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Eye Cream Fit For A Queen | VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream

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Hi Beauty Babes, thank you so much for joining me today. I've got a review to share with you of a "Royal Luxurious" Eye Cream - the VIIcode T2 O2.5 Oxygen Eye Cream! This eye cream promises to protect the skin against extra external damage, while also repairing damaged cells so that it helps with signs of aging, dark circles as well as keeping your skin moisturized... Its also alcohol-Free and Safe for all skin types. Now aside from those wonderful claims, this eye cream actually has a fascinating back-story. Well at least I find it fascinating, as I absolutely love History (in general) and learning about the past as well as the origins of beauty products. So before I get into my review, I'd love to share a bit of the story with you!

VIIcode is a royal brand, born in 18th century by a man named Byrne Victor... "Born in a small town in Austria, Byrne Victor learned dermatology from his father when he was a child and spent all his life in this field. To cure his genetic congenital skin disease, Byrne attempted many therapies on himself but only worsened the situation. Tortured by the disease, he seldom went out until the age of 35, when he finally worked out a mysterious formula, which not only cured his skin disease but also made his skin as smooth and soft as a new-born baby. The legend astonished his country and soon spread all over the Europe. His invention was zealously worshiped and pursued by many aristocrats and celebrities thereafter.

In 1800, Byrne welcomed a special guest, the King of Austria, Francis II of House of Habsburg, which changed the fate of the Victors since then. The King asked Byrne to bring the “Ageless Mystery” to the Queen Josephine (wife of Napoléon). And Under the requirement of the queen, Byrne made a promise to keep the mysterious formula as a secret until queen’s death."

Now, I have not found any other articles on this to know for sure if its all true or not, and believe me I did look into it. As I said, I am fascinated by History and love to look up facts to see what's historically accurate or not. Even though I couldn't find more info connecting the story, I still absolutely love it, and hope it is true! It definitely makes me feel much more regal and luxurious thinking that I could be using this "ageless mystery" that was also used by a Queen! ♥
According to the product description... "The exclusive "T2" stone mortar extraction process completely revolutionizes conventional skin care with breakthrough creative self-repairing and self-healing technology that instantly activates the skin's natural repair system, stimulating new self-healing energy to restore damaged cells surrounding the eyes to fade away signs of aging and revitalize and protect skin around the eyes. During the day, it withstands hypoxia, pollution, UV and electron radiation and protects the skin against other external damage. At night, it repairs damaged cells and stores sufficient energy for rejuvenation of the skin."

That sounds super intense, but to break it down - its basically saying that the way this product is made is a revolutionary and its what makes this product work its magic. The whole process takes quite a long time, 3 years, to make! Which is probably what makes this product so luxurious (aka expensive!). In addition to the T2 Process, the ingredients are wonderful and beneficial as well!

-Evening primrose boosts blood circulation which is helpful to treat tired skin and eyes and especially effective in removing wrinkles.
-Vitamin E protects you from ultraviolet light. Your body needs vitamin C to make collagen, which is the main structural component of skin and the source of its elasticity and firmness.
-Avocados are a great source of antioxidant carotenoids like alpha-carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, vitamin C and vitamin E.It enhances the appearance of dehydrated or damaged skin by reducing dry flaking and restoring suppleness to the skin.
-The elderberry anti-oxidant content maintains the skin cells in top form, leaving you with glowing, younger skin.
To go along with the luxury of it all, the eye cream comes in a sleek royal blue jar which comes in a very nice drawstring leather pouch with red lining. In addition to the eye cream you also get a uniquely engineered crescent "activation strip"  (pictured above) which is a "massage" tool exclusive to the product. You can use this tool before applying the product, to activate the cells and clear buildup of dead skin so that nutrients can be more easily absorbed by the skin! You can also use it to apply the product itself as well. I tried both ways, but typically applied the product gently with my ring finger after using the activation strip.

VII Beauty suggests using VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask with VIIcode the 2nd Oxygen Eye Cream O3, and to use the eye cream both in the morning and at night - for best results! I personally only used the eye cream they sent me alone, however I did use it both morning and night - after cleansing the skin. And my overall experience has been great! Of course I am only 31 and the signs of aging around my eyes are not major, but its enough to cause concern. Plus, its never too early to start anti-aging products, so I want to actively take care of my eyes and slow or prevent as much aging as possible, before its too late!

