Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MBA Cosmetics Mega Matte Liquid Lipsticks + Discount

Happy Hump Day beauty babes, we are almost through the week and we are "THIS" close to being through the Year!! New Years- What?! I'm gonna say it, I am sure everyone is saying it, but truly truly I cannot believe the year is just about over. My mind is blown on that one for sure.... Time escapes us so fast, and I don't even have a super over the top fabulous New Years Makeup look to share and inspire you with this year. :( I thought I would have time but just couldn't make it happen. I DO however have several Lip Swatches that I am excited to share with you! ♥

These are the MBA Cosmetics Mega Matte Liquid Lipsticks! they are $14. Even less if you use my Discount code - AGAPELOVE15 - ♥ Now I know I talk about MBA Cosmetics a lot on this blog, but before I get into the details on these lippies, I'd like to tell you a little more about this brand... For those of you who dont know, MBA Cosmetics ships WORLD WIDE! I know not everyone who reads my blog is from the US. I also know there are times I share other brands and products that not everyone can get. :( However, you can get MBA, so if you have found yourself wishing you could get some of the MBA products I share on my blog in your Country - You CAN! SO dont be afraid to fall in love with an item and check out the rest of their amazing products!

Speaking of amazing products, MBA Cosmetics not only carries makeup but beauty tools, Faux Septum Rings (as I am wearing in the swatch photos) and more. MBA also distributes products from other brands on their website - like City Color, LA Girl and Beauty Treats. Whats wonderful about that is that my discount code also works for those items too - it will give you 15% off ANYTHING on their website, you can even use it during sales to get an extra % off the already discounted price. There is actually only one exception for my discount code, and that is their Beauty Subscription Bag! Yes they have a Sub bag and its all full size products too. Their sub bag is already majorly discounted, which is why the code cant be used for it.

Alright, now that I have filled you in a little more on MBA Cosmetics - lets move on these Lippies!! As described on the website: the Mega Matte Liquid Lipsticks are ultra matte and smudge-proof. This product is VEGAN friendly! The Mega Matte Lipsticks are very matte and intended to be worn alone, applying any type of oils, including lip balms or glosses over the Mega Mattes will break them down. Avoid eating oily or buttery foods. We suggest moisturizing lips after removing the Mega Matte Lipstick and exfoliating before use.

These liquid mattes are beautiful and comfortable! They do eventually dry down completely and become smudge-proof, but don't totally dry out your lips. The colors are vibrant and pigmented as well as opaque. These are also very long lasting, though not as long lasting as their Matte Liquid Lip Colors! The main difference between these Mega Mattes and the Matte Lip Colors are that the Lip Colors stay put no matter what - eating or drinking and all! They are a lot tougher to remove, whereas the Mega Mattes will fade a lot more quickly when eating and drinking. Both formulas are wonderful in my opinion, though.

Moving on the the swatches and color descriptions!

 Violet Riot is a vibrant purple with magenta undertone. Im also wearing the Faux Septum 'Elizabeth-Pink'!

 Divine is a gorgeous Mulberry color. I'm also wearing the Faux Septum 'Masquerade-Steel'!

Kohl is a gorgeous deep & dark black. I'm also wearing the Faux Septum 'Fame & Fortune-Silver'!

 Malibu is a vivid medium coral pink. I'm also wearing the Faux Septum 'Skully-Gold'!

Mayhem is a medium/dak shade of Teal. I'm also wearing the Faux Septum 'Fiery-Opal'!

Mocha is a medium shade of brown. Im also wearing the Faux Septum 'Elizabeth-Pink'!

Vintage is a cool mauve shade with a grungy (almost gray/brown) undertone. I'm also wearing the Faux Septum 'Fiery-Opal'!

VooDoo is a very dark blackened burgundy. (Looks almost black when dry). I'm also wearing the Faux Septum 'Skully-Gold'!

I really like all of these shades - sure I personally really wont get much use out of Kohl, Mocha and Mayhem... But I am in LOVE with Vintage, Divine and Malibu, and also really like wearing Voodoo and Violet Riot - those two shades really pull me out of my comfortable color box! ♥ Which of these is your favorite?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. WOW these colours are stunning!! I'll definitely have to give these lippies a look when I'm in the market for some new liquid lipsticks because they sound amazing.

  2. I am in love with all of these! I am such a matte lover and these colors are OH MY GOD! Gorgeous swatches and gahhhh! Like I'm dying all over here!!

  3. Divine and Vintage are my favourite shades! Gorgeous photos :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  4. These are stunning shades, they're super pigmented! I probably wouldn't wear any of them (I'm not really a lips girl!) but Malibu is stunning and I love Mayhem, too <3

    Jess xo

  5. Wow these colours are incredible! I've never seen lip colours like them before!! xxx

  6. i need divine and vintage in my life! they're all beautiful shades

  7. I don't do matte but I do like the Malubi Pink color...all others great for a dramatic makeup look! :)


  8. Gorgeous shades and gorgeous swatch pictures! Vintage is probably my favourite.

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  9. These are soo pretty. They are a little too expensive for me though.

  10. hah! Another liquid lipstick to explore :D

  11. I've been hearing heaps about MBA cosmetics, but have yet to try it! Love the look of Vintage, but they're all gorgeous!


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