Thursday, February 18, 2016

You NEED this Magic Exfoliating Cloth In Your Shower!

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Hey there beauty babes and welcome! I am so glad you have popped in to visit with me, because today I am excited to share with you a MUST HAVE item for your bath and body routine! I am talking about the ExfoliMATE Magic Exfoliating Body Cloth, which is a reusable cloth for gentle yet very effective total body exfoliation. Its kind of like a loofah, only 100x better... Seriously, just take my word on this - you can thank me later. ♥ This was sent to me c/o Green Heart Labs - and they also included that mini lip balm too that I am currently obsessed with! Its its Granny Smith Apple scented and its so cute and amazing! Gahh... But this review isn't about the lip balm, so I will move on... haha

Alright, beauties, bare with me as I KNOW this is going to sound very "infomercial" to many of you - but I swear this is just how I feel and honestly the best way to explain why I love it! haha So do you ever feel like you want to be able to get a full body cleanse and exfoliation, but cant because you cant reach all the places on your body!? (Back, Butt Shoulders) Well, with this cloth you can! (you feeling that infomercial vibe yet?) The cloth is long and wide enough for you to run it across your back and all areas of your body with minimal effort. I LOVE that! The material seems very similar to a regular loofah, only softer. Yet it exfoliates way better than the typical loofah, leaving you with soft, smooth skin. It also creates a great lather with minimal body wash!  *Insert blinking red numbers and cheesy salesman voice "with just 4 easy payments of just $9.99 this 'Magic Cloth' can be yours"!* I'm totally JUST KIDDING. But honestly this cloth runs about $15 - which may seem kind of pricey in comparison to your typical shower loofah, but I promise you its worth it, at least to me it is. I am telling you, its amazing. I will never go back to using a regular loofah again!
According to the product description: This magic exfoliating wash cloth is our unique version of the Japanese exfoliation towel but with softer fibers and special weave pattern for a smoothing microdermabrasion effect. Because of the foam boosting loofah-loops you won't need to use as much body wash or acne soap. It is the perfect clear skin accessory for after workouts and sports. The gentle exfoliation preps your skin for any medicine or treatment products (acne body spray, acne serum, spot treatment solution, spray tan etc.) applied afterward making them easier to absorb.

-Cleans pores and follicles to banish blemishes and reveal a fresh glow
-Reaches tough to treat spots like back, butt, and shoulders
-Exfoliation helps control breakouts by removing dead skin and bacteria
-Long-lasting green fiber and biodegradable packaging
-Loofah scrubber increases lather making body acne clearing wash last longer

The last two items on the benefits list are another thing that makes this product worth the price. The material is meant to last longer than your typical plastic loofah. Plus you will also be saving money on body wash since you don't need to use much when you wash with this cloth. ♥
Pictured above are some close up of the cloth, so you can see the weave design. The weave design makes this cloth soft and gentle, yet  very effective at exfoliating the skin! Its even gentle enough to use on the face. I took a small portion of the cloth between my two pointer fingers and gently rubbed my nose and chin (which are two areas of my face that always get texture and need daily exfoliation). It completely rid the areas of texture and bumps and wasn't rough like other exfoliation products can be.

In the photo below you can see just how LONG the cloth is. Although its actually wider than you can tell from the photo, because some of the cloth is folded over in the back, if you can tell. I can hardly believe no one has though of making a loofah like cloth that is long like this, before! Honestly its such a simply yet genius design and idea. I don't know how I've gone so long without it before... All I know is I don't want to shower without it now. haha
To be honest, I always had to rely on my husband when I wanted a good back scrubbing. (TMI? haha) And while that's nice, its not always convenient - its nice to be able to wash my back all on my own (like a big girl! HAR HAR HAR)! ♥ Ahh... I crack myself up... But in all seriousness, this exfoliating cloth is wonderful, and I highly recommend. By the way...  I didn't even talk about the cute cheetah print pattern, but come on, lets take a moment to appreciate that kindness. You know a girl loves her animal prints! ♥ Thumbs up all the way around! You Go Glen Coco - I mean Green Heart Labs!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. It's very cute, but it's also so big! Not sure where'd I'd store it. Probably another thing that needs a hook in my small shower. Definitely useful though

  2. Oooh, I love the exfoliating cloths I get from the asian market but this one looks super cute because of the animal print. I'll definitely give this one a try and see how it compares xo

  3. Looks lovely, as Brigette R. says, reminds me of the ones I pick up at my local Asian discount stores but way cuter!

  4. This is such a brilliant design, I have a similar cloth but it isn't as funky looking like this x

  5. This actually sounds like something I need in my life! I love the animal print, too <3

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  6. I like the sound of this, the print is good too. :)

  7. Sounds like my type of body exfoliating towel!


  8. This sounds amazing! I did already liked the sound of it when you showed it on mail unboxing video :) it looks pretty too x

    Pink Frenzy


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