Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cover | FX Custom Blot Drops & Clear Cover Invisible Sun Screen

Hello beauty babes, welcome and thank you so much for stopping by!! Today I have a review of a couple new products I received courtesy of Cover FX. They sent me their new Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen and Custom Blot Drops. Both of which I have using and loving for almost a month now. Ok so, I know we are just ONE day away from the first day of Fall (omg!) and these products and photos are very Summer-esque.... BUT here in Northern California its still swimming weather!! Its been in the 90's most of the week, with an expected temp of 100 this weekend. So these have been skin and makeup savers for me lately. Even still, I know these will be wonderful products to include in my (and your) routine all year around. Read on to learn more...
The Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 is a totally transparent sunscreen that moisturizes, brightens, nourishes, and protects all in one ultra-lightweight formula. Because this is completely clear, you wont get that dreaded white cast like with other sunscreens! It also doesnt have that typical sunscreen smell, in fact, as far as I can tell it doesn't have any scent at all (which I appreciate). The consistency is very unique too - its a weightless gel that's not at all greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly leaving behind a smooth finish. 

I also noticed that it has a very similar feeling to silicone based primers...  After I noticed that, I checked out the ingredients and found that one of them happens to be silica. Which makes this sunscreen the perfect base or primer for makeup application! I absolutely LOVE multi-purpose products. And considering I (regrettably) often forget to apply both primer and sunscreen, this product has been a time and skin saver for me!!

The second product I was sent is even more unique!! These Custom Blot Drops are literally like LIQUID BLOTTING PAPER! It seems like the strangest thing, but these truly work! Whats even more unique and revolutionary about these custom blot drops is that they can be used 3 different ways. 
-For a matte base, apply to bare skin by pressing into the skin (avoid rubbing), before you apply your foundation. 
-To control excessive oil and create a matte finish, mix the drops into your moisturizer, primer or foundation! With these drops you can truly customize your liquid products to work best with your complexion... More drops means more matte. 
-Touch up your makeup throughout the day by carefully pressing the product onto the oily areas of your skin. They literally work just like blotting paper!

So weather you really need to control excess oil on your skin or just touch up your t-zone, these are going to work wonderfully for you! I have not tried the first 2 ways of using it because I don't get a lot of excess oil on my skin. I usually just get some shine in my t-zone after a few hours. So I gave these drops a try, by touching up my makeup later in the day. I was skeptical that these drops would work and also thought they would probably mess up my makeup! However, I was shocked by how quickly they really did mattify my skin without disturbing my makeup. Of course you must be sure to pat the product onto your skin and not rub - otherwise that for sure will mess up your makeup. Whats nice about these drops in comparison to actual blotting paper, aside from the fact that they can be used in multiple ways, is that I didn't need to apply more powder and set my makeup after using them. Once I applied these drops my makeup looked fresh again! 
Have you tried either of these new products yet? If so, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on them!! These are actually the first ever products I have used from Cover FX and I am so very impressed. A huge thank you to Cover FX for these amazing goodies. I cant wait to try more! For anyone else who may not be familiar with this brand, Cover FX creates vegan and cruelty free products. ♥

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Those blot drops have me all sorts of curious! Thanks for the review, Maria!


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