Saturday, September 23, 2017

How MBA Cosmetics Chromalights Foil FX Glitter Are Made

Have you ever wondered how the MBA Cosmetics Chromalights Foil FX Glitters, that I use so often, are made!?

Hey beauty babes, thanks so much for joining me today! I recently got to visit the MBA Cosmetics Lab/Shop and am THRILLED to show you a behind the scenes look at how some of their products are made!

Today I will be showing you how their Chromalights Foil FX Glitters are made! The Chromalights are an amazing creamy Pressed glitter with a stunning chrome like affect! If you liked this video, then stay tuned for more! I also have footage of how their regular pressed glitters, pressed eyeshadows and soaps are made!! Let me know which video you want to see next!? Use code AGAPELOVE15 for 15% off (on the website only)! Purchase Chromalights here. FEATURED GLITTERS (descriptions): -Supernova is a bright silver with super prismatic effect. This glitter has a different texture than most of our Chromalights. It has a thicker, and slightly chunkier texture -Candy Sprinkles is a gorgeous chunky blend of magenta, turquoise, violet, silver and green-gold -Prismatica!! This one is AMAZING!! Prismatica is a pale light gold with multi-color prismatic like sparkles!! This one of of MBA's BEST sellers. you can see why! Its SO gorgeous!! -Kauai is a very vibrant sapphire blue with just a hint of teal undertone -Ballerina is a metallic light pink

Push play to get the behind the scenes scoop on How Chromalights are made!! You'll get to see the entire process of how the Chromalights are made - from Base to Packaging and even shipping them out! Hope you enjoy!

Much Love & Hugs,
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