Tuesday, October 18, 2016

NEW Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Hey beauties! Today I am sharing some lip swatches of Gerard Cosmetics Newest Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick shades! They launched 5 new shades on the 3rd, so for anyone curious about what they look like - you can see them on my lips pictured below - as well as in the video. I found that the description of a few of the shades to be a little off from what they truly look like on me. But of course they will all look a little different depending on skin tone. So, hopefully you find this helpful if you were thinking about buying! I also decided it would be helpful to swatch all of the other Hydra Mattes I own as well. You will be able to see them at the end of the video. And each shade I swatch is listed at the end of this post too. ♥

For those who dont already know, GC's hydra mattes have become one of my favorite Liquid Lipstick formulas. They truly do feel more hydrating and comfortable compared to a lot of other formulas I have tried. And while they are not completely transfer proof - I do find they are don't transfer much. For example I can totally kiss The Hubs without leaving any lipstick on him. And I can kiss the back of my hand without much transfer, but these will leave a residue on a straw and things like that. Which I don't mind. My biggest concern when wearing lipstick is that its long lasting, that it doesn't smear, bleed or get all over the place when kissing my man! The hydra mattes do that for me - PLUS they are comfortable too! So that's a bonus. 

Anyways, because I have been such a fan of GC products, I have recently decided to join their Affiliate program! I don't take or join affiliates lightly, friends! I'll only join if its a brand or products I truly love and purchase myself! So to join their affiliate program means I truly love their products. And if you do too, or have been wanting to try them for yourself - well now you can save 30% with my code 'AGAPE'

Lipsticks featured in this video (* = NEW shade):
Madison Avenue*
Strawberry Fields*
Wine Down*
Knight Rider*
Everything Nice
West Coast
Summer Lovin'

p.s. I mention this in the video, but also wanted to make a mention here that 2 of the newest shades (Nude & Madison Avenue) seem to be a little different in formula than the rest. I found those two to be a little more dry and not as comfortable as the others. I am not sure why - but its something I noticed and wanted to give you all a heads up about!

See all the swatches here:

Much Love & Hugs,
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