Saturday, July 23, 2016

Small Biz Saturday | Broken Arrow Beauty

Happy Saturday beauty babes and welcome to another Small Biz Feature!! This week I would like to introduce you to another fairly new makeup brand called Broken Arrow Beauty. For anyone interested in purchasing - I would like to mention that the owner, Stephanie, has offered a 15% off discount code! This is not an affiliate code and this does expire at the end of September. The Code is 'agapegirl'. So, as you may have already guess from the photos - Broken Arrow Beauty offers fun highlights but they also have handcrafted magnetic palettes. 

I received 4 highlights for review: Unicorn Kisses, Tractor, Aurora & Sandy Toes! I have some photo swatches here in this post but if you would like to see live swatches of each of these highlights, be sure to watch the video at the end of this post! I decided to swatch on myself as well as my daughter because I am darker and have olive skin tone and she is more fair with a pink skin tone. So you can get a better idea of how these look on our different skin types!
Now Unicorn Kisses is Stephanie's version of the Rainbow Highlight, that has become so on trend recently! And while this highlight is absolutely gorgeous to look at, I would say its not my favorite to use as a straight up rainbow highlight. It is a very large size 57mm pan. And so when you apply - rather than highlighting your cheekbone it pretty much takes over your entire cheek - you will see this demo'd in my video! So I personally don't prefer to wear it that way. Instead, I think this would be a good highlight to buy as a 5 in 1 kind of deal. Because the pan size is so big, you can definitely dip your brush into the shades individually and get 5 separate highlight shades!  I also think this is wonderful to get if you maybe are a makeup collector. Since its SUCH a pretty thing to look at and I admit - I almost didnt want to use it so that I didnt ruin the pretty unicorn imprint! haha

All of Broken Arrow Beauty's highlights do have a lovely imprint in them too. The others I received have this cute paisley type of pattern as you can see. The imprint doesn't last long after first use though. And while these are pressed highlights they are packed super hard. It only takes the lightest swipe of a brush and you are loaded with product! So you really need a light hand because the pigmentation really packs a punch! I'd say these apply with the same kind of pigmentation you would get with a loose powder.

Swatches! Pictured below is my daughter wearing Tractor (the green highlight) and Sandy Toes (the golden coral highlight). Both of these beautiful highlights have an intense gold shift to them. On my skin they almost appear to look identical. There is only a slight difference in that tractor does pull more of an olive gold tone, and Sandy Toes looks more gold.

Next up is Aurora! This one is my FAVORITE highlight of the 4 that I received! Aurora is an irredescent violet shade that is just STUNNING! Normally I do not go for the cool toned highlights, but this one seemed different and very flattering on my skin. You can see it on my in the photo below. It makes the perfect accent to blush, and I am just in love with it!! And if you are curious about that makeup look, you can get the details on it in (this) blog post. ♥

Something I would like to mention is that the pan sizes of these other highlights I received are a lot smaller (36mm) than the Unicorn Kisses highlight (57mm). And It seems prices have changed since I filmed my video demo last week. In my video I mentioned the highlights were just $6, which was the price when I filmed the video. However, the highlights are now $15, but pan size has gone from 36mm to 44mm. Plus there is the "make it bigger" option, but for just $3 now (originally $8). Again if you are interested in making a purchase from Broken Arrow Beauty dont forget to save yourself a little cash and use code agapegirl for 15% off until the end of September! ♥

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Want to see these highlights in action!?
Be sure to watch my video:

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  1. Dang these are pretty and I would have been all over them at the old price. I can't really afford the price jump but they seem to be huge so not a bad bargain.

    1. Yeah I kind of agree. I love the original prices better! Much more affordable. But at least it wasn't just a price jump on the same amount of product - she is offering bigger sizes. SO thats something. ;)

  2. Unbelievably beautiful, and would make great gifts. Wish they had stayed at the old price and size; I wouldn't use them enough to need such big ones. But still so lovely


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