Monday, October 31, 2016

The Joker Halloween Costume VLOG with Tyler Shadow

Hello beauties & Happy Halloween! So recently I did a fun Halloween video/costume look/Vlog type of video with my nephew, Tyler, who also has a youtube channel! As you can see - he wanted to be The Joker (Heath Ledger version) and he had a few friends (along with his mom - my sister Mona and my daughter, Kiah) who were also dressing up as Batman Villians for their Halloween Party!

In case you have not already seen on my facebook or youtube channel, I wanted to post the videos here. Plus share some of the photos from our time together as well as some photos from the Halloween party - and the other costumes! ♥

Now, this is a very DIFFERENT kind of video for my channel. But this is a more "real" side to me and how I am in real life around my friends and family... SO, I hope you will find it entertaining and enjoyable as well! 
So basically this is NOT a tutorial - but more so a fun vlog as we do a trial run of my nephew's Halloween Costume/Makeup! This is quite a long video, I know! But there are quite a bit of silly moments as well as some fun bloopers/outtakes at the end. So while this is a longer video, I hope you are entertained enough to watch through to the end! 

Below is my video... And if you want to see this experience through Tyler's eyes and his vlog style, I encourage you to check out HIS video, which I also embedded in this blog post as well... Just keep scrolling to watch it!

Alright, so here is the completed look from the video - our trial run! While I think we did a good job - we definitely did a much better job for the actual day of the party - which was last week - keep scrolling to see some photos!
I figured I'd better share how my daughter's look came out, since I mentioned that we were dressing her up as Harley Quinn! Like Tyler, we also just kind of pulled together clothing items she already had to put together her costume. And it turned out pretty great I think! Kiah definitely has the attitude to pull off Harley. haha

And here was the whole batman crew for the party. haha They all looked awesome! Talk about Squad Goals!! ;) These kids are just too fun! 

Alright! And lastly - here is my nephews vlog video of our time together! I'd love for you all to give it a view to see his perspective of our time. He did a pretty great job with his video. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall Makeup Look | MBA Cosmetics Vintage Romance Collection

Hey Beauty Babes, welcome and thank you so much for joining me today! Today I am back with a new Get The Look video Tutorial featuring several shadows from my collaboration collection 'Vintage Romance' with MBA Cosmetics. This collection launches TODAY!! I am SO excited to share this look, so you can see my shadows in action! If you have not yet seen my blog post & video all about this collection with swatches and such, you can check it out (here) if you would like to learn more!! And remember if you are interested in purchasing this collection, you can save 15% with code AGAPELOVE15 - and yes MBA Cosmetics Ships world wide!!
I was so indecisive on what kind of look to do for my first tutorial using this collection! I have so many looks and ideas in mind, and will definitely be sharing more looks created with my beautiful collection. But for this looks I decided to make the main focus on the eyeshadow 'Romance' since that was the shade that sparked the idea for this collection! This Fall look is dark and sultry and is perfect for a night out! 

I really wanted to showcase as many of the shadows in action with this look, so I'm actually using 6 out of the 10 shadows for this look!! They all look so great together and blend seamlessly!! 
Products used/mentioned in the video (some affiliate links used):

SkinXl Lip Plumping serum (save with code AGAPELOVE / review here)
♥ MUFE Aqua XL eye pencil in the shade M-10
Hearts A'fire, Love Letters, Romance, Sweet Nothings,
Key to my heart and Vintage Lace
♥ UD Naked skin concealer in Light/Warm
♥ Beauty Junkees beauty sponge
♥ Milani Multi-tasker Face Powder in light medium
♥ It Cosmetics Matte Bronzer
♥ MBA Cosmetics Pressed Blush in the shade
♥ Beauty Junkees Stippling brush
♥ MBA Cosmetics Shimmerlights Highlight in the shade Dainty
Esqido lashes in the style Stephanie
♥ Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte liquid lipstick 
in the shade Nude!! (use code AGAPE for 30% off)

Not mentioned in the video - I used the It Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil 
I hope you all like this look and LOVE my collection! I cannot wait to hear what you think of it!! ♥ if you decide to grab the collection in total or any of the shadows individually - please share any looks, reviews or swatches you create with it! I definitely want to see them and share them on mine and the MBA pages! Please feel free to tag me and here are a few hashtags you can also use:
#mbacosmetics #vintageromance #agapelovegirllooks #agapelovegirl #mbacosmeticsXagapelovegirl #agapelovegirl4mbacosmetics #vintageromancecollection 

Alright, now if you would like to see just how I got this look, be sure to watch the video for the full tutorial!!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Friday, October 21, 2016

