Thursday, May 31, 2018

In Search of The Holy Grail of Holy Grail Beauty Products

Hey beauty babes! I've got a fun project I want to do! So, I am In Search of The Holy Grail of Holy Grail Beauty Products and I want YOU to help me find them!! I really think this will be a fun and exciting interactive project that a lot of us can learn from!

See I am always sharing my own favorites as well as knowledge with you. But I know that YOU have knowledge to share as well that would not only benefit and teach me things, but will also benefit others too! So I really hope you will consider participating in this little project I thought up. 

I would like to do FULL face of the "Holy Grail of Holy Grail" beauty products. So share any that you have for the following categories:
Setting Powder
Setting Spray
Brow Products
Eye Primer
Lipstick/Lip Gloss
(feel free to add any that I may have missed or forgotten)

Ok, so below is info on how this will work. But PLEASE do NOT write your answers here. Please be sure to actually head on over to my video on YOUTUBE here, and comment there. Also be sure to check FIRST to see if your HG product is already listed. If it is, then be sure to VOTE (by liking the comment). And if it is not listed, then go ahead and comment!

Please be sure to leave a NEW comment for EACH individual product you mention. Be sure to include the category first (this will help me and others know what it is quicker and easier). The brand and then Product name. Do this in a new for each category you have a Holy Grail Product in. Be sure to also READ the Comments BEFORE you leave you comment. So if someone has already mentioned a Holy grail Product of yours you dont need to write it again, but instead "LIKE" their comment to show an additional VOTE for that product as a Holy Grail fave. The Holy Grail products with the most votes will win and be what I purchase in the end!

Example for 1 comment:
PRIMER - Touch in SOL No Poreblem Primer

Example for another comment:
CONCEALER - Tarte Shape Tape

Much Love & Hugs,
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