Thursday, November 19, 2015

NEW MBA Cosmetics Lippies + Discount Code!

Hey beauty babes - just wanted to pop in real quick to share some swatches of the new Lippies from MBA Cosmetics. They already have a VAST selection of lippies... Basically just about ANY color you are looking for - they have it! And just about any type of lipstick you may want - matte, creamy, lip paint, lip glaze, liquid lipstick... You Name it - they have it! If you are a lipstick lover - look no further than MBA Cosmetics! ♥ And of course you can use my code AGAPELOVE15 which saves you 15% on any and every purchase you make. ♥

Recently they have had to discontinue a few shades due to a certain colorant used to create them, that is no longer available. So they have come out with these similar shades to replace the ones being discontinued. Color Rich Lipstick Taupetone, Color Rich Lipstick Truffle, HD Lip Paint Belissimo and HD Lip Paint Chic Brick. See below for site descriptions and swatches!!

Oh and before we get started, for anyone curious about the difference between the MBA Cosmetics Color Rich Lipsticks & HD Lip Paints...

First up is Color Rich Lipstick in Taupetone!
This one is a very cool toned brown and is described on the website as a light/medium taupe brown.

Next up is Color Rich Lipstick in Truffle.
This one is perfectly described as a deep chocolaty brown with a red undertone!

Next is my FAVORITE of the New Lippies. This is HD Lip Paint in Bellissimo!
Site description: a gorgeous deep wine/burgundy shade.
Yes indeed it is! The perfect shade for Fall and Winter! ♥

Lastly we have HD Lip Paint Chic Brick.
 Chic Brick is described as a brick brown/red shade - a very accurate description.

Last thing I'd like to leave you with is this helpful graphic about MBA Cosmetics Lipstick Packaging options. Many dont know but you can actually purchase their lipsticks and lip paints in a typical tube, a slim tube or in a jar. I love that they do this because it allows you to purchase by price and/or preference. The Slim Tubes are just $5 (12 oz of product), The Jars are just $5.50 ( 16 oz of product) and the regular tube option is the $7.50 (16 oz of product). The reason the regular tubes are a bit more expensive is because of the extra time and effort it takes to mold and package them versus the other options!
I personally love the slim tube option - with as many lippies as I own, I never feel the need to own a FULL size, unless its a favorite! I also think the jar option is nice if you prefer applying your lipstick with a brush. Or if you are an MUA who depots lipsticks anyways, for your kit. Anyways, I hope you found this info helpful! Let me know what you think of the new lippies - which is your favorite?

Oh and P.S. All the Septum Rings shown in these photos are actually Faux Septums and are also from MBA Comsetics! Find them {here}.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Your lip swatches are always GORGEOUS!!!! How do you keep them so beautiful and moisturized? My lips get so dry so often, especially if I'm trying on different lipsticks in a day!

    Anyways, enough of me oogling over your lips :-P These colors are so pretty! And the info on the difference between lip paints and lipsticks was really helpful!

  2. Wow, the chic brick shade is unlike I've seen before! xxx

  3. I love the truffle shade. I am going to have to follow this link and see how many USD's they want... Great Post.

  4. Some of those shades are way out there and it is nice to see something different!

  5. None of these are shades I would wear but it's great that they have so many options available!!

    Jess xo

  6. Bellissimo is just stunning isn't it, it really caught my attention and Taupetone also looks fabulous x

  7. If I had to choose a color is would be Brick Chick but the rest of the colors I won't be able to use!! I do enjoy reading and seeing the latest colors from this company!


  8. amazing shades and products!! the brand is really makeing a leap releasing great products!! hopefully they'll also branch out in Europe soon!!
    my fave is definitely Chic Brick!


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