Thursday, September 8, 2016

Baby Soft Skin in 2 Minutes | Eve Skincare

Hey beauty babes, welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! Today we are going to talk Skin Care! Aside from makeup looks - I think skin care is the 2nd most talked about topic on my blog - and for good reason. I'm kind of a skin care junkie, because skin care is important! Proper skin care can keep your skin healthy and strong, keep you looking younger longer and give you confidence! We all know that skin care is an investment... And not only in money, its also an investment in time too! An entire skin care routine of cleanser, exfoliation, toner, moisturizer, serums and more quickly adds up in price as well as time spent. All of that is time and money well spent of course, but the idea of something a little more quick and simple yet just as effective would be nice, right!? 

Well, I recently got to try a skin care "system" that was just that - quick, simple and very effective! And because this product is so long lasting (about 90-120 uses), it breaks down to be much more affordable as well!! And if you click the link below, you will receive an exclusive discount for the product as well!!

What is this revolutionary product? Its the Eve Skincare Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Bar! This is a unique, natural all in one solid lotion bar, that pretty much does the job of a full skin care routine! All you need is water and 2 minutes of time. Even better news... Eve is formulated to repair and protect your skin while minimizing the effects of ageing and it's 100% natural!!
Now, I have been using Eve for a bit over a month now, but I was sold after the first 2 minutes I used it! I have never experienced results so quickly before, as I have with this bar! I was in shock over how great and baby soft my skin looked and felt! What's wonderful about the Eve skin rejuvenation bar is that it truly gives you spa like results. And I personally find it to be just as relaxing too - especially when I use the remaining product on my hands. You need to let it set undisturbed for 2 minutes, so I like to take that quick 2 moments to just breath, relax and literally do nothing. I'm never just doing nothing - I hardly ever give myself a break. But this helps me to take a few minutes to myself! I love that - so, not only does my skin look and feel refreshed, but mind feels relaxed and refreshed as well! Once the 2 minutes are up, you rinse your face, pat dry and that's it! No extra steps, no other products and your skin skin will be left cleansed, detoxed, nourished and radiant!
Here are a few wonderful things about the Skin Rejuvenation Bar:

-Complete Treatment in just 2 minutes
-100% Natural
-Organic Actives & Antioxidants
-Deep Tissue Detox and Cleanse
-pH balancing
-Unblocks and Reduces Pores
-Moisturising & Nourishing
-100% Soap & Alkaline Free
-Brightens and Evens Skin Tone

Because this bar is all natural (with wonderful ingredients) that help detox and balance the skin -its suitable for all ages AND all skin types! So whether you are are dealing with teenage acne, mature skin, rosacea, oily skin and everything in-between, this is going to work for you!!

Check out this video below to see how quick and easy Eve Skin Care is to use!

Have you heard of or tried Eve Skincare before? If so, what was your experience? If not, what do you think about this all in one product!?

Its definitely unique for sure, and something that I am loving and would recommend!! If you are interested in giving it a try, you can find & purchase it (here) along with some exclusive discounts as well!! 

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. This is such an innovative product and best of all its all natural! I would love to try this someday. XO

  2. Never heard of it, tbanks for sharing! :D

  3. I've never hear of it before. I'd like to take a look at the ingredient list though!

  4. I haven't heard of this product before & you've got me really interested in it. I'm 28 but my skin makes me feel like I look older so it's time I take better care of it. Thank you for sharing this! I think I will try the product out. :)

  5. This soap looks like something I would like to try. going to do looking to see what I can find on it.


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