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Southern Comforts Vegan Bath & Body Products | Review

Hey beauty babes and welcome. Today I wanted to share with you a review on some awesome bath and body products! Not only are these products cruelty free *yay* but they are are vegan too. I am not vegan myself, however I know several people who read my blog are - so I am always excited to share about products that are great for everyone's lifestyle. ♥ These products come from a cool little indie brand called Southern Comforts! What's really fun about SoCo is that every fragrance has a more than a "description" but they each have story! I will get more into that, when I go into the reviews of each product...

I was sent a variety of products and fragrances to try, but there is so much more than just these few items and scents. SO, if you are interested in checking out more - I do encourage you to visit SoCo Frangrances (website) or (etsy) to see/learn more! AND if you want to purchase for yourself, I do have a discount code - AGAPE15 - which saves you 15%. This isnt an affiliate code (at the moment) but may possibly become one in the future, as I have joined the SoCo promotion team. ♥ So you can expect more reviews on SoCo products in the future. And with all that being said... Lets get into the reviews!
I'm going to start off with the "bad" review first. Because its not truly a bad product at all... Its an amazing one. Its just the only one I have something negative to say, and that's just that I didn't care for the scent unfortunately.

So,  this is the fabulous Body Balm from Southern Comforts!! This Body Balm aka "the Belle of the Balm" (so cute!) is wonderful!!  This stuff absorbs super quick and leaves your skin soft and smooth without feeling greasy at all. LOVE. Its a perfect mix of Shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter plus other incredible oils and ingredients that are great for the skin. This multi-tasking balm can be used as a super emollient body lotion, cuticle oil, and emergency frizz tamer too!! The balm itself is honestly so so good.
"Mama Tried"

Description: (floral, non-gourmand vanilla) smoky barrel aged whiskey, a blend of three vanillas, gardenia, honeysuckle, amber. 

The Story: “For the one and only rebel child, this adventurous combination of whisky, french vanilla, honeysuckle, and gardenia is anything but meek and mild.”

While I love the balm itself, unfortunately,  as I mentioned,  I didn't care for the scent I got it in. "Mama Tried" is a scent with notes of smoky barrel aged whiskey, a blend of three vanillas, gardenia, honeysuckle and amber. It sounds amazing, and smells good in the tin. But once it hits my skin - the scent turns way too smoky on me.  

Inst it interesting how scents can smell different on different people!? And what we smell is very different from what others smell!? Overall the balm itself is perfect, I recommend! I definitely want to get more of this balm but in a different scent.

Next up, I've got some fragrances to review for you!! I got one full size fragrance rollerball and then 5 fragrance samples. Below I will share the description (fragrance notes), the story behind the fragrance and then my thoughts. The Full size fragrance I got is:

Baby Cakes
Description: orange blossom accord, buttercream icing, vanilla cake, bergamot, a whisper of birthday candles

The Story: "My wonderful grandma used to make vanilla layer cake with orange blossom icing for all of my birthdays in Charleston. She always served it with Earl Grey tea. I created this fragrance as a birthday gift to myself this year, to remind me of her."

My Thoughts: I really enjoy this scent! Whats interesting about this scent is that even though its very sweet, it does turn a little spicy on me. Not a bad thing, my preference is that is stays more of a sweeter scent. But overall I still really enjoy this deliscious scent!

Next up are the fragrance samples!! Each of these are such unique and interesting scents. And again - I love how each one has a story behind it! ♥

Birmingham Breakfast
Description: (gourmand) French toast, syrup, coffee, bacon, orange juice, champagne. 

The Story:"Wake up the right way in the Magic City with this unique and delicious fragrance. French toast, warm syrup, black coffee, applewood bacon (that's right, bacon!), and fresh squeezed mimosas."

My Thoughts: Liked this... It’s definitely a very unique and delicious scent. It really truly smells like breakfast! What I smell most are hints maple and a little bacon… Not sure if this is something I care to smell like all the time. But my husband likes it. haha ;)

Description: (floral, gourmand, girly) peach candy, sunscreen, violet, wild rose, day lilly, vanilla.

The Story: “A sweet and sassy combination; sweet peach candy and sunscreen paired perfectly with creamy floral notes. As close as you can get to youth in a bottle!”

My Thoughts: I enjoy this one. I mostly get a lovely floral peachy scent when I wear it.

Charlotte Sunshine
Description: (gourmand, floral, citrus) lemon wedges, tea, sugar, gardenia blossoms, gardenia tree leaves

The Story: “Nothing captures the pleasures of summer like a cold glass of sweet tea with lemon and the warm, succulent scent of gardenia in the air.”

My Thoughts: Love it! On me is a very yummy sweet lemon scent!
Happy Challah-days
Description: (gourmand, oriental) fresh baked bread, wildflower honey, poppyseeds, butter, tonka bean, amber.

The Story: “There’s nothing quite like fresh baked Challah bread slathered in soft honey butter to warm up a cold day. This scent evokes both the delicious snack and the comforting scent of grandma's oriental perfume, which lingers throughout her entire house.”

My Thoughts: I'm undecided on this one. Its hard for me to explain how it smells on me - I'm thinking a spicy buttery kind of scent.... Its an ok scent. I like it, but its just a little too strong or maybe “masculine” for me. My body seems to want to turn many scents extra "spicy"! haha

Lastly for the scents....

Grandma Odene’s House
Description: (gourmand) almond, pound cake, milky coffee, peach preserves.

The Story: “Evoke the nostalgia and comfort of home with this unique blend.  It is the next best thing to sharing old photos and fond memories over creamy coffee and a plate of homemade pound cake topped with grandma’s peach preserves.”

My Thoughts: I like this one a lot. I definitely smell a hint of sweet almond, but also get a hint of cherries too (even though the description says peaches).

And to round up these product reviews - I saved my FAVORITE for last!! ♥ Pictured below is the Southern Comforts Whipped Foaming Sugar Body Scrub. ♥
This lightly foaming sugar scrub will gently buff away impurities and soothe your skin with two different oils. I am already a major fan of body scrubs and skin exfoliators. SO I may be a little biased when I call this one my favorite. haha Still its truly a great product! I like that it does have a foaming action. That little bit of lather is nice to help get even application to the body! ♥

And as much as I love the scrub, I especially the scent! It's so delicious, I wish I could eat it! This is my favorite scent so far from Southern Comforts. ♥ And that scent is...

West Memphis Sweater Weather
Description: (gourmand): white chocolate, coffee, whipped cream, toasted bread, french vanilla, wood, amber.

The Story: “Fog rolling in over a Smoky Mountain cabin calls for a lazy morning with a sweet, creamy white chocolate mocha and your favorite fuzzy sweater.” 

Don't you just love the description!? Doesn't it sound heavenly! Whipped Cream, Coffee Vanilla, White Chocolate! YES. Those are totally MY kind of scents! Super sweet and delicious! ♥
What did you think of these scents and the stories behind them? Which one did you like the best? Which one do you think you would love to try/wear!?

If you are interested in any of these cruelty free vegan bath and beauty products - remember you can use code AGAPE15 for 15% off!  ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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