Tuesday, June 21, 2016

NEW Shimmerlight Highlights | MBA Cosmetics

Highlight on Fleek! haha 

Hey beauty babes - welcome. Today I wanted to tell you about some new highlights from MBA Cosmetics! Recently they have come out with several Pressed Powder Highlights - "Shimmerlights", as well as some Liquid Shimmer Highlights! Today I have ALL of the Liquid Shimmers and ALL but 3 of the Shimmerlights to share with you. I did recently purchase the 3 newest Shimmerlights (the ones missing here) so I once I get the chance to photograph and swatch those I will do another post if anyone is interested!
For those who dont know - MBA Cosmetics is based in the USA, but ships world wide! So if you like these - you can get them, no matter where you live! You can also save 15% with my affiliate code - AGAPELOVE15 - you can use it on every purchase AND even during sale for an additional discount! ♥

Alright - lets get to the highlights! The pressed highlights are absolutely STUNNING! Some of them may seem intimidating - but they are all actually pretty subtle and give the most gorgeous glow to the skin. The exception would be the shade Trust Fund which really packs a punch! Its a got a bit more sparkle than the rest of them - not chunky glitter - but there is sparkle!

First up is Pastel Princess. ♥ This one, as you can see this is a beautiful marbled highlight - with swirls of pearl, pink, purple & silver in it! While this may not be the typical colors you would think to use as a highlight, but its actually pretty flattering especially for you fair skinned beauties!

Next up is Trust Fund. As I already mentioned, this one packs a punch! Its a gorgeous white gold toned highlight with multidimensional sparkle!! It doesn't lean too yellow, its a very neutral shade. Because of that, I think it would flatter many skin types. Something to note is that with a finger swatch it will be extremely sparkly and "thick", but its applies very smooth and beautiful! 

Champagne Kisses is just that - a beautiful champagne colored highlight! This one doesn't really have sparkle to it for those of you who arent into that. To me it seems like it gives a satin or pearlescent kind effect. And this shade too, I find to be very neutral - so good for many skin types!

Next up is Dainty! Dainty is my FAVORITE of the Shimmerlights! This is another marbled highlight that leans more warmed toned. With shades of Gold, Champagne and Orange - surprisingly the perfect combination... At least I think so! ;) I personally think it looks amazing on my olive toned skin. And this applies SO subtly for the most gorgeous "glowing from within" type of look. You can actually see it in action in a swatch video I posted (here) on my facebook page. 

Lastly for the Pressed Shimmerlights is the shade Stellar!! And YES this IS a Silver highlight! ♥ This one, similar to Trust Fund is pretty Sparkly. I, surprisingly, really like this highlight. I say "surprisingly" because I normally dont prefer cool toned highlights on me. I feel like I look best using warm toned shades. However, I found this to still be pretty flattering on me. ♥ I also have a video demo of this in action - you can see it on the inner corner of my eyes as well as on my cheek bones. Watch the video (here) on my facebook page!

Swatches!! OK - so I am sure you all want to know what these look like swatched - so here we go! Keep in mind these are very concentrated finger swatches... So don't let the pigmentation scare you! When you apply with a fan brush, these will look a lot more subtle! 
And here is a closer look at Trust Fund, Dainty & Champagne Kisses side by side. I wanted to show off the comparison of these shades since they do look pretty similar in their pans. But as you can see each of them are pretty different! ♥

Moving on to the Liquid Shimmers! There are currently just 4 shades available.
These Liquid Highlighters come with a doe-foot applicator, glide on liquid and dry very quickly! I personally like to dab them on my cheek bones after moisturizer and primer, but before foundation for a beautiful natural glow! Blend with your fingers or a damp sponge. 

You definitely want to blend these for a natural look! For these swatches, I did NOT blend at all. Just swiped them on for full concentration so you could see their color. ♥

♥Golden Apricot is a pretty, peachy shade with a golden shift/glow. (Surprise Surprise - this one is my favorite!)
♥Trust Fund is a bright & shimmery gold.
♥Stellar is a shimmery silver highlighter.
♥Blush is a gorgeous shimmery, nude rose.
What do you think about these new Highlights? 
Which is your favorite?
Do you prefer liquid or powder highlights?

Would anyone be interested in seeing a full video demo of these applied on the cheeks - as apposed to these finger swatches? Ive been considering making one for my youtube channel! SO, let me know if you are interested and I will go ahead with that! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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