Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Doterra Essential Oil Haul and Current Favorites

Hello beauty babes and welcome! Thank you so much for joining me today. Oh and Happy New year! ♥ Well I have made small mentions here and there, but have not fully announced that I now sell essential oils. I have been using them for about a year or so now and have finally decided to sell them. Don't worry, I don't plan to be push about it at all! And I am not going to change my blog over to be all about oils. I will however be sprinkling in some ways you can use oils in your beauty routine!

There are ALL kinds of uses for essential oils, but since I am beauty focused here on my socials, that's how I will keep it. But if you are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions! I too am still learning, but I would love to help as much as I can!

With that being said, I decided to film a little essential oil HAUL - to share the oils I purchased recently and why. As well as share with you what essential oils have been my favorite lately and why! I hope you enjoy and find it helpful as well. I have also listed out below ALL the oils I mentioned in this video and a little more about them for anyone curious to learn just a little bit more. ♥

All Oils are from dōTERRA  - you can check out my website (here).

Holiday Joy - Holiday Blend - Available for a limited time
Fill your home with the inviting scent of Holiday Joy essential oil blend. The warm, sweet aroma of Holiday Joy creates a welcoming environment for holiday gatherings and can be diffused every day to purify the air and uplift the spirit.

Citrus Bliss® - Invigorating Blend
Merging the major benefits of citrus essential oils, Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend holds energizing and refreshing properties that can uplift mood and reduce stress.

Cinnamon Bark - Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Well-known for its use as a spice, Cinnamon Bark also has many health-promoting benefits.

Cassia - Cinnamomum cassia
A warming oil that dates back to biblical times, Cassia promotes healthy digestion and immune function while providing a strong, uplifting aroma.

Slim & Sassy®  Metabolic Blend
Designed to help boost your metabolism and manage hunger cravings, Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend can be used as part of a weight management plan when combined with exercise and healthy eating.

Slim & Sassy® TrimShake
dōTERRA Slim & Sassy TrimShake is a convenient and delicious weight management shake mix that provides essential nutrients and only 70 calories per serving. Blended with water or nonfat dairy, almond, rice, or soy milk, TrimShake can be used as part of a weight-loss strategy of reducing daily caloric intake and burning fat stores through exercise. Slim & Sassy TrimShake includes the patented weight-loss ingredient EssentraTrim®, which research has shown to help manage cortisol—a stress hormone associated with fat storage in the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Slim & Sassy TrimShake also includes Solathin®, a special protein extract from natural food sources that supports an increased feeling of satiety. Available in natural chocolate and vanilla flavors, TrimShake blends well with water or milk and provides 8 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of fiber per serving.

dōTERRA Hope Touch - Essential Oil Blend
The full purchase price of each doTERRA Hope Touch bottle is donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ which supports efforts to fight sex-trafficking worldwide.

Cheer® Touch - Uplifting Blend
With a sunshiny, optimistic aroma, doTERRA Cheer TOUCH is easy to use on the go to provide a boost of happiness and positivity when you are feeling down.

Serenity® - Restful Blend
Serenity calms the senses and supports a restful nights sleep. 

Breathe® - Respiratory Blend
A popular essential oil blend, doTERRA Breathe's refreshing aroma can be used to create feelings of clear, easy breathing.

On Guard® - Protective Blend
As one of doTERRA's most popular oils, doTERRA On Guard is a powerful proprietary blend that supports healthy immune function and contains cleansing properties.
Primary Benefits

-Supports healthy immune and respiratory function
-Protects against environmental threats
-Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses
 -Promotes healthy circulation
-Energizing and uplifting aroma

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) - Melaleuca alternifolia
Melaleuca, or Tea Tree oil, is best known for its purifying qualities, which make it useful for cleansing the skin and home surfaces, purifying the air, or promoting healthy immune function.

Much Love & Hugs,
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