Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MBA Cosmetics Chromalights Glitter Candy Sprinkles Makeup Tutorial

Hey beauty babes, so today I am back with a new Full Face Get the look tutorial - featuring several drugstore beauty products, some high end favorites and for the eyes I am rocking MBA Cosmetics. They recently came out with these fun Confetti Glitters (arent they gorgeous) and I just had to create a look with one of them! If you are interested you can save 15% with code AGAPELOVE15 at
Necklace: Onecklace
Shirt: Walmart

Products Details
(some affiliate links used)

Milani Multi-tasker powder

IT cosmetics brow Power Pencil 
Maybelline Brow Drama
MBA Cosmetics pressed shadow in the shade Tranquil & Coffee
MBA Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Mozart's Requiem
MBA Cosmetics Glitter, Foil
& Line FX Serum and the Royal
Langnickel BX-80 Brush
MBA Cosmetics Chromalights Glitter in the shade Candy Sprinkles
MBA Cosmetics Lashes in the Style Lolita
Esqido Lash Glue

Make Up for Ever Lip Pencil shade 10
Pixi beauty Lip Plumper Gloss in the shade Sheer Rose

watch the tutorial here:

Much Love & Hugs,
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lipsense Worth The Hype? Review | Demo | Check In

Please Note - I am NOT a Distributor!* ALSO I am not interested in becoming a distributor!** 
Hi Loves, so today I have a video review to share with you of the very hyped up Lipsense Long lasting Lipstick! Along with my review I do have a demo as well as a check in for you to see the wear after several hours. I know this is a longer review, but I had quite a few thoughts on this very interesting product! There are some pros AND cons and I will be going over all of them in this video! So I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions or if there was anything I left out, please do not hesitate to leave a comment!

*I did receive this product for free to review. But this is not a sponsored video/post and all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own!

If you are looking for someone to purchase from, I received mine from DeeDee you can connect with her on Instagram, facebook or shop her website ♥ 

**If you are a distributor, please refrain from trying to make sales or recruiting me or others to buy or become distributors! You are welcome to use or share my photos & video in your groups or social sites as long as proper credit is given. Thank you!
 Lip color featured in the video is the shade "Blue-Red" and the Lip Color featured in these photos is the shade "Fire n Ice"!

Full review, demo & Check in!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Green Smokey Eye | Full Face Makeup Tutorial

Hey beauty babes welcome and  thank you so much for joining me today! Well I am back with a new Get the look video tutorial - and this is actually a full face tutorial featuring several NEW-ish products, that I have recently received so you all can see them in action and hear my thoughts on them as well. 

For this eye look I will be using several shadows from my collaboration collection, Vintage Romance, with MBA Cosmetics. Its been way too long since I've done a look with my shadows and I have missed using them!! If you are not familiar with my collaboration collection, you can learn more about it *here*! Aside from the shadows, like I said - almost all the rest of the products I used are fairly new! If you have any questions or want specific detailed reviews on any of them, let me know! For anyone curious, all the products I used for this look are listed below along with the video tutorial! 
Products Used:
 *some affiliate links used*

Save 30% with code: AGAPE at Gerard Cosmetics
Save 15% with code: AGAPELOVE15 at MBA Cosmetics

-MBA Cosmetics Brow Whip in the shade cool taupe
-IT Cosmetics heavenly luxe "build a brow" brush
-Urban Decay Eye pencil in Perversion
-MBA Cosmetic Vintage Romance Collection Eyeshadows: Hearts A'fire, Romance, Kiss Me, Sweet Nothings & Vintage Lace
-It Cosmetics Brush No 704
-Tarte Shape tape Concealer in the shade Light
-Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder in Translucent Light & Translucent Deep
-Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Marilyn
-Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray
-MBA Cosmetics False Lashes in the style Whimsey
-MUFE Liquid Matte Lipstick in #109
What I am Wearing:
Shirt: Tobi
Earrings: Premier Designs
Chocker: Prov31Gal 

If you'd like to see how I created this look, be sure to watch the video!
Dont worry - its under 10 minutes!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

She Believed She Could, So She Did!

Hey beauty babes, thank you so much for joining me today. Today's post is an outfit post as you can see... But its also a bit of a personal one too. Its been quite a while since I've sat down to really write and get personal with you all. Its also been some time since I've done an outfit post too. For the most part, time has been a big factor in no longer doing them, but truth be told, shame has been a big reason as well. 

Life has been a bit difficult lately - lots of personal issues, emotions and stress. A lot of which had left me lacking in time, energy and motivation to be as active as I once was... I stopped making time for the gym and I started over-eating again. Thankfully things are getting better, but I have gained quite a bit of weight over the last several months... And that is where the shame comes in. 

I know I have struggled with this issue of weight not defining my beauty time and time again. And I always seem to "overcome" it for the most part, but its like the thought is always there - hiding away, waiting to pop back up into my mind when I am at a low point. A "kick me when I am down" kind of a thought. I hate that I allow that kind of thinking to take over and make me feel ashamed of myself. To hinder me from loving myself and to honestly share myself the way I used to.
I kept thinking - I cant share outfit or fashion posts anymore - I've gained so much weight. I look awful. I'm so embarrassed. They will notice, they will be disappointed in me. I know that's silly thinking - my blog and even my youtube channel has always been a place where I can be real, honest and even raw at times. Its also a place of much encouragement to and from those of you who keep up with me regularly. When I first started my weight loss journey and wrote about it on my blog, exactly 5 years ago today, I decided to start doing outfit posts as a way to track my journey and progress as well as have all of my amazing readers (and friends) keep me accountable! 

