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Smoother Skin with Clearista Retexturizing Gel | #ClearistaClear

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Welcome beauty babes, thanks for visiting with me. ♥ Today I am back with another skin care review to share with you. I have really been on a kick with trying new skin care products! Of course I do have my tried and true skin care systems that I love and will always love, however, the job and joy of being a beauty blogger is to try new things and let our readers know about them! Sometimes the products are amazing, sometimes they are just ok, sometimes they are no good - being able to inform you about products is something I both love and am honored to do.

That being said - I must admit, reviewing skincare products can be very tricky! You probably already know that not all skin is a like. What works for me - might not work for you. However, I think it just might be safe to say that the product I have to share with you today just might be perfect for everyone! Clearista Retexturizing Gel might sound like just another "fancy" exfoliant... But its something very unique and wonderful in my opinion. Its kind of like a mixture of a moisturizer, a scrub and beauty serum all in one, with claims to give the kind of results often thought to be achievable only with lasers, dermabrasion, and chemical peels!

According to the website: "The Clearista Retexturizing Gel™ contains our patented and scientifically proven formula plus mild, biodegradable exfoliants to enhance the skin’s natural exfoliation processes. Our gel not only helps reduce the appearance of rough and bumpy surface blemishes, but is also effective at reducing the appearance of age and sun-related folding and wrinkling of sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth."

Now, I have only been using this product for a few weeks now, so I cannot give you any results on the claims of reducing age spots/sun damage or anything like that... But I can tell you that from the very first use my skin felt amazing, plump, and so so soft! OK sure - yes our skin typically does feel much better and softer after using just about any exfoliant. Because we all NEED to exfoliate the dead dry skin away.... Its just a necessity of life, right!? But I have got to tell you - something about this product felt different - BETTER than others I have tried. I couldn't quite pin-point it at first, all I could say was that I was surprised at how impressed I was, and how amazing my skin felt after just ONE use.
I realized after better inspection of the product that one of the differences were the little beads that are in it! They are practically perfect little round "plastic" spheres - except they are NOT plastic, they are Jojoba Esters, which are certified biodegradable Ecobeads!! How COOL is that!? And that is just one of the reasons I feel this product is perfect for everyone. Because these little beads are very gentle, they arent rough like your typical scrubs that actually rough up and tear at your skin. Its so gentle you can use this product up to twice a day - whereas a typical exfoliant can only be used up to twice weekly. 

The beads can either be washed off of your skin with water, or you can simply "brush" them off your skin once the gel absorbs into your skin. And that's the other thing that I feel makes this product unique in such a wonderful way! The gel doesn't need to be washes off! As you gently message the gel onto your skin it will absorb leaving just the beads behind, as you can see in the photos above! And with that you are left with plump moisturized skin. Again - with a typical exfoliant, you need to wash it off your skin and then go in with your moisturizers and/or serums and what not. But with Clearista, as I already mentioned - you get all 3 in one great product!

Clearista is truly a skin loving product! So whether you are just starting to think about skin care or your skin is more mature, whether you have dry skin or oily, sensitive skin or tough skin - this product is for you. Other amazing benefits:
- Contains no synthetic dyes or fragrances
- Cruelty Free
- Paraben Free
- Hypoallergenic
- Manufactured in California (Holler!!)
- Scientifically Proven & Patented Formula

Lastly - I absolutely LOVE how they break down all of their ingredients and tell you what they are and what they do/why they are included in the product... I have NEVER seen that done before, and am usually CLUELESS about most ingredients. So, I am thankful for the amazing product and the amazing information.... Seriously - go check out their ingredients page (here) and tell me you are arent impressed and feel super informed too! ;)

Alright beauty babes, as usual - I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions - anything I may have left out, please done hesitate to ask. And if you have tried this product, please feel free to share your own experience. I always love hearing from you. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. What a great skincare product which has less harsh ingredients and its made in the US!!


  2. I love Jojoba beads as an exfoliator, they are so effective and not at all abbrasive x

    1. For sure! It's the first I've seen them used, but they are so wonderful!

  3. Awesome post Maria! I also love that they break down the ingredients to where we are able to understand as well. Most of the time I'm researching to see what ingredients do what. LOL. Woohoo, for having no synthetic fragrances, dyes and being paraben free - I appreciate skincare products like this! Thanks for sharing. xo Brigette

    1. Thank you so much! And right-I am the same -I usually feel clueless about ingredients! It's nice to get a break down of them in a way I truly can understand!

  4. i havent heard of this brand before! great post! By the way love your nails!! <3 xx

  5. Hmmm this is very intriguing! I agree skincare can be tricky as everyone is different but also our skin can change too!

  6. If Tiffany did skincare, the packaging would look like this! xxx

    1. Lol my thoughts exactly! I almost wanted to add something like that to my post because yes! Lol the packaging reminds me so much of Tiffany!

  7. I super agree that it isn't easy reviewing skin care products, plus the result, sometimes, is not that visible in photos too.

    Anyway, I haven't heard about this brand before but I think it is something I would love.

    1. So so true! Especially about the photos! Still, of course, its nice to have some extra info a review can give/offer! So that madness it worth it. ♡

  8. I love skin care products and these sound so lush.

  9. Great review. These sound amazing and I am always looking for new products for my crazy skin!


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