Being that I am a beauty blogger and am constantly wearing something on my eyes (shadows, glitter, liner, mascara, false lashes) - my eyes get a lot of "wear and tear" if you will. Applying and removing makeup daily and sometimes twice daily takes its toll on the delicate skin around the eyes. Over the past couple of years what I have noticed is that the skin around my eyes has become a lot more dry/scaly, and even a little bit saggy/droopy. I don't quite have wrinkles or crows feet, but my eyes have aged some. In addition to that, I also have extreme dark circles, which are hereditary.
As for my results since using the product, I will address the dark circles first, I do find that this product does help, though, very slightly with my dark circles. Its nothing miraculous - as I have found there is really NOTHING that can help dark circles that are hereditary, unfortunately. Still there are days when my eyes look worse or darker than other days, from lack of sleep and what not. But, since using this product, I haven't had any of those "worse" days... And I am often running on minimal sleep.

As I already mentioned, I have used this product twice a day. In the morning when I wake up and at night before bed, after washing my face. The product applies wonderfully, and absorbs quickly while leaving the skin around my eyes instantly feeling moisturized and plump (youthful). The skin around my eyes is also no longer dry or scaly feeling/looking. My eyes definitely look a lot more youthful and a lot less droopy too. And while that delicate skin area feels more plump with moisture, I still have more of a firmness to them too now - if that makes any sense at all. 

Overall I really like this eye cream! Its definitely luxurious and a real treat for rejuvenating the eye area. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to try this product, because the only drawback I have concerning this product is the price. It is not something I personally could normally afford, as its got quite a hefty price tag attached to it...  Though for good reason, when you consider the time and process it takes to make as well as its Royal History! With that being said, I did ask my contact if they could offer any kind of discount for you... So they did offer a Discount Code that will get you $5 OFF when you purchase {here} on Amazon. You can use the code - H98M-H5S7SA-LJFCWZ - at check out. This code expires April 1st, 2016! That is not an affiliate code at all, I do not make any money on any purchases or links clicked at all. That's simply for your own benefit should you want to buy the product yourself! 

Anyways, I hope you all found this review helpful and enjoyed learning the interesting history behind this product, as much as I did. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, as usual, please do not hesitate to ask! And dont forget to let me know what eye creams YOU use, love and/or recommend! 

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I really need to say that I was hypnotized by your eyes and because of that I could not focus on the text :)))) Gorgeous makeup, great review.

  2. If that story is true it's a pretty amazing one! Your skin is stunning and I love your makeup in these photos. I'm glad you enjoyed testing out this eye cream, I'm always on the market for a new eye cream that really works! :)

    1. Isn't it a fun and interesting story!? Even if its not true, I love that they took the time to create it! I think more products should have fun or interesting backstory's!

    2. Oh and thank you SO much for the compliments! ♥

  3. I love that backstory! The ingredients sound fairly traditional but very good ones. I love the packaging, and it has a real luxury look. I'm always on the lookout for a great eye cream for my sensitive & droopy eyes

    1. Yes definitely agree about the ingredients! But from what I understand its more so that "exclusive "T2" stone mortar extraction process that makes this cream so special. When I read up on it, it had said its a 3 year process. Which is what I assume makes this such a "luxury" product! In addition to its Royal backstory. ;) But overall it has been great for my droopy eyes! Ive seen other people's results that are much more apparent than mine! Its pretty amazing.

  4. Well that's an interesting story! I'd want to find out more about it too :) This looks like a really great eye cream with great ingredients!

  5. What an awesome story behind the formula! The ingredients sound really hydrating, and I love the packaging!

  6. Great story to go with this eye cream! I would love to try this someday! :)



  7. Ooh, this sounds like an amazing eye cream. I love the packaging too, it's so appealing to me. Thanks for sharing Maria and your eyes are absolutely beautiful... I probably tell you that each time I comment. Haha. xo

  8. i love the background story ... and your eyes are beautiful

  9. What an amazing sounding product! xx

  10. The backstory is so lovely, especially as it is a brand I have never come across x

  11. This eye cream sounds amazing! I personally don't mind paying more for skincare item, if its going to work. For me its always so hard to find an eye cream, which works x

    Pink Frenzy

  12. It sounds like this is working really well for you Maria! Ouch at the price, though - sadly it's about 10x my eye cream budget at the moment!!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  13. I'm always down for a good eye cream, the packaging looks awesome! But that pink glitter look on your eyes, everything!!! Gorgeous


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