Vintage Romance | My Eyeshadow Collaboration w/ MBA Cosmetics

Hey beauty babes, welcome and thank you SO much for joining me today! I am jumping up and down exited to share some amazing news with you!! Some of you have already seen and heard but, I hadnt officially mentioned it here on the blog yet.... But I have collaborated with MBA Cosmetics to create my very own eyeshadow collection!!! 😍 I am so beyond thrilled and excited about this!! My heart is overwhelmed with happiness!! This has been an idea that was born over a year ago for these amazing colors as well as the names and to finally see them come to life is just amazing! I wanted to be able to give you all the best look at this collection - so this post includes the shadow descriptions, photos PLUS a swatch video!  

My Collection is called Vintage Romance.... Of course I had to go with a lovey dovey romantic theme! ♥ And the idea for this collection really started with the desire for a specific color (Romance) that I really wanted to see from MBA Cosmetics. I planned to suggest/request the color from the owner (Sherrie) of MBA Cosmetics. But after putting much thought into it, taking some polls and asking questions from other makeup lovers on my Facebook - the idea for a full collection came to me. And when I presented the idea to Sherrie - she amazingly said YES! 

To see my ideas for this collection be brought to life is truly beyond words! Sherrie did an amazing job (as usual) with these eyeshadows. They are loose mineral eye shadows, but they are smooth, creamy, pigmented and oh so blendable! The quality is truly amazing, and I so honored and proud of this collaboration! 
The Vintage Romance Collection consists of 10 loose mineral eyeshadows in the following shades:

❤Romance: Matte deep Maroon red
❤Precious: Mauve Rose Satin Shimmer
❤Ever After: Golden Pinky-Peach with gold sparkle
❤Vintage Lace: Creamy White Shimmer
❤Key to my Heart: Metallic Gold with purple & copper sparkle
❤Hearts A'fire: Matte Sand Beige/slight orange brown shade .
❤Burning Love: Matte Dark Burnt Orange
❤Love Letters: Matte Golden Brown 
❤Kiss Me: Olive Green Satin finish 
❤Sweet Nothings: Matte Black with gold sparkles

I am so obsessed with these colors!! They are going to be perfect for Fall - and really all year around! I also think these are colors that will look great on everyone - no matter your skin tone or eye color. Another desire of mine was to create a collection that was bold and beautiful enough to speak to those makeup junkies (like me) who LOVE color. But also speak to those who are a little more timid and prefer more natural colors. I think these colors are just bold enough, but not too "scary" that they will work for everyone's taste! At least I hope! I would love to know what you think of this collection!!
This collection will be available to purchase together as a set, but you will also be able to purchase each shadow individually if you are only wanting 1 or 2 colors. Individual shadows are just $5, but you can save a little if you purchase the collection as a whole! You can also save 15% with my code AGAPELOVE15 ♥

 Now for the video! If you would like to see these shadows up close alone with some LIVE swatches be sure to watch the video too:

Much Love & Hugs,
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NEW Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Hey beauties! Today I am sharing some lip swatches of Gerard Cosmetics Newest Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick shades! They launched 5 new shades on the 3rd, so for anyone curious about what they look like - you can see them on my lips pictured below - as well as in the video. I found that the description of a few of the shades to be a little off from what they truly look like on me. But of course they will all look a little different depending on skin tone. So, hopefully you find this helpful if you were thinking about buying! I also decided it would be helpful to swatch all of the other Hydra Mattes I own as well. You will be able to see them at the end of the video. And each shade I swatch is listed at the end of this post too. ♥

For those who dont already know, GC's hydra mattes have become one of my favorite Liquid Lipstick formulas. They truly do feel more hydrating and comfortable compared to a lot of other formulas I have tried. And while they are not completely transfer proof - I do find they are don't transfer much. For example I can totally kiss The Hubs without leaving any lipstick on him. And I can kiss the back of my hand without much transfer, but these will leave a residue on a straw and things like that. Which I don't mind. My biggest concern when wearing lipstick is that its long lasting, that it doesn't smear, bleed or get all over the place when kissing my man! The hydra mattes do that for me - PLUS they are comfortable too! So that's a bonus. 

