Thursday, January 7, 2016

Urban Decay Interstellar Moondust Makeup Inspiration!

Hi beauty babes, I am SO excited to share my FIRST makeup look of the New Year! This was in fact the Makeup I wore for new years. I posted a peek at it on my Facebook page for those of you following there. And of course I had to take and share better photos and all the details for you here. ♥ I had such a hard time deciding how I wanted to do my makeup for New Years - even though I wasn't doing anything super exciting, I still wanted to glam it up! That's kind of a must, am I right? ;) Finally, after staring my several eye shadows and palettes and new makeup that I had recently received, for quite some time... I decided to go with a few old favorites and a few new favorites! 

Which meant I went with - what else,  but - some goodies from MBA Cosmetics, plus some new goodies from Urban Decay, Makeup Forever and Hourglass Cosmetics. ♥ The star of the show in the eye look, though, is the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in the shade Interstellar! Interstellar is a gorgeous gold shadow with bright yellow gold and pink sparkles in it. Its a gorgeous multi-dimentional shadow - but all of the moondust shadows are. ♥ 
I paired that shadow with none other than MBA's matte shadow in Berrywood, I'm sure you know by now its my favorite! I also used a pencil liner to add a soft wing! I hardly ever do winged liner, but I am SO glad I did for this look. I feel like it takes it to the next level. I think I need to start doing winged liner more often. What do you think? Anyways... To keep the look glamorous but not over the top I wore a gorgeous nude lipstick - it's a new favorite of mine! Complete details on everything I am wearing along with links for your convenience are listed below.
 ♥Makeup Details♥

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It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MBA Pressed Matte Shadows in Georgia Clay & Berrywood
Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Interstellar (wet with MAC Fix +)
Too Faced Perfect Black Eye Liner (Applied with BeautyJunkees Eye Liner Brush)
MBA False Lashes in Dreamy

MakeUp Forever Ultra HD Foundation in Y255
Too Faced Cocoa Contour
Milani Baked Blush in Romantic Rose
Bitter Lace Beauty Highlight in Gleam & Glow

Model Co. Nude Lip Liner
HourGlass Cosmetics Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Nude No.6 

Custom Name Necklace: Onecklace
Earrings: Premier Designs
**Please note this post includes some embedded revenue links. 
This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive a small commission. 
What do you think of my New Years Makeup? Did you glam it up as well for New Years?? Tell me about your look, night and outfit! If you shared your New Years look in a blog post - share it below, so I can take a look! ♥ 

Also - While this was my New Years look - its definitely not JUST New Years appropriate - you can wear it any time you are going out or celebrating! If you feel inspired to re-create a similar look, please be encouraged to share with me! Remember that you can use my hashtag #AgapeLoveGirlLooks so I can check them out on social media! 

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. first of all, burgundy and gold are a match made in heaven! love the looks and it really makes me want to get that mba shadow! secondly, i was in italy about to buy the MUFE ultra hd and passed but now I am regretting it so much!! looking gorgeous as always!! <3

    1. Yes those two colors are a match made in heaven! Love them. Also yes the MUFE foundation is absolutely amazing!! I highly recommend it! Im actually sad that I love it so much, because its so expensive! lol

  2. What a gorgeous look! I love that nude lip colour on you too - it's perfect for everyday! Your photos are SO crisp and amazing - do you mind sharing how you take the photos of yourself?

    1. Thank you so much Elaine! And yeah I dont mind sharing! I use the Canon Rebel T3i for taking photos, and I use the same lens that came with the camera. I set it on a tri-pod and either take my photos in front of a big open window in natural light. Or using my studio lights (it was a super cheap but amazing lighting set up I purchased via amazon for $50). Then I just either zoom way in for the close ups or out for full face shots. I dont use the flash on my camera! And I am not skilled enough to use the manual settings. But basically I have my camera set to (P) which is program auto, I believe. And from there I can adjust the whitebalace and other settings IF I need or just leave it to auto. Then basically just snap photos "selfie" style or with my remote. And thats it!

      Id say the biggest thing is good lighting and then the tri-pod to keep your camera steady!

  3. I really love this, I think I need that berrywood shade!

    1. Oh definitely you do! ;) Its my FAVORITE - obviously. haha But its SO affordable too! Just $4.50 if you get the pan-only option. But its even less of course with my discount code!

  4. Omg wow, you're so freaking gorgeous. I love everything about this look!

    1. aw thank you SO much! What a compliment! And back at ya babe - girl YOU are stunning!!

  5. Such beautiful shades you have put together here x

  6. Love this makeup look! You look so pretty <3


  7. Gorgeous look I love those eyeshadow colors, they look amazing with your eye color! On another note I noticed you MBA discount code, have you subscribed to their monthly subscription bag as I've been wondering if it is worth it. I subscribe to Ipsy but I'm getting over it.

    1. First thank you so much for the compliment! ♥ And second - no I am not subscribed but that is ONLY because I already have SO Much MBA products, that I think I'd probably just end up getting doubles. lol That being said I DO definitely recommend it! Its an incredible deal, you get FULL size products and I believe its a $30 value at least. If you check out the hashtag #MBAthePerfectFix on instagram you can see some of the past beauty bags from them.

  8. Love, love your New Year Makeup! I been mostly doing modest less than 10 min makeup looks on New Year's Day due to feeling under the weather but I love your eye makeup choices!


    1. ah I am so sorry to hear you havent been feeling well Ursula! :( Hope you get better soon!

  9. Beautiful, glamorous look, Maria! gorgeous as always! I love the UD Moondust, wow. I am eager to try the MUFE Ultra HD foundation but I have so many...soon tho


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