Thursday, May 26, 2016

Southern Comforts Bath & Body | Review & Discount

Hi beauties! Thanks so much for visiting today! Recently I got my 2nd promoter package from Southern Comforts! SO I wanted to give you a peek at what I got, as well as share a review on one of the products. More reviews on the other products will be coming up through out the next few weeks. ♥ If you are not familiar with SoCo Frangrances, or missed my last post, its a indie brand that offers cruelty free, vegan bath and body products!!  You can shop SoCo Frangrances via their website or etsy store.

Before I get into my package and review I wanted to let you know that right now SoCo is having a HUGE moving sale!! SO EVERYTHING is marked down by 20%! Woop Woop! And if you really want to stock up - you can get an additional 10% off orders over $100 with code "BIGMOVE".  If you can't purchase now - I do have an ongoing discount code with them, that you can use any other time. ♥ The code is "AGAPE15" and it saves you 15% on your purchase. This isnt an affiliate code (at the moment) but may possibly become one in the future, as I have joined the SoCo promotion team. ♥ 

With all that info out of the way, lets take a peek at what I got this month...
Pictured above is...
♥"Silky Skin Body Lotion" in the scent Birmingham Breakfast 
♥"Fluffy Whipped Soap" in the scent Helpless
♥"Soothing Shave Whip" in the scent Coat of Many Colors
♥5 Fragrance oil samples in the scents:
-The Heart Wont Lie
-You're Looking at Country
-Aunt Bessie's Bunnies

Anyone else want to bust out in song after reading those names? haha Be sure to check out their website to read about each of those fragrances. As I mentioned in my last SoCo post, each fragrance has more than a description - they all have a small story! And its so fun to read them to learn about each fragrance. ♥

As previously mentioned, I will be sharing reviews on the other products in the coming weeks. Today's review is on the Birmingham Breakfast Body Lotion!! 
This body lotion is loaded with argan oil (LOVE), sunflower oil, and vitamin E to keep your skin soft and lock in your favorite SoCo fragrance! It comes in a 5oz plastic flip-top bottle. I have been loving this lotion to use right after shaving! Its very soothing and moisturizing. And the scent does last quite a long time.
Again - I got this in the scent "Birmingham Breakfast" (Story and description below). And I actually had gotten this scent as a fragrance oil sample in my last package. I have to admit, I think I like it a lot better as a lotion than the fragrance oil (which is a lot stronger). 

Firstly - this REALLY does smell like breakfast! No kidding - its a fun and delicious scent! With the fragrance oil I could really pick up hints of maple and bacon. With this lotion I mostly get a sweeter breakfast scent... In fact one morning while I was putting it on, my daughter walked in an said "Ohh it smells like oatmeal in here!" (We usually make it with maple & brown sugar). I laughed and told her it was my lotion and how funny because its a "breakfast" scent!! We both got a kick out of that. ;)

Birmingham Breakfast
Description: (gourmand) French toast, syrup, coffee, bacon, orange juice, champagne.
The Story:"Wake up the right way in the Magic City with this unique and delicious fragrance. French toast, warm syrup, black coffee, applewood bacon (that's right, bacon!), and fresh squeezed mimosas."

Have you tried Southern Comforts Fragrances Before?
If so - what's your favorite scent and/or product!?
So far my favorite scents are West Memphis Sweater Weather and Coat of Many Colors! If you like sweet vanilla scents, you will love those ones too. 

If you haven't tried - what you are waiting for!? With the 20% off sale happening, now is the best time to try! ♥ 

Shop their website or etsy store.

Oh and P.S. Check out my instagram page later for a video demo of this lotion in action. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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