Monday, August 7, 2017

Its Almost My Birthday!

Hey beauty babes, how's your Monday treating you ? Hopefully well tell me about your day. I want to hear.... Here is a bit about my day. So I recently got back from a Trip to Ohio to visit the MBA Cosmetics Shop/Lab!! Very exciting stuff - I got to not only SEE but I also got to FILM some behind the scenes stuff including how many of their products are made! Oh it was just the most interesting thing. I cannot wait to share - but I have got lots of footage to go through and edit. Stay tuned! ♥

Anyways, so today I am back to work and realized a couple things; ONE - my birthday is tomorrow and I really have nothing planned... I usually always do some kind of birthday look or birthday post to share on the blog here. But this year I've got nothing. TWO - I realized I had this look that I NEVER shared here on the blog! What is that? haha So I decided to share it now and this can work my b-day post as well....
This look was created using the Vintage Romance Collection by MBA Cosmetics - which is MY Collaboration collection with them! ♥ I don't know if I'll ever quite get over the excitement of my Collab with mbacosmetics! 😄 It launched back in October 2016, but I'm still so in love and excited to share it! If you dont have this collection yet and are interested in purchasing it - you can find it (here) and use code AGAPELOVE15 for 15% off!
Anyways, I actually took these photos to be used as promos for the MBA Cosmetics Booth and IMATS!! Which was equally exciting to me. I cannot tell you how fun, exciting, cool and what a dream it was to see my face on promos for all to see! Especially for a brand I truly love! ♥

Alright, enough of my rambling. Maybe some of you want to know the details of this look?? For the look I used the shadows: Hearts A'fire, Romance, Ever After, Sweet Nothings, Key to my Heart and Vintage Lace. (all from my collection) I also used Vintage Lace as my cheekbone & nose highlight! It works amazing as a face highlight! ♥ lashes are also from MBA Cosmetics in the style Whimsey (what else is new - I love those ones) Oh and my lipstick is one of the new Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip's in the shade Naked Pink.
Alrighty loves... Your turn! Lets hear about your Monday! Also, if you got your hands on my collaboration collection - let me know your thoughts and I would LOVE to see your looks! I have been sharing them on the MBA page whenever I see them. ♥ 

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Love your look dear! And Happy Birthday :*


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