Thursday, January 21, 2016

Live Swatches | MBA Cosmetics Molten Metals Collection

Hello beauty babes and welcome! Today I have some photo and "live" swatches to share with you of the MBA Cosmetics Molten Metals Collection! Molten Metals are true metallic shadows and they are STUNNING!! You can purchase these shadows individually for $5 each or the entire collection for just $20! Of course if you want to use my affiliate code AGAPELOVE15 you will save 15% on them too! ♥

I was inspired to do these single swatches on my eyes, because just about every one of the MBA Shadows are pictured on a model's eye, except for the Molten Metals Collection. SO I figured it would be helpful to showcase them individually on an eye so you can see just how they look being worn! In addition to that, because these are true metallic shadows (or at least I assume this is the reason) a few of them kind of shift from their color to a more rusty look once blended out - like Smolder. You can see how it shifts shades when its blended out as opposed to just being patted on. Which I think is really cool!

A few things to note: I am NOT using any primer with these shadows. While I do suggest you do use a primer with them (for longevity), I wanted to show you how beautifully these apply on their own! They almost look wet or foiled without any help! They are amazing! When you do use a primer or especially a foiling serum (like this one) they will even more intense and gorgeous. They also apply so smooth - like butter. ♥ That' another thing that I love about them. If you watch the video for the live swatches you will be able to see just how smooth and easy they glide on.

Like I said, I am not using a primer with these, so all I am wearing before applying is foundation and setting powder. Still you can see how gorgeous these look. The only one I had trouble with was the shade Coppermine - you can see that swatch looks a little patchy. And that was simply because I applied too much setting powder to my lid before doing that swatch. Even still it looks stunning. And this is the mascara I'm using for anyone curious.  Alright... Lets get to the swatches!

Aged Gold (one of my favorites!)

Burnished! Such a gorgeous shade - a possible shade match "dupe" for CP Telepathy.


Gold Olive! Another fave of mine as well as another possible shade match "dupe" for CP Telepathy.

Milk Chocolate. This one looks a lot darker before its applied.

Smolder! This one is a major favorite! LOVE the color of this when its simply patted on. Blended out it become more or an orange/copper shade.

Watch to see the LIVE swatches? I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch my video!
Let me know what you think of this collection.
Remember when you use my code AGAPELOVE15
You can save 15% on these shadows and anything else from the MBA Cosmetics website! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Wow! Those are some bold colours! I honestly don't think I could pull them off but you make them all look amazing!

  2. woahhhh this looks just amazingly pigmented ... would love to try

  3. Wowzers the yellows are bold but they are so pretty x

  4. Those are very bold pigmented colors! Not a fan of olive color but the rest look great on your eyes/skin tone!


  5. These are stunning! I really want to try MBA cosmetics!

    I love Coppermine and Smolder in particular!

  6. This is beautiful collection and the shadows are so pigmented! So tempted of picking it up! I already when their Easy store to take a look lol

    Pink Frenzy

  7. I love these especially SMOLDER!!

  8. milk chocolate and smolder omg Want them so bad! beautiful

  9. Love your swatches the colors look amazing


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