Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rainbow Highlight Prism #BitterLaceBeauty

Hey beauty babes and welcome! Today I am here to share something fun and exciting as well as very unique. This wont be everyone's cup of tea, but I think its fabulous! I am talking about the ever so (suddenly) popular Rainbow Highlight 'Prism'. Unless you absolutely don't keep up with beauty trends, I am sure you have seen or heard about Prism over the past few weeks. This colorful highlight comes from small business Bitter Lace Beauty. Unique and fun highlights are nothing new to BLB - owner Jenna, has been creating them for a while now, and I am proud to say I have been a fan for a long while now - before all this buzz hit. Which is why I knew I'd want to get my hands on this fun highlight. 
In fact, if you are curious about her other highlights you can check out live swatches that I have done of her 2015 Highlight Collection {here} and her 2016 Highlight Collection {here}! You'll see in those videos all her beautiful and unique creations! Its so interesting to see how much the small biz has GROWN since exploding "over night" with all the buzz on Prism! Something that I just have to mention, that I think is really neat is that one of my photos where I am wearing a BLB highlight was used one of the articles by Instyle Magazine. ♥ Anyways, I am super happy for Jenna and all the recognition and business she is getting. Its well deserved.
Now since this is a shimmery rainbow highlight, I decided to wear it with a very simple and matte face and barely there blush. I figured since Prism has pinky tones in it, it could double as a highlight and blush. In addition to the simple matte face, I also decided to pair this look with a black lip! I mean, it only seemed right if I were going to have a rainbow highlight that my lips should also be a color that's totally not tradition... Plus is like the opposite of color and again - it just seemed right to me!

-Bitter Lace Beauty Prism Highlight
-MBA Cosmetics Luxury Matte Lipstick in Raven
-It Cosmetics "Sunshine In A Compact" Vitality Matte Bronzer
-It Cosmetics SuperHero Mascara 
-Earrings from Litvas Jewelry

So of course I know this highlight is NOT for everyone. Some people think its magical, others think its ugly. I personally LOVE it. Is it something I'd wear EVERYday? No, but I dont think I;d only wear it for fun or special occasions. I'd definitely wear on a regular day when I am doing a simple makeup look and just want a quick easy pop of color on my face. Why not? Its fun and makeup should be fun. 

I have said this before, but I'll say it again, to me, makeup is another form of art and expression. So if one day I want to wear rainbow blush/highlight for no special reason at all, then I will. Of course if I had a job that a certain dress code, then yeah I'd assume this wouldn't be work appropriate. haha But on the day to day - why not add a little color!?

Alright... Enough of my chit chat... If you want to see this highlight live in action, watch the video below to see how I apply it! If for some reason the video isn't showing up for you. You can view the video (here).

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I love your rainbow blush review and its really pretty! I want to try that in the future besides my usually blush makeup!! :) I like your makeup, hair, and fashion to complete the look! :)



  2. ugh I love this soooo much and really need it!! What brush did you use to apply? I don't have any like it so I will have to pick one up like it when I finally get it.

    1. HI! The brushed I used is the F30 brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. IDK if its something still available or not (I won it in a giveaway a while back). But...Its just a flat sculpter/contour brush. They can be found from morphe, mac and other brush companies. :)


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