Saturday, September 10, 2016

The TRUTH about the MUFE Water Blend Foundation | Review & Demo!

Hey beauty babes, today I have a very thorough review on the New MUFE waterblend foundation for you! I know this is not super new and there are a lot of reviews for it already out there. But there have still been several requests for me to give my thoughts and review. I did hold off on this review for a bit, though, because I wanted it to be the most informative for you. And I wanted to give this foundation a good test time - when you watch the review video - you will see my bottle, and how much I have used up. I have tried different methods of application and tested it well. I also did quite a lot of research so that I can give you the most helpful review and demo possible, to help you decide if this is a foundation you will like or not. There are also some helpful tips that you may not have heard yet! SO I hope you enjoy!!

BTW - a lot of this information written out here is exactly what is in the video below! So you can skip the reading and just watch the video if you prefer. OR if you are unable to watch now, you can get an idea of my thoughts written out here. Though there is the demo in the video so come back to give a a view so you can see this foundation in action. ♥

For those who are not familiar with this foundation here is the scoop:

-Hydrating formulation
-Transfer RESISTANT - not transfer proof
-Long lasting
-Sheer satiny coverage
-Fluid and stretchable
-Bare skin sensation
-80% Vitamin-enriched water
-Enriched with vitamin B5
-20 shades

This foundation is meant to give the skin a fresh, dewy glow. Its extremely lightweight and sheer which makes it very comfortable to wear.  It also claims to "even out the complexion to leave a natural-looking finish."

Ok, SO when I first got this foundation I was SO excited - I had heard really great things from those who had gotten it before me. BUT I must admit when I first tried it I was like WHAT is the fuss about? I thought maybe I just didn’t “get it”.

See, when I think about a waterproof foundation I  think of people who “need” or think they may need to wear makeup it a situation where maybe you wouldn’t normally wear makeup. You know - like swimming or to the gym. And if you feel you “need” makeup in those situations I am assuming its because you want coverage!!  But the coverage is so SHEER, it almost looks like nothing at all…

I find it crazy that this is 80% WATER!! Sure its vitamin infused water - but come on! it’s a $43 “foundation” - so maybe I just DON’T get it. But people are saying they LOVE it... So I thought maybe I just wasn’t using it correctly!! SO I did a lot of research and testing to get to the TRUTH about the water blend foundation....

So, on the plus side, you do get 1.6 fl oz in this foundation. And most other foundations only have 1 oz. Which is a good because if you want to build up the coverage (or if you use it incorrectly) you are going to go through this foundation a lot quicker than you will with others.

On that note, lets go ahead and talk about application now!! Here is where I find a lot of people may get confused... Because even I got confused, and noticed this in other reviews too!

 MUFE advises application 2 ways… The first is to use it with their Ellipse blender sponge, use it dry OR simply with 2 sprays of their Mist & Fix which is their setting spray.

So like almost everyone else out there I thought -  I didn't need to use their sponge. I have a beauty blender and a Real Techniques sponge and I will just use those.

NO. WRONG. I tried both sponges and they just soaked up most of the foundation, without giving me any coverage. I thought why would it suggest using a sponge if this is what it does!? SO, I wondered if there were something special about the ellipse sponge.

We tend to think that company’s just want us to only buy THEIR products and don’t really think there is another reason other than they want our money. But in this case I believe it IS for a reason. I looked up the Ellispe sponge and its definitely different. Its got a very unique “ellipse” or cylinder like shape for one. And ALSO it’s a LATEX sponge!!  And in my research I found out that latex sponges don’t absorb water as well or as much as other latex free sponges.

SO it makes sense to use this sponge with the water blend foundation. On the MUFE website it also notes that you are supposed to gently press and  roll the foundation on the skin with this sponge. That’s also very different from the way we “dab” with the beauty blender. I really wanted to get my hands on that sponge so I could test and demo it for you or let you know if it truly makes a difference. Unfortunately I didn’t get it yet and I didn’t want to wait any longer to get this review up (since I have waited long enough). But if I do get it, I promise I will update.

Now, the 2nd way that MUFE suggests applying this foundation is with their 154 brush which is an extra dense, round brush with a flat top that’s made with synthetic fibers.

I also dont have the MUFE brush, so I just used brushes that are similar.  I believe that’s important to note that the MUFE brush is Synthetic because a brush with a natural hair will definitely soak up a lot of water/product! So if you do not have this brush, be sure the brush you use has synthetic fibers!

