Saturday, June 4, 2016

10 Minute Fresh Face Routine!

Hey beauty babes, thanks for stopping by! Today I am going to be sharing a video tutorial of my 10 Minute "Fresh Face" makeup routine. I thought this would be helpful because I have been asked several times for tips on looking fresh and awake for new mommas/momma's with small children OR what I do when I don't have a lot of time for makeup and to get ready! As a mom of 3 - I remember those days where sleep and personal time is almost non-existent! My kids are 13, 10 & 7 now and pretty self-sufficient now. But there are still days where I wake up exhausted looking like death and The Hubs is rushing me out the door - and I've got to look presentable quickly 

I think I have got a pretty good routine down. With just 10 minutes and little bit of effort I look fresh and awake. Keep in mind - some steps you may not need to do at all. But this just gives you an idea of my own routine and what I feel helps me look the best on limited time! Some steps you can complete skip or change out - like adding bronzer. If I am in a big hurry - I will skip bronzer and only apply blush so I still look "alive" with a flush of color. Of course if I am skipping bronzer - I also skip the "clean up" with the Multi-Tasker Powder! Which saves more time too. Also - Maybe you dont need brow gel, or maybe you have great skin and can skip concealer and just use some powder!

Tips for keeping it quick (As seen in the video):
-Skip eyeshadow (just use your bronzer) - this saves time on getting out more products & tools!
-Skip mascara on the lower lashes
-Skip foundation which takes extra time to apply all over the face and blend out. (Just use a concealer to spot treat and a setting powder)
Listed are all the exact products I used in this video (for anyone curious). However, you can switch out any of these for your own personal favorites. These products change for me all the time. Sometimes I get on a kick with products and sometimes I just need something new! But honestly - whatever works for you, or whatever you already own - use it!

Also I realize I am using a TON of IT Cosmetics products in this video, but I promise its not sponsored. haha I have just been falling more and more in LOVE with the brand. All of their products are incredible - with anti-aging + skin benefiting ingredients in all their products - you just cant go wrong! I am such a fan! ♥

♥Products Used♥

Alright - so if you want to see how I got this fresh face in 10 min.. 
Watch the video below!
Stay tuned to the very end for a special guest! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I enjoyed your blog post and love how you listed items to use or skip if in a rush! Will check out these YouTubes! :)



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