Anyways, because I have been such a fan of GC products, I have recently decided to join their Affiliate program! I don't take or join affiliates lightly, friends! I'll only join if its a brand or products I truly love and purchase myself! So to join their affiliate program means I truly love their products. And if you do too, or have been wanting to try them for yourself - well now you can save 30% with my code 'AGAPE'

Lipsticks featured in this video (* = NEW shade):
Madison Avenue*
Strawberry Fields*
Wine Down*
Knight Rider*
Everything Nice
West Coast
Summer Lovin'

p.s. I mention this in the video, but also wanted to make a mention here that 2 of the newest shades (Nude & Madison Avenue) seem to be a little different in formula than the rest. I found those two to be a little more dry and not as comfortable as the others. I am not sure why - but its something I noticed and wanted to give you all a heads up about!

See all the swatches here:

Much Love & Hugs,
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Friday, October 14, 2016

BeBella Probiotic Anti-Aging Skincare | Beauty Begins Within

Huge THANK YOU to BeBella & PRIMP Network for sponsoring this post. And thank all of you who read my reviews, support my sponsors and support me in so many ways! All thoughts and opinions are my own.
We've all heard the phrase "beauty comes from within", right? Of course this phrase has always been about the kind of person we are regardless of how we look on the outside. And I couldn't agree more, beauty is about more than how we look. So when we hear this phrase we don't typically think of a beauty product that can help, right? Well, interestingly enough, I recently discovered a new skincare line that instantly made me think of this phrase... Because these products actually work to benefit you from the inside out!! Ok, so of course its still important for us to work on ourselves - these products wont magically make us better people but they will help us to achieve better skin! ;)

So, you may be wondering - what is this skincare line that works from the inside out? I'm talking about BeBella which is a probiotic anti-aging skincare system!! The BeBella line enhances the skin’s natural defenses through the innovative use of probiotics and collagen. The line is unique as it offers both probiotic and collagen oral supplements augmented by probiotic based topical skin care products. Intriguing right?
For those who may not know; Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are naturally found in your body. You can also find them in some foods and supplements. I don't know about you, but when I thought of probiotics I initially thought of digestive system health. But it turns out they can also help with overall health AND skincare!

According to the founders BeBella, probiotics (when applied topically) encourage faster cell turnover, enhance the skin’s protective moisture barrier, and reverse photo-damage to the skin. International research has shown that probiotics are easily absorbed into the skin through topical application and are highly beneficial for allowing the skin to retain moisture, increasing cell regeneration and negating the ‘bad’ bacteria on the skin. Applying probiotics to the skin combined with taking probiotics orally provides a double whammy of skin benefits!
I have been using this skincare system (both topical and oral supplements) for just over 2 weeks now and have noticed a wonderful improvement in my skin. So far my skin looks brighter, smoother and more youthful! And I am sure my skin will only continue to improve the longer I use these products. ♥

Supplements include the Collagen Pro which is said to be a "radically innovative way to provide critical skin nourishment. Containing a powerful combination of hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide, hyaluronic acid, probiotic Lactobacillus casei, Biotin, as well as other skin enhancing vitamins, it is formulated to promote healthy, hydrated skin. Beauty truly does begin from within."

BeClara Skin Lightening "is a revolutionary oral skin lightening and brightening product that contains probiotics. Perfect your complexion with BeClara. The powerful combination of Lactobacillus casei, Glutathione-reduced, NAC, ALA and Vitamin C provides maximum antioxidant effects. With added collagen, BeClara™ gives health, beauty and skin benefits every woman deserves."

Skincare products include:

Probiotic Facial Cleanser: (Pictured in use below) this cleanser thoroughly removes dirt and other impurities and helps to improve skin elasticity, returning the skin to a balanced pH. I adore this cleanser, it only takes small pearl sized amount and you get an amazing rich lather that leaves you skin feeling clean and moisturized!

Probiotic Purifying Facial Toner: which works to remove any additional residue and helps to reduce the appearance of the size of your pores!

Probiotic Facial Essence: This is an extremly light-weight moisturizer that applies nicely and absorbs into the skin quickly. It also delivers the highest percentage of active ingredients, including Bebella's patented ferment filtrates and hyaluronic acid. This innovative formula increases the skin’s natural flora defenses, which in turn, reduces the loss of moisture. This product is called Essence not Serum since it is water based not oil based.

Probiotic Hydrating Night Cream: (pictured below) The unique properties of this cream literally lock in the moisture, helping your skin to recover its own natural defenses overnight. This cream is heavenly!! It feels so rich and luxurious, yet light-weight too. Like the Facial Essence it also absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it feeling soft, silky and hydrated. ♥

Probiotic Eye Cream: (pictured below) This eye cream uses a powerful combination of two patented probiotic ferment filtrates and Vitamin E to work in tandem to improve the skin, hydrating and reducing the appearance of fine lines. I really enjoy the consistency of this product! Its actually a pretty thick luxurious cream but it perfectly melts right into the skin. Which is perfect, because the skin around the eyes is SO delicate - its best to be very gentle when applying product. This eye cream makes it easy to be gentle. And the feeling of it is so soothing!!