Some brushes I have tried this foundation with and feel I’ve had success with are the:
 -IT Cosmetics Complexion Perfection Brush #7 -elf Cosmetics Selfie Ready Foundation Brush
-Beauty Junkees Flat Angled Kabuki Brush
-Oval Brush

All of those brushes have worked well for me, but I personally felt the Oval Brush worked best because its truly very dense!! And I think densely packed bristles matters more than brush shape with this foundation.

I’d also like to note that I have also used this foundation on occasion with just my hands. And I actually think application with your fingers works well too.

Now that we have talked about application - lets talk about coverage.  We already know - this foundation is SHEER!! SO its not going to conceal redness, dark circles, acne and what not. Truth is, if you have those problems (like me) you are going to HAVE to use concealer. But how many foundations do we use that we DON’T still also use a concealer with? I know I still use a concealer no matter what foundation I use. The difference of course is that with some foundations you need to use more or less concealer. And typically you apply concealer afterwards because you may not need to use as much with some foundations.

For me I actually prefer to just go ahead and use concealer for my dark circles first and them apply this foundation afterwards. Because for one, I already know I will need all the concealer for my eyes! And secondly I feel like applying this foundation on top of the concealer kind of “scotch guards” it with its waterproof power, if you will.

For the demo (and in these before and after photos) I didnt apply concealer at all. I used the MUFE Hydrating Base Primer first, and applied the foundation with the oval Brush. The "after" photo was after 3 layers. I used about 2-3 pumps of foundation per layer!
Here is what I LIKE about the foundation.  It truly gives that “no makeup, makeup look”. My skin does looks better than without the foundation but its definitely not perfected or corrected! Honestly I think this really just offers a light veil of skin enhancement. Almost like a real life instagram filter. Its not a miracle worker but its enough to give the illusion that you have better skin than you really do.

The dry finish gives you a soft satin, almost dewy look. But my skin still feels like skin and I cant feel the makeup, which I like. So it looks natural and feels natural. I also find that if I am wearing this foundation on its own, I don’t need to set it with powder. And I like that too.

SO lets get down to the details on this foundation…

I do find it to be waterproof and transfer resistant. Remember I said resistant… Its not completely transfer proof!

I wore this foundation in 111 degree heat - while watching my son’s football practice one evening. I was hot and sweaty and I wiped my face several times. While there was slight residue on my fingers, it didn’t completely wipe away the foundation. When I checked my face later my makeup surprisingly looked fine. No streaks or patchiness. So in that aspect its really good.

Its definitely taken some getting used to for me, some trial and error with application as well as getting over how sheer it is. But over all I do like this foundation.  I think the extremely light weight look and feel of it is actually quite perfect for a full face of makeup - especially heavy powders or cream contouring. It’s the perfect lightweight base so you don’t end up with major cake face after adding layers of other heavy products. On its own, though, its not my favorite!

So while I do like this foundation, I don’t love it. I love the idea of a light weight foundation, that looks and feels like skin. And I am a fan of light coverage foundations, but even I like a little more coverage than this offers. I admit this IS nice to wear on days when I don’t really want to do my makeup, but also don’t want to look like the walking dead either. haha So I have been enjoying it for that. But for $43 I personally don't think I will go out and purchase this once it runs out.

Anyways - that wraps up my review and demo. I know this was a long one, but I do hope you enjoyed and found it helpful!! Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns, or even some helpful tips of your own!  Id love to chat with you!!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. This Foundation Actually Sounds Awesome & I Have Hardest Time Finding a Good Foundation! My Skin is So Fair that I ALWAYS Wear the Lightest Shade, No Matter What Brand it is & Even Then it's Sometimes Still Too Dark for Me! I Have a Problem with Foundation Oxidizing & I End Up Looking Orange & it's So Frustrating! This Foundation Sounds Amazing & I Love that It's Long Lasting Too! Great Post & Thanks for Sharing! Lots of Love, Jana

  2. so much information I am going to have to read this again....... bookmarked

    I just did not know most of what you wrote

  3. I'm so crazy about my foundation - I'm super conscious about the dark spots on my face but with my oily skin, I want something light. This sounds like it would be perfect for me but I agree with you - the price point is discouraging.

  4. I thought I'd already commented on this post but there's nothing here. Anyways, I'd still want to try a sample at Sephora because I like the idea of a water-based foundation (super-oily skin). But not if it leaves a dewy finish. Thanks for your thorough review!!


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