Friday, April 15, 2016

New York IMATS Vlog | Video Montage

Hey beauties, well its been a while since Ive last posted on the blog! If you dont follow me on any other social media - you may have been wondering why Ive been "MIA". Well, I have been in New York for IMATS!! As many of you know, I work for MBA Cosmetics, and they had a booth in the show. So, I went to work the booth with the owner, Sherrie. ♥ It was such a great experience, being that I am a Cali girl, and have NEVER traveled that far in my life!! New York is definitely something else - compared the open country town that I live in. ;) Anyways... So that's what I've been up to and why I have been away.

For anyone curious or interested in my trip, I did put together this kind of video montage showing little bits and pieces into my trip to New York - the flight, the city, as well as IMATS, our booth and the people I got to meet!! A lot of the time I was there was spent working (and I loved it) but that meant I didn't have a ton of time to film and such. So this video is just a bunch of short clips and photos I put together to kind of document my trip. Its not a typical "vlog" type of video that I had hoped to do, but I still thought it would be neat to share. As I mentioned, I got to meet a lot of amazing beauties who I have made friends with online, got to see a lot of popular places in New York and just had a great time - so I wanted to share a little bit of all that with you!!

Lastly, for anyone interested - I will be filming an IMATS haul video soon and will talk more about my trip in that video too! ♥

Flower Crown: Agape Love Boutique
Highlight: 'Golden Afternoon' from Bitter Lace Beauty

Much Love & Hugs,
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