Wednesday, November 23, 2016

MBA Cosmetics Chromalights Foil FX Glitters Swatches & FAQs

Hey beauty babes, welcome and thank you so much for joining me today! Today I have a swatch video to  share with you of the amazing MBA Cosmetics Chromalights Foil FX Glitters, which have gained quite a bit of popularity since a huge feature by Insider Beauty! If you are a long time follower of my blog, you already know that I work for MBA Cosmetics and you are probably used to seeing me post about these glitters and have seen them featured in several of my makeup looks! However, since these glitters have gained some popularity, I wanted to share these swatches PLUS some helpful info and answer some FAQ's about these for anyone who is new around these parts! ;)

So as you may imagine, I have several MBA Cosmetics Pressed Glitters in my collection, but MBA Cosmetics has MANY more colors to choose from. As you watch this video I will show the names of each of these glitters on the screen, but I'll have them all listed here with their description for you to reference!!

I encourage you to please watch & listen ALL the way through my video, to make sure your question isnt already answered in the video before commenting with any questions! If I missed anything, I will be glad to help and give an answer. But I'd hate to have to be repetitive and write out an answer that is already in the video! Thanks! 

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Info on MOLD in Glitter here

Info on FDA regarding Glitter in Makeup here

đź’–FEATURED GLITTERS (descriptions):

-Trixie is a beautiful lavender with a rainbow prismatic sparkle

-Ariella is an aqua green/blue with a rainbow prismatic sparkle

-Dakota Rose is a true Rose Gold with a rainbow prismatic sparkle

-Equinox is a bright warm gold with flecks of coral & copper

- Kissed by Cupid is a A light gold with a 
hint of rose/pink. 

-Golden Child is a bright, warm gold

-Bubbly is a very reflective metallic champagne gold glitter!

-Candy Land is a cool, metallic light pink that has a prismatic effect!! its gorgeous!

-Gypsy Rose is a metallic rose fuchsia pink glitter!

-Blush is a gorgeous, highly reflective metallic bronze  glitter with a warm peachy/coral undertone! 

-Prismatica!! This one is AMAZING!! Prismatica is a pale light  gold with multi-color prismatic like sparkles!! This one of of MBA's BEST sellers. you can see why! Its SO gorgeous!!

-Holy Grail is a light gold with silver sparks. This one would be perfect for the holidays!

-Jamaican Bay is a vivid blue green glitter.

Push Play to see the swatches (finger and brush swatches) and to learn more!
Leave a comment with any questions I may not have answered!!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Hi,
    Did you use the wet brush?
    Which product do you use to fix them?
    Very thanks,

    1. Hi Erika, I would encourage you to be sure to watch the video, when you have the time, as it explains both of those answers a little more in depth. ;) But no, for this video and these swatches I didn't wet the brush. There is already a "binder" in these pressed glitters that gives them some sticking power and shine. I also didn't use any primer or adhesive for the swatches either. However I do recommend using the MBA "Glitter, Foil & Line FX" serum for an adhesive if you are going to apply overtop of eyeshadow!


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