Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mystic Airbrush Foundation | Review & Demo

Hey beauty babes and welcome! Today I have a review and some video demos to share with you of some new products I recently received c/o Luminess Air! There is also a discount code too if you are interested in any of these products or anything from the Luminess Air website. The code is - 715863354 - and that will get you 20% off!! ♥

As some of you may know, I have worked with Luminess Air in the past and have reviews on my blog (here) & (here). So I am pretty familiar with the brand and products. I have even have purchased a few items on my own, because I am a fan of this airbrush makeup. ♥ So I was pretty excited to hear about a NEW foundation being added to the line, and even more exited to give it a try!! 

This post is kind of photo- heavy as I have a lot to show and share with you! The first few photos here were taken the same day I filmed the first impressions video (watch at the bottom of this post) where I used the concealer, and the last 3 photos were taken on another day without the concealer... It was also the day I was able to take before and after photos showing application and wear time.
The new foundation is their Mystic Foundation. This ultra-lightweight foundation offers complete coverage without cakey build up! Its breathable, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic! Its also oil, fragrance and paraben free. In addition to all that - its mineral water-based! So its water/humidity resistant! And its supposed to last up to 18 hours. Basically its a pretty amazing foundation!

What I REALLY love about this foundation is how light-weight, breathable and natural this foundation looks on my skin! If you check out the close up photos below (which are completely unedited aside from being cropped and watermarked) you can literally see how my skin still looks like skin! Nothing is caked up or creased up, yet my skin looks nice, even and has this healthy glow! ♥
In addition to the new Mystic Foundation - which I thankfully received in two shades (3 Golden Beige & 4 Buff), I also received the Fotoset Primer, the CC+ Concealer in Light Beige, the clear Translucent Powder, their Mascara and a Lip Gloss pen in the shade Inspiration. All of which you will learn more about in the video at the end of this post - as I demo and review them.
The gloss is a pretty iridescent and sheer. Looks great on its own or would be wonderful to top another lipstick! 

The mascara has an interesting "whipped" formulation. Its a quite dry formula that is also water resistant, but it doesn't flake and leaves your lashes feathery soft. Its a nice mascara - but not my favorite. 

Again - you can see these products in action and learn more if you watch the video! 
Now, before we move on to the video - I wanted to share these photos I took on another day that I wore the foundation. I never got the chance to check in or take more photos later on - the day I filmed the video. In addition to that, I also mixed the foundation with the concealer in the video. And I wanted to give JUST The foundation a trial run on its own. So on the day I took the photos below, I just used the foundation alone...

Pictured below is my before and after application! You can see how well it evened out my skin tone, covered blemishes and even concealer my dark eye circles! 

While the coverage is pretty impressive, I will admit that I still do prefer the look I get when I also mix in the CC+ concealer! The main reason being that the concealer lighten and warms up the foundation color a bit. (I will mention in the video that I do find the foundation shades to run a bit darker and more pink toned than other foundations I am used to.) But also the concealer adds just a touch more coverage too. The concealer doesn't seem to change or affect the wear time. 
In the first photo below you can see how my makeup looks upon initial application. Yes, I am also using the translucent powder in addition to a blush, a bronzer and a touch of highlight - as I would usually wear with any foundation. ;) The second photo was taken around 9:00 pm after about 8 hours of wear - and on this particular day it was 99 degrees out!! 
Aside from the fact that I literally LOOK more tired and a little disheveled in the 2nd photo... You can barely tell these were taken at different times. The foundation looks almost JUST as good as when I first applied. The most noticeable "wear" I had was around my chin and nose - both places I tend to touch/rub a lot. And then just the slightest amount of creasing under my eyes. Its SO slight though. 

I know it may be a bit tough to see the differences, so I zoomed those photos in for you all to get a better look!! Again - you can see just a touch of redness peeking through on my chin and nose... But basically everything else looks just as good as when I had first applied that morning!
I have also worn this foundation several times since I got it, and the longest I had worn it was about 10 hours and my results were basically the - the difference being that I did get a little oily in my t-zone area. And the foundation looked shiny and a touch "thicker" on my skin (that could have been due to the powder products though). BUT it didn't break up or oxidize on me either. ♥ SO, while I haven't been able to give this a true 18 hour wear test - I am still pretty impressed (but not surprised) with the long of the foundation! Luminess Air Foundations are consistently long-wearing. ♥

Alright - that about wraps up this - long, but hopefully helpful and informative review of the new Mystic Foundation and other Luminess Air Products!

I do want to encourage you to watch the video for my FIRST IMPRESSIONS review as well as demos of all the products I received. SO you can see them in action, plus I share more info about each of products in the video - than I shared here. 

Also do not forget that you can get 20% off with code - 715863354 -

Much Love & Hugs,
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