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Winter Must Have For Dry Chapped Lips | Herpecin L Lip Protectant

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Hey beauty babes, so it is that time of year when the cold and windy weather starts to dry out our skin and lips. I don't know about you, but my lips tend to be dry and chapped all year long. I don't really know why. But in the Fall and especially the Winter its even worse! So I am a bit of a lip balm junkie. I love trying new lip balms and products to help heal, protect and nourish my lips! I have tried many and loved many. I've done reviews on different lip products here & there.. But most of those products, while wonderful are very expensive. So, I am thrilled today to be able to tell you about another lip treatment I have been using, a bit of a hidden gem, that is not only effective and wonderful, but also super affordable too! So its become my new "Winter Must Have For Dry Chapped Lips"... Truth be told, it will most likely be my year round must have, just because its so good, affordable AND also has SPF too.
Ok, I know, I know... The name may have some of you raising a brow or two. Herpecin L probably isn't the first product that comes to mind for the ideal lip balm and its most likely looked over unless you actually suffer from cold sores. But let me tell you why is a must have whether you have cold sores or not.... Herpecin L provides moisturizing protection and relief from cold sores, but its not just for cold sores. It is more hydrating than other lip treatments. It contains SPF. It protects painful cracking of lips and promotes healing without numbing or drying. Now, I have never had cold sores, so this product appeals to me more for its moisturizing and protective benefits than anything...

However, if you are someone who does get cold sores, I just want to be sure to mention that this is a pharmacist-recommended product that claims to "provide instant relief from burning, itching, and oozing (yikes!), while at the same time protecting the lips with medication that speeds up recovery so you don’t have to suffer from cold sores for a week or longer." I will link a few other reviews on this product from girls who can attest to those claims, since I cannot. Look for those links at the end of this post. 

Back to why this product appeals to me, and why I would recommend it as your new must have lip balm & treatment all year round. It is uniquely formulated with some really great ingredients that I have taken the time to look into and want to break down for you!
💎 Dimethicone: dimethicone provides a protective cover on skin, which is supposed to help keep moisture in, leaving skin - or in this case, lips - hydrated for longer. 
💎 Lysine: this, to me, is a very interesting essential amino acid that may prevent replication of the herpes virus and plays an important role in the formation of collagen - learn more about it here.
💎 Vitamin B6: helps in preventing production of excess sebum - which can aggravate acne.
💎 Vitamins C & E: both of these, when used on the skin, are known to help block free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process.
💎 Lemon Balm: This is a great anti-viral with many wonderful used, including improving cold sore symptoms and shortening the duration of healing time.
💎 SPF 30: We all know the importance of sun screen! However, we may not realize, or maybe forget that our lips need that same protection too! So I love a balm that includes SPF protection. 

In addition to the great ingredient list, I am equally happy that while this a medicated product, it doesn't have a medicated scent or weird taste at all unlike other medicated lip balms or treatments. In fact there is no taste at all, and the scent is a barely there hint of vanilla.

PRICE Point & RESULTS.... Lets just take a moment to see this product in action. I wasn't kidding when I said I suffer from very dry chapped lips. If I am not consistent in protecting and taking care of my lips - they end up like the "before" photo below. And as I mentioned before, I have found and loved many products that help my lips. But they are so expensive. So when I run out and can't afford to splurge, my lips suffer. So its wonderful to discover an affordable product that really works! The photos below show the results after using this lip balm for a few weeks. It has really helped to restore my lips as well as protect the from the sun and harsh (cold/windy) weather too.

I don't know about you, but after doing some research on this product and testing it myself - I am sold on this hidden little gem that is under $5 and sold at your local Walmart! Try it for yourself, and let me know what you think! And if you're still unsure, I encourage you to check out a few other reviews and read what others are saying about it!

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💎 Lip Balm for Fall and Winter | Herpecin-L Lip Protectant by Topknots & Pearls

And if you are on the lookout for other products for dry skin, check out some of my favorite "Dry Skin Savers - Face Products". Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review, I hope you found it helpful! And if you have any questions or thoughts - I'd love to hear them! So please do not hesitate to leave a comment and share! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Your before and after pictures are so impressive! Can't wait to try this!


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