Monday, November 14, 2016

Skincare Tips & Favorites From a Skincare Junkie!

Hey beauty babes loves! Thank you SO much for visiting with me here today. ♥ So as you can tell from the title and photo here - I am talking about SKINCARE today. This is a topic that was heavily suggested/requested when I asked on my snapchat as well as instagram stories!! SO I went with it and filmed this video all about my favorite skincare products (in the order that you would use them) as well as my tips and "tricks" for helping out with acne, dry skin, oily skin, aging skin and more!! 

Please realize, however, I am not a skincare expert - but am fully a skincare junkie! I have been pretty into skin care - and just generally taking care of my skin, even before learning about products to use - ever since I was a very young girl. ;) So these are just things I have learned through the years from doing reviews and research for my blog here. I do hope you find this video helpful and informative. And if you have any questions or would like to me to elaborate or explain anything in more detail - please dont hesitate to ask! ♥

With all that being said, I also wanted to note that this video is a long one! So grab a drink or a snack if you need... Or watch this while you are cooking, doing the dishes or folding laundry. I know I enjoy long videos while I am doing those mundane house chores. lol So you may too. ;) And for those of you who maybe dont have a lot of time to watch - no worries... I got you covered too!

I have listed below a list of the topics, products & links mentioned as well as the general time-stamp in which you can find them! ♥ This way you can skip around and watch what you want to watch.

Since filming this video, I actually tried/reviewed a skincare system that utilizes both topical and internal skincare treatments, which I think is brilliant! Learn more (here)! 

4:30 - CLEANSERS + Tips
products mentioned:
-Be Natural Organics Bio Active Cleansing Treatment

6:57 - EXFOLIATION (Chemical & Physical)
Products Mentioned:
-TreSkinRX Review (how I cleared up my acne)

14:10 - MOISTURIZER  (Dry Skin + Oily Skin Tips)
Products Mentioned:
-Previse HydroMilk
-Hyaluronic Acid
-Pura'dor Argan Oil
Review/links on each of these products listed above can be found (here)
-Be natural Organics Sea Kelp Moisturizer

20:50 - EYE CARE
-Product used from my before & after eye photo (here)

24:44 - ACNE CARE (extracting white/black heads, medication)
Products mentioned:


Much Love & Hugs,
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