Probiotic Facial Essence Stick: (pictured below) This is the same Facial Essence formula but with the added punch of lifting lipid polymers packaged in a novel easy to carry lipstick style container. You can apply this directly to reduce your puffy eye area or to soften your frown lines. Can be applied before or even over makeup! I actually think I prefer the regular Facial Essence to this stick form, however I do enjoy the convenient and portable design of this. It is nice to have the ability to use it on the go and basically any time. 

Bebella does also offer an Essentials Starter Kit (pictured below) that includes travel sizes of their Facial Cleanser, Purifying Facial Toner, Facial Essence, Hydrating Night Cream and then the full size of their Eye Cream. PLUS that stunning silver travel bag too! This is something I highly recommend if you are interesting in giving this skincare line a try without going all in on full sizes! This kit is just $65 - which is a steal considering the eye cream alone is worth $55! Plus you can use code PRIMP20 for 20% off this kit or any of their products!

If you couldn't tell already, my overall thoughts on this skincare line and system are great! I have seen a wonderful improvement in my skin and I love the idea of taking care of my skin and self from the inside out! And if everything else I mentioned wasnt enough... Here are some other good things worth noting - all BeBella Products are hypoallergenic, water-based and do not contain any added synthetic fragrances or coloring! They also do NOT include Sulfates, pythalates or formaldehyde. So these are products that will be suitable for ALL skin types! 

So, what are your thoughts on these products and the idea of using Probiotics in skin care? Before trying these, I literally had never heard of that idea before. Or even combining oral health supplements WITH topical products - but it makes so much sense. ♥ So glad I got the opportunity to try! If you have used these products, I would love to hear about YOUR experience! And if you have not tried, but want to - don't forget to use the code PRIMP20 to save some cash! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Goodbye Dark Circles & Blemishes, Hello Porcelain Skin! Luminess Air Airbrush Essentials Review & Demo

Huge THANK YOU to Luminess Air & Firebelly marketing for sponsoring this video. And thank all of you who watch my videos and support me in so many ways! All thoughts and opinions are my own and honest - I'll always give you the good and the bad. As you all know, or should know by now, I will never recommend a brand or product that I do not enjoy and/or already love. A sponsorship like this, rather, is a wonderful blessing to have in helping me support my family by doing and sharing what I love! 
Hello beauty babes and welcome! Today I have a review and demo of the Airbrush Essentials kit I receive c/o Luminess Air! As many of you may already know, I have partnered with Luminess Air Several times in the past and have really enjoyed their products. Airbrush makeup is one of the best ways to get long lasting, light weight, practically flawless looking skin! I always feel like my skin looks is best whenever I use Luminess Air - however in past reviews I have mentioned I do feel the need for additional products to help pull together my flawless look. Like an additional concealer for my dark circles as well as a touch of primer to help diminish the look of some of my larger pores. So I was very excited, as well as intrigued to try out this kit that is supposed to eliminate the need for those additional products. ♥

This skin primer helps with balancing skin’s texture and tone for a smoother, longer lasting, nourished and even makeup look.  Porcelain is a water based, colorless primer formulated for all skin types. OIL –FREE; perfect for everyday use.  

X-Out (3 shades available)
Say Bye Bye to those dark circles and tired eyes with ultra-hydrating X Out. This concealer creates a soft focus effect, illuminating eye area while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a natural flawless look. Apply prior to foundation by lightly spraying under the eye area; blend with fingertips as necessary. 

A feather-light, colorless corrector that instantly neutralizes imperfections leaving you with a smooth, bright finish and an even skin tone. 

Luminess Air’s Eraser is the first step to a naturally fresh and flawless face. Eraser is a smoothing and transparent skin perfector that neutralizes redness, sallowness and discoloration. Eraser’s sheer optics instantly blur imperfections, diminish pores and even skin tone, creating a silky smooth canvas ready for concealer and Luminess Airbrush Foundation. 

You will be able to see each of the essential products I received in action in the demo video at the end of this post. But I wanted to be able to include still photos here for you all to get a better look at the before and after results. In the above photo you can see my bare face before any makeup application. As you can tell, the struggle is REAL with my dark circles. The second photo is after using all 3 essential products. You can see just how well X-Out conceals my dark circles. Its truly wonderful how well it cancels out my dark circles, yet isnt a heavy or thick concealer. The finish is light weight and natural looking. 

