout to the fun gym clothes. I love all of the photos in this post.

  9. I absolutely love the doll up case... although I'd secretly love the mouse ears!xxx

  10. I need that Motivated leggings, like, right now! LOL

  11. Wow, you've got a great selection of ideas here! I love the sound of the makeup brush cleansers, what a brilliant idea :)

    Jess xo

  12. Love your Holiday gift suggestions but I love Gift Cards cause I get to spend exactly what I like esp. grocery, gas, Target, etc.!!


  13. Wow this is a huge gift guide :O I love the look of the beauty tools x

    Pink Frenzy


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