And when I remembered that, I realized I really wanted to get back to that. I want to get back to that place where I can share the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. Because that is real and honest. I certainly am not someone who is perfect and always on track, so there is no reason I should think I need to pretend to be, or make other people think that is who I am. I don't know about you, but I know I personally find more inspiration in the person who struggles, YET gets back up again, rather than the person who seems to have it all together all the time. So I shouldn't be ashamed of my failures or shortcomings. I don't want to let them hinder me or make me feel the need to hide away.
I don't need everyone to think I am perfect. I am not. I may fail at times, but I am not a failure. I am (and more so desire to be) an over-comer. I want to inspire you all to be over-comers too. I also want to keep myself more accountable to that! Which brings me back to the outfit posts...I  am hoping to bring them back again more often! Even though I felt super insecure at the time of taking these photos - I've missed doing them. I've missed the accountability they give me and the raw honesty they bring out of me. 

I may not still be on this "amazing" weight loss journey, or be the best example of health and fitness... I may have gained some weight back but I believe I can still bring encouragement and inspiration to others regardless - to love ourselves right where we are at. To overcome shame and much more...  I know that if I need this kind of reminder and encouragement, then chances are there are many others who need it too. So lets believe in ourselves, let us be shameless over-comers who love and believe in ourselves every step of the way. ♥
Outfit details:
Blouse: Ross
Jeans: Ross
Heels c/o: Tobi direct link here
Watch c/o: Jord
Bangle c/o: She Believed
Bracelet: Agape Love Boutique
P.S. here's a special note about my bangle... 

"She believed she could, so she did" is a quote often heard and said around the world. This simple, yet powerful quote show the power of believing in yourself can be. Often felt like things are impossible to achieve, it is important to know that if you believe you can do it, then you are more likely to. Take the time to believe in yourself and you will achieve greatness.

By purchasing this bangle, not only are you helping women in developing countries achieve their dreams, you are also reminding yourself that even when something may seem difficult it is important to believe in yourself.

This simple yet classic silver and gold plated bracelet is the perfect symbol for the remarkable things we ladies are capable of! Gift this precious piece to someone who inspires you - or why not treat yourself! The words engraved "She believed she could so she did" is an excellent motivator to dream big! Make a statement with this bracelet by staying bold and looking classy!

Much Love & Hugs,
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

NEW From Gerard Cosmetics!

Hey loves, I just wanted to pop in and share the news about some NEW products and bundles that have launched starting TODAY from Gerard Cosmetics - as they are celebrating their 3 year Anniversary. This will also be a couple deals and another new release coming later this month too! Keep reading to find out more. ♥
The first bundle that launched today is The Limited Edition Anniversary bundle! This includes several NEW products - some of which are ONLY available in this bundle!

The Anniversary Bundle features:
-Mini Peach Slay All Day Setting Spray
-Red Brick Road Lip Pencil (NEW!)
-Buttercream Lip Scrub (NEW!)
-Bare It All Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick (NEW!)
-It's Complicated Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick (NEW!)
-Between The Sheets Lipstick (NEW!)

This is a $85 value but you can grab it for $59.50 plus Free Shipping in US with code AGAPE 
I am loving this lip scrub! The packaging is so luxe and the scrub smells amazing! Its butter cream scented, and I hope they come out with more flavors - its a must have for lipstick lovers! ♥
*UPCOMING DEAL ALERT* On MARCH 15th  All Lip Products will be $10!   
(No code needed) Limited time only 
*Lip Pencils
*Lip Glosses
*Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks
*Metal Matte Liquid Lipsticks
*Supreme Lip Crémes

ALL of them - JUST $10!! And if you are curious at all to see some swatches of their Lippies I actually have a few videos on my Channel with swatches. You can check them out (here)!
I will be working on creating another swatch video of their newest lippies for anyone interested! Until then, here are some swatches of their newest Lip Pencils!
Here is a break down the newest shades, that are available in the Anniversary Bundle:

♥"It Complicated" Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick - this is described as a delicate and feminine metallic mauve shade!
♥"Between the Sheets" Lipstick - described as a Stripped down Nude
♥Bare it All" Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick - described as an elegant nude with a pink undertone
LASTLY there will be another BRAND NEW product that Gerard Cosmetics will release on MARCH 21st!!

MIST-IFIED will be Price $22 (or $15.40 with code AGAPE)

What is it:
• Spray on moisturizer that hydrates dry skin. 
•Packed with nourishing and skin soothing ingredients. 
•Multi-use product. 
Use it before makeup, spray it on your blenders and brushes or use it to set your makeup.
•Gives skin a radiant and dewy finish. 
What a super exciting launch of new products!! I am so excited about the new Hydra Matte Lippies and Mist-ified! I love me some good hydrating products for my skin! Are you thinking about getting in on any of these deals?

Much Love & Hugs,
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