I LOVE it! Though, I will mention here, using this does take some getting used to. As I mention in this video, you do want to be sure to keep your eyes nice and relaxed. With the product & air coming out so close to your eye, its a natural reaction to want to squint. But you don't want to do that otherwise the product will not spread evenly. If you need to, you can use your finger (or a small sponge) to lightly dab the product as needed. Once the product is set, you can go throughout your day without any creasing!

I also thought that both Porcelain & Instant Eraser did a wonderful job in helping me to get the smoothest looking skin and canvas to prep for my Airbrush Foundation. As I mentioned already, in the past I felt the need for a separate primer to help some fine lines and larger pores. Thankfully these did the job well!! The perk of using these compared to traditional primers is that these are so light weight and leave your skin feeling like skin! No cake up before you even get to your foundation. Which brings me to the next before and after photo below...

Here I am after having just used the airbrush essentials and then after using Airbrush foundation on top of it! I was able to get amazing coverage with a lot less foundation! So my skin appears flawless, yet looks and feels natural
And lastly - here is the full look after finishing my eye makeup and adding a touch of bronzer, blush and highlight. ♥
If you want to purchase these or any other Luminess Air products, be sure to get your savings on and use code AgapeLove25 for 25% off anything on the website! And if you would like to see the products in action for yourself, please be sure to watch the demo video here! 

Much Love & Hugs,
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

SkinXL Volumizing Lip Plumper | Review & Results

Hey hey beauty babes!! Thanks so much for stopping by, today I have a review to share with you on a new Lip Plumping product by the brand SkinXL. I was contacted by the brand about trying their product for free for review, and because I am kind of obsessed with Lip Plumpers (see my small collection here), I said yes! Of course, as usual all thoughts are my own and always honest. ♥

Now I was assuming this product would be a lip gloss like most other typical lip plumpers. However, when I received the product I was surprised to discover its actually something a bit different. While the packaging is similar to a gloss - with a nice doe-foot applicator, its actually more like a lip oil treatment! At first, I wasn't quite sure if I liked that about it or not... However as I continued to use it, I have grown to really appreciate that its not a typical gloss. And I find it to be more useful and beneficial than a plumping gloss would be!

One other thing that is unlike most other lip plumpers, is that this really doesn't give any harsh or painful tingling sensation to the lips. There may be an ever so slight sensation to the lips, but its hardly noticeable at all... Which is something that I am sure a lot of people will appreciate. I personally don't mind a nice tingling sensation, but it seems most other do. So that's a plus for those with sensitive lips. 
The Skin XL Instant Lip Plumper is a brand new serum that has several active ingredients that work in harmony to create full, soft lips safely and effectively. One of the things that I LOVE and appreciate about this Lip Plumper is that it uses one of my favorite skin care ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid!

"We chose to use hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient in our revolutionary lip plumper because it has natural moisturizing capabilities, as well as the ability to hold up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water. Advanced Hyaluronic Sphere technology draws moistures from the surrounding air into the delicate skin on your lips, filling them and boosting their volume. This smoothes out any lines or wrinkles and boosts them safely."

As you can see in my results below, this serum truly does help to smooth out the fine lines in your lips to help them look more plump! This oil like serum formula also helps to keep the the lips moisturized and makes them look more luscious as well! These photos are simply before application and then just 10 minutes after application!!
A couple other things I have really been loving about the SkinXL Lip Plumper is that its the perfect prep product for lipstick - especially matte liquid lipstick! We all know how drying and killer some of our Liquid Lipsticks can leave our lips feeling (and sometimes looking!). Applying SkinXL first helps keep my lips hydrated and I have even noticed it enhances the formula of some of my liquid lipsticks, so they feel more comfortable and don't get flaky!! And because SkinXL helps smooth out your lips and plumps them up, you get the best, smoothest application for the most amazing looking lips. ♥

What I do is apply SkinXL about 10 minutes before applying a [liquid] lipstick. I do, of course, wipe away or blend in any excess product that has not absorbed into my lips first. It truly has been a wonderful prep-step!!

The other thing is that I have actually incorporated this into my nightly lip care routine! Because this isn't a sticky gloss, I have felt comfortable to use it at night before bed. I switch back and forth between the SkinXL and the Rodan & Feilds Nightly Lip treatment. So when I wake my lips feel smooth and hydrated!! 

Overall I am thoroughly enjoying this unique lip plumping serum and definitely recommend it if you are looking to improve your lips! You can purchase the SkinXL Lip Plumper (here) for $25.17 or save 20% when you purchase 2 for $40.42.

Much Love & Hugs,
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